Oye! Turtle Soup!

I love my best friends! They are all very different. Two of them are pure Italian, two are from China and the other is full blooded Jewish and I am the Lithuanian-Irish Mut πŸ™‚

We are living in the village next year and it is going to a culinary festival everyday. Our tour is tomorrow and I am so excited, I will post the photos asap!

My 21st birthday was awesome, they all took me out and we had a blast!

I am starting to feel the pressure of finals, but I am also trying to relax as well. I think it will be a good semester because I have done well in all my classes to the best of my ability. I might get a C in my economics but I have come to accept that no matter how I try to make that prof. happy, he is still nutty. I tried so hard, but I still can’t make it work. In college I have learned to cut my losses with some Professors, some are just nutty and you can’t figure them out in one semester. Being in college is like having five bosses, they all have different needs.

It will be all good though, sometimes I try to relax.

Oh and bye the way you are talking to 1 of 30 Northeastern Regional Target Management Interns. I am happy about it, even though some professors are cryptic at least I have a job for the summer and I found a place to live πŸ™‚

Be Ozzy

Define Chill: The Oswego Palooza of Factors

Everything about Oswego is relaxed. I always feel safe and I used enough of their resources to get my ducks in a row.

I love having a state police station on campus. I was looking at graduate schools again and most of them list “certified security service”. At Oz standards, I am not impressed. I would do graduate school here, but for my maximum benefit I think I need to go to different school to get a different perspective on business. However, I am not excited about pudgy men on golf carts chasing vandals at my other schools, I would much rather have Robo Cop taking care of business, even though he never has to because no one messes with him anyways. I only wish he could yell at my credit card company too though, they are nutty, I am going to have to call and cancel them like Robo Cop cancels crime!

I was happy though, today I got an award at work! It was the “Most likely to fit 26 hours worth of activities into a 24 hour day”. It totally fits me to the tee.

I also narrowed down the job search to two candidates…..A fortune 500 company or a five star hotel. The fortune 500 company wants to pay me a butt load of money though, it is lucrative (compared to my standard minimum wage).

So much going on, village tours are coming up, I am moving with 5 of my friends into the village in the fall for my senior year, also doing a PR internship then too πŸ™‚

Doing GMAT prep and working along, going to take it in late May and hope for the best, my job will start in June. The stars are aligning for graduate school, a job and a life. I am excited, career services paid off.

My summer goals include beating my boyfriend at golf, saving money, open a Roth IRA, get a mutual fund, apply for graduate school, talk my dad out of selling his motorcycle and give it to me πŸ™‚ and pass my GMATs. I think I will add more but I think this is a good place to start.

Got a plan and a goal, celebrating my 21st bday on Wednesday, looking forward to Questmas eve tomorrow as well. If you don’t know what Questmas eve is, ask jr or sr, they will know πŸ™‚

Off to do homework by the ambiance of my electric candle and Kenny G.

Be Ozzy

21st Birthday!

So my 21st birthday is coming up and I am so excited. I can’t wait to go out and have some fun! I have been working so hard. I feel bad because I have been working so hard on stuff that I have left some of my organizations hanging. I haven’t been as involved in the school of business nor development, but my classes, grad school prep, finding a place to live and the job search has been crazy.

Check this out though, cool thing I found for my office to use: http://meetordie.com/

I feel bad but at the same time, I know I have to prioritize my education before extracurricular activities. I am happy though, some of my job prospects are panning out, I can’t say which ones yet because I am unsure of which ones I am going to accept but regardless I am starting to become pleased πŸ™‚

21 is a big number, I feel old. I feel like at 18-20 that is ok to mess up in life but once your solidly in your 20s that you shouldn’t be as all over the place as I am.

I have so much I want to and or can do. I want to start my own company, but work for a corporation…I want to be a marketer but a manager and work in human resources too. I want to kind of label myself as a life waffler. I just wander to whatever I like that minute. I suppose it is all productive in the end, but seems a bit crazy still.

Back to studying, my finance homework has way too many letters in it to be math, I will be up all night πŸ™‚

Life + Finance = Crazy Graph

Life + Finance = Crazy Graph

College made me a moderate, just for the principle of it all

So in this time of political turmoil, health care and student loan approvals, you have to look at your own views.

I came to college as a conservative. It was shocking, especially since I grew up in such a conservative household. My family wasn’t Amish, but the point of the matter was I was never allowed to watch Rocko’s Modern Life. Now, for those of you born in the late 80s and early 90s, you will know what that is and the implications of me missing it πŸ˜‰

So I came to college, I went to parties, I went to demonstrations, I studied abroad, I partied too hard, I lived a college life. I got into a crappy relationship, I met friends, I met people I didn’t like, and I met some that I will call friends for life. I got out of crappy relationships and learned the true meaning of life….I don’t know anything about life. So full circle from a conservative to a liberal of a sorts and back. Here I am, still wondering but thinking about trying a bit of moderation to try and solve some dilemmas.

Now after three years of college, I am no genius but I think the point of the matter is that whether your a democrat, republican, conservative, liberal or some kind of hippy in between. I just wish we would all try a little bit of both sides. So I declare myself a moderate for that reason.

I am a moderate on principal today πŸ™‚

Be Ozzy

need for media

Some people need books, some people need chocolate, I need my camera.

It has been 2 months without my camera being fixed. I am at a loss. I can’t do anything without. My blogs are boring, my videos are not up, my interactive interview tapes are non existent.

Arrrgh, and no not like pirates, like I am a media less junkie.

I am waiting to here back from Enterprise, Target, Sherwin Williams, Enterprise and bunch of no name marketing companies that I applied to in Rochester.

I think I am going to have to have some inventive self marketing to score some points with these guys. Hopefully, I will get my baby back soon…..

That is way too scary

Micro video blogging…OK, it is not scary, just different.

Today again I want to talk about micro video blogging/micro sharing and how I want to feed it into my blog. I have talked about it a while back but once again my technology is not cooperating. That is a really long story though and involves way too much ranting about brands, low quality products and being really broke as most of us are πŸ™‚

However, micro video blogging is an interesting topic. Would you want to post a short video of yourself once a week? I would, but I am really extroverted. Does that mean that only the extroverted people will get involved for personal micro blogs, or does it mean the introverted people will be more inclined as they could perhaps find it more freeing?

While micro video blogging/sharing is mostly about sharing videos and media of all kinds. I am unsure how Oswego readers would react to my videos as opposed to text. I don’t think I would always do them of myself. I still like the idea of Meg’s Multicultural Minute but the real question is…what do you think and why?

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Diaspora-Do you know what it means

Diaspora is the Oswego theme this year.

It means a lot of things to me but check out the official definition. I am a displaced Lithuanian and there are no other Lithuanians that I can find πŸ™ However, but when I read about diaspora and I see others going through the same thing, it makes me feel better.

Today I wanted to share what diaspora is with you and maybe you can find someone from your culture πŸ™‚

I am going to this poetry reading next week to learn a bit more about it. If you are American generally you can say at least some part of your family feels dispersed.

Poetry reading and discussion by poet Li-Young Lee
Date: March 2, 2010
Time: 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm
Occurrence: Mar 2, 2010
Location: Auditorium, Campus Center

Description: Li-Young Lee is one of this country’s premiere poets, using his breathtaking, beautiful written and spoken word to tell of home, family, love and the spirit of humanity. Book signing to follow reading. Free. 312-4581.

Killer Ostriches

Actually, no such thing as killer ostriches but made you click!

It has been a great nine days since we have been back to oz. I got a new cool roommate, classes are rolling, and I have been super social.
It is weird when you come back to college your home life falls away so fast. You readapt and you love it so quickly that it feels like you have always been there. Independence is a unique feeling that I love to get used to.
I love it so much I am moving out of my house. As a junior, I really feel like I am coming into my own and I just can’t go back anymore. Home is now Oswego and it is too weird to have restrictions. It feels silly, just silly is the best way to describe it.
I will be leaving to live in the Roc (Downtown Rochester) for the rest of my summers now. I am super excited and have made some important financial decisions.

Good Things to Do This Week:

Check out my life this week, my friends and my new roommate went to a fun party after the Plattsburgh Game πŸ™‚ We also are going to some events this week, click the link πŸ™‚