Oye! Turtle Soup!

I love my best friends! They are all very different. Two of them are pure Italian, two are from China and the other is full blooded Jewish and I am the Lithuanian-Irish Mut 🙂

We are living in the village next year and it is going to a culinary festival everyday. Our tour is tomorrow and I am so excited, I will post the photos asap!

My 21st birthday was awesome, they all took me out and we had a blast!

I am starting to feel the pressure of finals, but I am also trying to relax as well. I think it will be a good semester because I have done well in all my classes to the best of my ability. I might get a C in my economics but I have come to accept that no matter how I try to make that prof. happy, he is still nutty. I tried so hard, but I still can’t make it work. In college I have learned to cut my losses with some Professors, some are just nutty and you can’t figure them out in one semester. Being in college is like having five bosses, they all have different needs.

It will be all good though, sometimes I try to relax.

Oh and bye the way you are talking to 1 of 30 Northeastern Regional Target Management Interns. I am happy about it, even though some professors are cryptic at least I have a job for the summer and I found a place to live 🙂

Be Ozzy

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  1. Hi Meghan, I am thinking of applying to teach at Oswego, in the school of business, so I chose to read your blog. You have an interesting mind and great attitude, and you write well. Having taught quite a bit, my reaction to your “figuring out” your professors (not that that is irrelevant) is that it is more important to figure out how to get the most learning out of it (which MIGHT inadvertantly lead to better responses from him/her). Seems like a trite statement, but couldn’t be more important! don

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