Define Chill: The Oswego Palooza of Factors

Everything about Oswego is relaxed. I always feel safe and I used enough of their resources to get my ducks in a row.

I love having a state police station on campus. I was looking at graduate schools again and most of them list “certified security service”. At Oz standards, I am not impressed. I would do graduate school here, but for my maximum benefit I think I need to go to different school to get a different perspective on business. However, I am not excited about pudgy men on golf carts chasing vandals at my other schools, I would much rather have Robo Cop taking care of business, even though he never has to because no one messes with him anyways. I only wish he could yell at my credit card company too though, they are nutty, I am going to have to call and cancel them like Robo Cop cancels crime!

I was happy though, today I got an award at work! It was the “Most likely to fit 26 hours worth of activities into a 24 hour day”. It totally fits me to the tee.

I also narrowed down the job search to two candidates…..A fortune 500 company or a five star hotel. The fortune 500 company wants to pay me a butt load of money though, it is lucrative (compared to my standard minimum wage).

So much going on, village tours are coming up, I am moving with 5 of my friends into the village in the fall for my senior year, also doing a PR internship then too 🙂

Doing GMAT prep and working along, going to take it in late May and hope for the best, my job will start in June. The stars are aligning for graduate school, a job and a life. I am excited, career services paid off.

My summer goals include beating my boyfriend at golf, saving money, open a Roth IRA, get a mutual fund, apply for graduate school, talk my dad out of selling his motorcycle and give it to me 🙂 and pass my GMATs. I think I will add more but I think this is a good place to start.

Got a plan and a goal, celebrating my 21st bday on Wednesday, looking forward to Questmas eve tomorrow as well. If you don’t know what Questmas eve is, ask jr or sr, they will know 🙂

Off to do homework by the ambiance of my electric candle and Kenny G.

Be Ozzy

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