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Go to them. They are good for you 🙂

I am back in Oswego after an amazing trip to NYC with my best friends this weekend. My classes are awesome and I can’t wait to get into them more.

I am taking eco 383, economics in baseball, eco 327, economic history, com (some number), advanced public speaking, Fin 325, Corporate fianance and Hrm 386, the 2nd level of human resource mangagment.

Some of my profs are left field, including the baseball guy, no pun intended but should be fun. I think I can get good grades in all of the, but I am worried about corporate finance. It looks hard, I might just sign up for tutoring right now. It is free and offered at Check it out, it is free and super helpful.

Also, never buy your books at the stores, buy them online. I found a $150 dollar textbook online for 1 cent. Yeah that is right, 1 cent text book 🙂

It makes for extra room for more trips, but meanwhile check out this one!

Conference Calls, Coffee and Courage

Say that title 3 times fast!

Today I am taking a conference call from my new internship with John Murphy at The Estate Planning Institue .

The only issue is that I may or may have not stayed up till 4am cleaning my room and organizing things to go back to Oswego….whoops. Well I am the new intern, we will see how much information I get to have.

The internship was all so sudden, they called me and I got the job. I am a bit curious as to why, but I think it will become clear eventually All I know is that it only requires a few hours of training, verses a billion and a half. It is a good thing because I only have time for a few hours here and there. I always need an internship, and you do too, don’t fool yourself, however, I can’t be dead doing it.

Get yourself one:

and don’t delay, it is a make or break for the real world.

Alas, I am up way too early for common sense over winter break 🙂 But, at least I did it, and I thought I did well too!

Time for a toast sandwich! Photos soon…

Be Ozzy

Exotic Animals and WiFi

My Grandma is an exotic animal wholesaler who lives in St. Augustine, FL. She can tell you everything about a jennet cat, red kangaroo or a cockatoo but heaven forbid it contains the word internet.

I finally managed to untangle everything and give her the internet. It has a been a great time.

I got a new camera though, check out the new things I saw 🙂

What makes a good blog? What makes a hard semester?

So you all have may or may not heard that the Oswego blogs got an accolades award. That is super cool! However, I am trying to find out…what makes it great? I am unsure…I find it puzzling in the least.

I have not written for a while and I apologize to Tim.

However, if you look at my last post. I have a picture of my aunt with her favorite chicken. A few days after I posted that, she passed away. It has been very hard to blog after posting that. This has definitely been a rough semester. It has been my absolute best and absolute worst time at Oswego. The real reason that I came back from New Zealand is that an acquaintance attacked me while I was over there. It got real sticky and I was told to leave because the sister University couldn’t do anything. I don’t blame anyone though. Both Universities did what they could. It was really rough because I didn’t want to talk about it. I just wanted to pretend that those few months didn’t exist. I do want to talk about it now though. It is really important for everyone to know about how domestic violence can effect everyone.

It was devastating. I had to leave my study abroad, get back into Oswego 3 weeks late and still make it seem like I was fine. You should also note that there was no alcohol or drugs involved. Just some people can’t handle life and they take it out on others. Always remember that it isn’t your fault. No one deserves to be treated in any other way than fair and just. Its the American way…side note: cool video on American Values You know in toilet talk about how you always have that one issue about domestic violence. Its real, don’t ignore it guys. I am so happy to be home and back to Oswego. I know we all complain about student accounts being slow or the registrar being grumpy but they did everything in their power to get me back in and safe. I give major props to them. I also got really close with some great people, so many reached out and became the best support network. You just really have to be thankful for what you have. Especially around this time of the year. I love all my friends, we are celebrating Hanukkah, Christmas and Chinese New Year and might all meet in the city for news years.

However, while most of my blogs are friendly and spunky, this one is serious. Everyone needs someone and it is OK to reach out. Never let anyone take anything from you and always give back to the people you love.

Its a real message and its one that I hope can help someone. I am doing the best I can though and I think I am doing OK. I got the top eight internship in the country with Northwestern Mutual. I started a company and am in the process of planning it. I only took four classes this semester but I handled them well and I came back to the people I love. I win, I know it and I know you can too.

Be Ozzy

So I am putzing along.

BTW putzing isn’t a real word, I think it’s a Rochester or a Lithuanian thing….I am both!

Thanksgiving with the family is fun as always. They are super quirky, so we all get along great 🙂 My Aunt holly is the best, she isn’t a farmer but just loves chickens. She is has a chicken coop that is comparable to mine in Farmville.
Aunt Holly!

I have made a list of the all the things that I have to do before the end of the semsester, its includes 9 things, I have done 2 of them….and I am currently procrastinating on them right now.

Happy news though, I am selling my old motorcycle to upgrade to a new one! I don’t know which one yet but I am so excited. I must say farewell to my dear 1989 Suzuki Gn 250. Did it have a lot of horse power? NO! Did it have a fancy paint job? NO! But she sure was mine…I loved her. Her name is Rosie. If you have a home for her, check out craigslist 🙂 rsz_rosie_2

I also had a fabulous time with one of my favorite alum Judy. She came up for the alumni board of directors meeting and took me to Wades. It is a fabulous greasy spoon across from Garofolos. If you don’t know what either of these are, I recommend you get a better Oz education! Ask a professor 🙂

Judy and Me!

Be Ozzy!


Working so much!

Lets begin the end of the semester! Papers and test galore!

Stress Relief: Try it, it works. If you put your mind to it, it only takes 15 minutes to get your focus on and get that paper written 🙂

Be Ozzy

Blogging is boring, why aren’t we better than that

I have decided that as a student in a media generation that we should be above blogging with just words….

Shouldn’t we be doing this with video? What if we all had 2 minutes videos each week. What if we could capture a much larger audience. We could even host the videos on youtube to save server space.

Here is what I want. I was thinking that I want to have Meg’s Multicultural Minute. We could each pick our own theme and revamp this program. Each week I could have a two minute clip with me doing a 30 second intro to one of my friends or acquaintances that has some different element within their family, life, history, past….yada yada for 1 minute. Then I can close with my 30 second wrap and what we learned. I mean words can only be so exciting when we can explore so much more of Oswego and what we have to offer. I could even branch out to club presidents and sport team captains. I feel like you shouldn’t read, watch or look at something on the internet without getting some use out of it and possibly be entertained. I also feel like my blogging needs a bigger goal than to just tell about my life… I do a million things and events a week…I don’t know how I am possibly supposed to be tracking them all without sounding boring. I am busy all the time, or I just hang out. Its complicated yet it makes for an uninteresting blog in my opinion.

The best way to market and engage people is to interact and brew more buzz and usefulness in my opinion. Why shouldn’t everything be a resource, a tool or a source of fun?

I haven’t written my blog in a while because I have been thinking of all these questions.

Meg’s micro multicultural multi purpose video blogging…..what do you think?

Could it be new and upcoming? Could it save the money making disaster that is soon to be twitter?

Lets start here. Hit me back.

Be Ozzy

mario cart, women ties, linkedin and wiggio

Last week I attended and partially hosted 4 all day events. Including Tracy Higginbothams Class of 92′ Syracuse Woman’s entrepreneur retreat. It was my gauntlet week. However, I was super professional and may have a host of people who actually want to hire me when I get done with college!
Betsy Powers and Me at Women Ties Retreat

It was full of catering and stress though, each night I got home all I did was write thank you notes to the vendors and play Mario cart. Now I know it isn’t call of duty or madden but I was out of patience by that time, it had to be peach and the little pink mushroom to make all my corporate anxiety go away.
Tammie the Director of the MBA program and Me at Women Ties Retreat

It has been pretty good overall, my account is almost full, my friends love me again since I am back to hang out once more and Oswego is rainy. All is well.

Got some group work to do, check out, it makes my life so much easier!

Want some fabulous resources, be ozzy and be on the lookout 🙂
Nancy Bellow, Gabby S., and Me at Women Ties Retreat

Grad school, its like apple picking

I am looking at grad schools and it was just like this weekend when I went apple picking…some disappointing, some fabulous but so far out of reach.

I am a business student, which means I take the GMATS to get into graduate school. However I will be searching the world over to find just the right fit.

The great thing about apple picking is that just about every apple can be made into a turnover. It is different with grad schools 🙂

I am loaded with work though, and on the search for another internship for the spring! Everyone should know that the Alumni Symposium is this Monday and Tuesday. The Media Summit is Wednesday and my marketing projects are all due that Friday. So remember to attend them all!

I have so many events to attend next week, I am sure my closet will be destroyed, mad cool times at oz!

Reeling in Big Fish!

Taking on the big ones….

Talked to some great people today at the SUNY Oswego Women Connections Seminar event. It was an event on campus brought to connect women through talking about women issues and all kinds of jobs for women!

It was not easy getting up on Yon Kippur, I won’t lie I was really grumpy this morning. An apology goes out to Tim for dealing with me this morning 🙂

However I did get everything done and even passed out some resumes.

Oswego has been so great I even found some more opportunities to follow up the seminar, maybe a job in radio 🙂

It is chill for now and I am off to finish laundry and homework. Reeling in big fish by day and average college student by night…Be Ozzy 🙂Joyce Dunsmoor and friend Cindy