Student Jobs On and Off Campus

Myself and many of my friends are full-time students but we are also employed part-time. I have learned how to balance school and work while still getting to hangout with my friends. Being able to have a job when I came to college was important to me, because I have bills to pay and a car of my own.

I work off campus about 15 minutes away at a grocery store as a service desk attendant and a customer service lead. I work at the same grocery store at home so I am able to easily transfer between the two stores.

During college, I have been able to meet so many friends who work at this store too. There have been a few that are like me, that transfer from different store while they’re away at school. Most of the people I have met are actually residents in Oswego. We exchange stories all the time about how different our lives are but it is so excited to see familiar faces on campus from work.

A lot of my other friends work at the Telefund on campus at Oswego. They cold call to raise money for the campus. This money goes towards internships, study abroad programs, co-ops, and technology upgrades. Alumni can donate directly to scholarships and previous organizations that they were in while they attended Oswego.

For my friends who work here, they always talk about how much fun they have and all of the people they meet. They are now all close friends with the people they work their shifts with and spend time with them outside of work.

A big discussion for my friends and I was how important it is to us to have these friendships outside of our normal circles. Working on and off campus has given us a chance to meet so many new people, while getting paid, and attending classes.

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