Omicron Delta Epsilon

So, I haven’t blogged in a while. I am a bad kid, I know I know.

This is my last semester as an Oswego undergrad…its sad and happy but mostly hectic.

I have got to get a place to live, but I don’t know where I am going to work. I am employed with Target Inc. as a logistics executive but the city that I am going to be in is still up to chance, its narrower than it was before.

Originally is was New York State, now is narrowed down to Rochester, Syracuse or Ithaca, maybe. It used to stress me out a lot more but now I getting better at handling the uncertainty.

However, I got inducted in the Omicron Delta Epsilon International Honor Society for Economics today. It was pretty cool, I never realized all those hours of studying could get me anything concrete for my resume. It was pretty cool.

I like economics, it isn’t that hard. It just takes some dedication, not unlike most things in life.

Plus, it is really easy to get a minor in economics, especially if you are a business major. You only need to take two more classes after your major requirements.

I will miss this place, I enjoyed all my time here.

Peace, Love and Oz

Life is a moving target

I have been so busy lately. I can’t even keep up with these blogs. I will make a better post soon.

I can’t wait to share all the good stuff I am going to do for quest, target, logistics, and a bunch of fun stuff too.

Sadly though, karate 2 for me this semester. I did what I needed to do and I got over being scared of being in a combat situation, alas though karate 2 involves full contact fighting…

So as a new executive cued up for target, I don’t want bruises on my money maker (my face) lol, it is probably far fetched but I have got the craziest last days of being scholar.

Scuba Ninja

So I have gone off the edge…
Not only did I sign up for Martial Arts 2 but I also signed up for Scuba Diving for next semester.
I love this school, there are so many choices. If you have any doubts, leave them behind. It is just way too much fun.

I don’t intend to make fun of my martial arts class, I actually respect it a lot, however I saw this image and I couldn’t help but giggle a bit. 🙂

Be Ozzy

ReScramble Your Stress

It is really hard to be motivated sometimes when lots of stuff is going on in your home life. I really can testify to this and I think it is an important part of college that even the toughest individual should acknowledge. I know a lot of us, especially our over achiever friends tend to keep it all in bottled in and just make a mess of things inside and out.

That’s what I did today. So things have been bothering me about my brother and such, I am just worried about him, my family has gone through a lot of custodial battles and such, the result hasn’t worked out well. However, that’s beside the point, the point is what I do to relieve stress when I do get worried.

I clean like the Tasmanian devil. Yes, I OCD cleaned my whole house today, and it wasn’t even my turn to clean this week. My housemates/villagemates… think that I am nuts again. Apparently it is not normal to do this, so say my mates 🙂

But, the idea behind it all was just to take my mind off things. Some people run, others listen to music, I clean. It makes me laugh because I always pick weird ways to blow off steam, but you’ve gotta do it. If it is your first year or your last, you need to pin point how you can shed something that is bothering you and get back to your focus, zen, chi, zone, whatever you want to call it. It is the best way in my opinion to keep your college career in the right direction while still being chill enough to have a blast. I never forget it, find it and keep moving 🙂

Be Ozzy

Martial Arts is the Bovaries

So as I have said before I am taking PED 237 Martial Arts this semester. It is still nuts!
The instructor definitely reminds me of Yoda. This class makes me feel like some sort of Jedi. As dorky as that sounds there is no real other way to describe him. He makes us do intense workouts though, I am getting conditioned and full of ninja power. While I can’t ever say ninja in class or even think about it, when I am outside of class, it is a whole different story. I really feel empowered and a lot cooler. Not that I should, I know like three things. Oh well, it is my favorite class these days.
Oh and the term “Bovaries” is the fabulous new and improved equal gender expression. My guy friends always say that something is “The balls” when they think something is cool. However, that is pretty sexiest. We came up with an equal gender opportunity expression instead. We originally thought of “Overalls” but then people would just think of the stereotypical farmers pants…and that just wouldn’t work. It is a pretty funny standing joke either way.
Share your own collegiate made up words, we all know that we have them…:)

Be Ozzy

School is cake compared to working a real job.

I really liked working at Target over the summer. I felt like it meant so much more.
School is really fun as always though, especially because I am living in the VILLAGE, it is pretty sweet. I have just about got everything set up, it takes up a lot more time to set up an apartment as opposed to my regular dorm. I wish we could of moved in another day early, it took me forever to coordinate bathrooms, kitchens and closets with 5 other people. Daga is a bit different because you all just go to the dining hall, it is just so easy. I totally recommend on campus living; all your friends, food and the gym are in the same place! It is amazing!
I had my first karate training today; it is PED 237. I like it a lot but it kicked my butt. The dude who teaches it is insane. He is like gumby on red bull. He flexs all around and then just gets crazy. He knows his stuff. It is quite awesome; I will keep you posted

Dear Golf, You Induce a Love Hate Relationship

I have determined that golf makes me feel really happy or really depressed. Sometimes I will have the most beautiful shot and it will make my day and sometimes I lose six balls into the woods….

Its amazing how such a little ball can cause so much angst.

Next week is my last week at Target and graduation. I am really excited but really nervous too. The district guy that I have to impress is really hard to read. He is super confusing as well.

I am excited to go back to Oswego though, I can’t wait! It as always is going to be a lot of work but the time of my life. I am really starting to appreciate college, it is so much better than working 40/50 hours a week 🙂

Alas, back to school shopping

Be Ozzy!


My summer is flying by faster than I could have ever imagined…

I am in full swing into my internship and its awesome! I am so excited and it could totally lead to a real job! I could find out if I could get a job by the end of the August as a logistics executive.

The logistics process is super complicated but it makes sense to me and I am pumped but I can’t wait to go back to Oswego. Working forty hours a week is hard and I can’t wait to relax at school. I thought school was hard until I started working for Target.

I can’t wait to come back 🙂

Be Ozzy

The roof is full of blueberry crumb.

I am now full fledge into my internship at target and I couldn’t be happier! I love target and their team so much. They are exactly what I always want to be Fast Friendly and FUN!

GMAT’s didn’t go so hot, I got a 410. AKA bad…I have never been able to take standardized tests. I spent over a year preping for these GMATs and alas to no avail. I couldn’t master the SAT’s either though, I spent over a 1000 dollars in prep to be able to get into the right school and none the less…not so good.

It is a good thing that Oswego saw me for who I really am.

I don’t know what I am going to do about my MBA, perhaps Fisher will take me. I hope they do, they score MBA students primarily on their gpa, so that is where I can score some points with them.

I spent some time yesterday on Target’s roof. It was awesome, I love my team and I can’t wait to go back tomorrow.

In addition I made blueberry crumb muffins, I ate them at work. There could be some blueberry crumbs on that roof.

Be Ozzy!

Just discovered what slow means and Walmart

I am so bored and tired of studying for GMATs.

GMATs-graduate admissions tests for business majors.

Let me translate-twice as hard as the SAT with half the time.

I guess I am not bored, I just want my test to come. It is June 5th and I am spending 8 hours a week day reviewing material and few hours during the weekend. It may seem excessive, but it is so hard, I am just not fast enough yet. Hopefully within the next few weeks I will be able to make the cut.

My parents have just discovered Walmart. They never had a Walmart near them and now there was a new one put in. They have always known about Walmart and have read books on it and stuff but they refuse to leave a 5 mile perimeter of the house for grocery shopping. So now, we are walmartians, and I don’t think I like it. I was so excited to shop locally.

Next year I am going to try and shop at Bosco’s Grocery once and a while, it is a local Oswego grocery store. I just found it, hopefully Walmart won’t run them out of business.

Be Ozzzy