Behind the Scenes: Making a Video for SUNY Oswego

I recently had the opportunity to film and edit a video for SUNY Oswego through this internship. The video was a one-minute short about what White Out Weekend looked like from a student’s perspective. It was a crazy experience that I feel I should share with you all! In my experience as a filmmaker and editor, I find this process to be quite common. Therefore it is good to prepare yourself for what you may expect! For those of you who may not have seen the video, you can watch it here:

The first step in making any video, especially one for another entity outside of yourself, is planning. You have to plan your video or else it will be easy to tell that you did not. With that said, I spent the week before the video planning what kind of shots I wanted to get. A single minute can fly by really quickly, so taking the time beforehand to plan out the entire story is crucial. Storyboarding is a really helpful tool to help you plan the composition of your shots before you even take out the camera! Finding your song before filming is also super helpful because that can be a time-consuming process. Also, knowing what to film in the beat of the music can create an awesome film.  I cannot stress enough how much planning before filming makes the process so much easier.

After planning, it’s all about execution. Though it may seem simple to just grab your camera and film what may look good, it’s not that easy. With an event like White Out, the crowds make filming process quite tricky. Often times you will have to ask permission to film someone doing something interesting. In some scenarios it can be a little intimidating, especially in a crowd that can get as rowdy as the one in line for the White Out game. But to be honest, having a camera in your hand usually gives you credibility to a crowd. And when you tell them, “Hey, I have the SUNY Oswego Instagram Account,” they will jump at the opportunity to be filmed.

Finally, filming is a process that will take a long time. You will not capture all of your shots in the first hour of the event. You have to be determined and prepared to film a few hours before and after the event. That means being supplied with enough battery power, storage space, and energy to film this entire time. In addition, be sure you are filming content that is appropriate to be shown on the school’s page. Certain chants, gestures, and expressions are simply not appropriate to be shown on a college’s digital profile. Keep that in mind, and film content that you know you would want to see!

Like I mentioned earlier, this was an amazing experience that I hope to gain more of while this internship of mine lasts. Filmmaking is a very tedious and often times frustrating pastime. But when your edit comes together, and you are able to share it with a receptive audience, there truly is nothing better in my opinion. If filmmaking or creating digital content for SUNY Oswego is something that interests you, reach out to me! I love talking tech and filmmaking. Shoot me an email at or comment on this post!


– Griffin

Meet social media intern Griffin!

Intern Griffin Bruce


My name is Griffin Bruce and I am the Social Media Intern for the SUNY Oswego Office of Communication and Marketing. I’m super stoked to be able to share what I have learned in the classroom and personal experiences to the SUNY Oswego social media accounts. A little background information on me: I am a last semester Senior here at Oz, majoring in Broadcasting with a minor in Business Administration. I am super passionate about Filmmaking, Social Media and Photography, hence the Broadcasting major. I really only added the Business minor to gain a broader perspective of the business-side of everything.

Outside of academics, I am pretty involved on campus. I am the Vice President of Creative Services at WTOP-10, the student-run Television Station on campus. I am also a Video Producer at Lakeside Media, which is a video production company on campus. This job is a great opportunity to gain professional working experience, as well as a nice paycheck every here and there. Additionally, I was an RA for two years at Scales Hall and Funnelle Hall. This was a truly amazing experience, and I would encourage it for anyone who is interested. Another highlight of my Oswego tenure was enrolling in the Hollywood POV Program, where classmates and I traveled to Los Angeles for ten days and visited various sound stages, sets, and alumni in the entertainment industry. I will most likely go into more detail about this program in another post, but it was truly exhilarating.

If you have any questions for me or want to learn more about any of my experiences, let me know! I love helping prospective students or those trying to get more involved on campus.

Hockey 101: Laker Edition

Growing up in a hockey family, the rules of the game became second nature to me; for others, hockey may be a foreign language. Here at Oswego State, hockey is a big aspect of campus life. Every GameDay calls for a packed house full of screaming fans on the edge of their seats. Whether it’s a rowdy “Go Home Plattsburgh” chant, or booing at the referees for a bad call, the fans are engaged throughout the game.

For some, hockey may be a confusing sport to understand. There are whistles to stop the play, colored lines on the ice that represent something, players smashing other players into the boards, and many other confusing events. Perhaps people who do not understand the rules and plays of hockey need to be taught a thing or two before attending a game; that is where I come in.

This simple “Hockey 101” video helps fans understand the rules, do’s/don’ts on the ice, and how to be a good spectator. After watching this video, you can be prepared to attend the famous Hockey Night in Oswego and cheer on your Lakers to victory!


As an enthusiastic Laker Hockey fan, always remember, “Be Loud, Be Proud, and Be Positive.”

Special thanks to my teammates Brianna Colucci, Kate Randazzo, Lauren Martel, Eryn Stewart and Amber Samonek for being a part of the filming process.

Lakeside Mentality


Lake Ontario is and will always be my treasure spot. Corny? Not corny?

By treasure spot, I mean it is where my adventurous mindset takes place. My friends and I would take trips to the lake and make it a memorable opportunity worth treasuring. We’d skip rocks, pray, blast great music, and go swimming. It wasn’t easy balancing myself on those algae-filled rocks, however, the experience was still amazing.

Lake Ontario is very beautiful. It helps my friends and I look above all the stressors we go through in life, and find something imaginative and exciting. When in Oswego, taking a trip to Lake Ontario is a must.  Please, don’t let this moment pass you by.

If you haven’t been to the Lake, make time to take a trip over there. It can be relaxing and very uplifting. Find the adventure all around you.

The video below captures one of  many memorable “Lakeside Adventures” my friends and I had last semester. Take a look…