Killer Ostriches

Actually, no such thing as killer ostriches but made you click!

It has been a great nine days since we have been back to oz. I got a new cool roommate, classes are rolling, and I have been super social.
It is weird when you come back to college your home life falls away so fast. You readapt and you love it so quickly that it feels like you have always been there. Independence is a unique feeling that I love to get used to.
I love it so much I am moving out of my house. As a junior, I really feel like I am coming into my own and I just can’t go back anymore. Home is now Oswego and it is too weird to have restrictions. It feels silly, just silly is the best way to describe it.
I will be leaving to live in the Roc (Downtown Rochester) for the rest of my summers now. I am super excited and have made some important financial decisions.

Good Things to Do This Week:

Check out my life this week, my friends and my new roommate went to a fun party after the Plattsburgh Game 🙂 We also are going to some events this week, click the link 🙂

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