Looking For An Internship? Use These Tips To Help Start The Process!

Thinking about an internship for the upcoming Fall Semester? It’s not too late to apply! There are still many opportunities on and off-campus that you can take advantage of. Internships can be a great way to get experience in your field and can help you earn credit.

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Use the information from SUNY Oswego’s internship page online or go into the Compass on campus to learn more about possible internships:  https://www.oswego.edu/center-for-experiential-learning/find-internship-or-co-op

A Useful Tip for Incoming Freshmen

Nervous about finding your classes on the first day of college? Don’t be, most students don’t know where their classroom is the first day. If you want to be ahead of the game and know exactly where you are going, you can do a run-through of all of your classes the day before they start. This way you know exactly what academic building and classroom you go to at each time. Although this may seem a little silly, it may help you have peace of mind the first day when everyone may be a little confused. Finding the most efficient routes from building to building in order to make it to your next class in a timely fashion will help to prevent mix ups and allow you to plan your days accordingly! Especially if you’d like to stop somewhere like Crossroads in the Campus Center or Cooper dining hall in the middle of campus for a quick bite between classes. Setting a game plan before your classes actually start will make your day go much smoother.

Still Looking To Take An Online Summer Class? There’s Still Time!

Taking summer classes is one way to lighten your work load for the Fall and Spring semesters. Although some classes may have already started, there are still many that have not. Online classes only last between 3-6 weeks but are a big time commitment during that time. If you think you have the time to dedicate to summer classes, I definitely recommend it! If you login to MyOswego, you can check to see if you can still register for any summer classes. There are still a lot available to take in July!

Graduated And Missing Oswego? Alumni Weekend Is Almost Here!

Missing Oswego and wanting to be with your college friends? SUNY Oswego is holding an Alumni Weekend from June 8th to June 11th! Come have fun in the town where you spent some of your best years. Below is a link for registration and all of the information needed :


Housing is still available on Campus in the newly renovated Waterbury Hall!

Looking to Save Money Studying Abroad? These Scholarships May Apply To You!

SUNY Oswego offers many international scholarships to its students for various study abroad programs. Many of these scholarships are awarded to multiple students every semester. I personally have applied for the GETGO Scholarship and was awarded $500 towards my quarter course trip. The requirement for this was a 20 minute presentation about my trip abroad. All international scholarships have different requirements but it is worth looking into and applying! Below is the link for all of the international scholarships SUNY Oswego offers:



Good luck applying!

Going Abroad For A Semester Seems Too Long? Think About A Quarter Course!

The thought of going abroad sounds really fun, and going to another country and seeing their culture is truly an amazing experience. Do not let the thought of going away for a few months discourage you, SUNY Oswego (as well as other SUNY colleges) have programs that let you go abroad for a little over a week. These programs are called “Quarter Courses.” You take a class for half of the semester learning about the culture of country that you are going to and then go and experience that country. This is an easy way to earn 3 credits while getting to travel! Last semester, I took the course GSL100 and got to go to Berlin over spring break. This was definitely the best course I have taken throughout my college career. I really recommend it if you want to go abroad without committing to a whole semester out of the country!

Staying In Oswego This Summer? Check Out These Fun Things To Do

Oswego is a beautiful place to be over the summer. There are so many fun things to do in this town over the summer. Here are the top places I recommend :

  • Bev’s Dairy Treat : One of the best ice cream places I have ever been to. It is located right on Lake Ontario, close to West Campus. I definitely recommend this place!
  • Rudy’s Lakeside Drive-In : Located right next to Bev’s, this drive-in has great seafood! You can watch the sunset while eating dinner. What can be better than that?
  • Fair Haven State Park : This is a place that I discovered with my friends this year. There is a park and beach to hang out at! It is about a half hour away from campus but definitely worth the drive!
  • Lake Ontario : Sounds silly but many people forget that when the weather gets nice, you can swim in the lake! Oswego can get very hot over the summer so cooling off in Lake Ontario is always refreshing
  • Watching the Sunsets : Oswego is famous for its sunsets. When the weather is nice over the summer, with no clouds in the sky, make sure to go down to the lake and watch the sunset!

Packing To Go Home? These Tips Will Save You Time Packing!

Having trouble staying organized when packing to go home? Here are some tips I have learned that made packing a lot easier!

  1. Fold Your Clothes – It seems really easy to just throw clothes into a bag without folding them because packing can take a while. This makes unpacking everything really difficult. Fold your clothes and put it into your bags! Simple, but very affective.
  2. Put Similar Clothes In The Same Bag – Putting t-shirts together in the same bag and pants in a separate one will help make everything more organized. Most people put these clothing items in separate drawers so separating it makes it easier to pack. All of the clothes going into each drawer are already together.
  3. Leave Your Clothing On Hangers – This tip will save you tons of time! Instead of taking clothing off of hangers, packing it, and then putting it back on hangers, put the hangers on a metal rod. These rods hold the hangers and allow clothes to stay on them, making the process of unpacking a lot easier.

Still Looking For A Specific Class For The Fall Semester? Here’s Some Things To Do To Better Your Chances

Didn’t get into the class you wanted for the Fall Semester? Do not worry! There are a few ways you might be able to improve your chances:

  1. Email the Professor! – Emailing the Professor for the class you wanted could get you on a waitlist. Or even better, sometimes Professors can just add you to the class. It does not hurt to ask!
  2. Check Registration Regularly – Many people change their schedule over the summer which means they might have dropped the class you want! Keep checking, a spot may open any day! *People also drop classes the first few weeks of school*
  3. Consider Other Times/Professors – Even if the class is not the exact time or Professor you were hoping for, the class itself has similar material from the one you wanted.

If none of these tips work, remember you can always take the class another semester. I know is frustrating but sometimes waiting a semester to take the exact class, at the time you want, with the right Professor is worth waiting for. Make sure not to stress about it!

Taking Classes This Summer? Here Are 5 Tips To Help!

Taking classes over the summer isn’t the easiest thing. Classes are usually 3-6 weeks, which means that Professors cram the whole semester into that short time span. Last summer, I decided to take a few classes and found some things that helped me out.

  1. Read the class syllabus! – Everything you will be doing in the class should be listed in the class syllabus. Whatever projects you will be doing, as well as due dates will be listed in this packet
  2. Keep a Planner – Although this one seems simple, it is hard to remember due dates for certain assignments…especially when the class is done in such a short amount of time. During the summer, sometimes things may slip your mind so use either a planner or an alert system on your phone to ensure you don’t miss anything!
  3. Check Your Email Daily – Make sure you’re up-to-date with everything going on in the class. Professors can change the date or even add you to a group project over email
  4. Buy the Textbook – If a class requires a textbook that you absolutely need, just buy it. I know textbooks can be expensive but if you’re going to get a bad grade without it, it’s worth it.
  5. Stay Committed – Taking classes over the summer isn’t ideal but if you sign up, stay focused on the course. Classes tend to only last from 3-6 weeks and can be a great way to boost your GPA!

Good luck with your classes this summer! I hope these tips help you stay on track.