Going Abroad For A Semester Seems Too Long? Think About A Quarter Course!

The thought of going abroad sounds really fun, and going to another country and seeing their culture is truly an amazing experience. Do not let the thought of going away for a few months discourage you, SUNY Oswego (as well as other SUNY colleges) have programs that let you go abroad for a little over a week. These programs are called “Quarter Courses.” You take a class for half of the semester learning about the culture of country that you are going to and then go and experience that country. This is an easy way to earn 3 credits while getting to travel! Last semester, I took the course GSL100 and got to go to Berlin over spring break. This was definitely the best course I have taken throughout my college career. I really recommend it if you want to go abroad without committing to a whole semester out of the country!

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