A Useful Tip for Incoming Freshmen

Nervous about finding your classes on the first day of college? Don’t be, most students don’t know where their classroom is the first day. If you want to be ahead of the game and know exactly where you are going, you can do a run-through of all of your classes the day before they start. This way you know exactly what academic building and classroom you go to at each time. Although this may seem a little silly, it may help you have peace of mind the first day when everyone may be a little confused. Finding the most efficient routes from building to building in order to make it to your next class in a timely fashion will help to prevent mix ups and allow you to plan your days accordingly! Especially if you’d like to stop somewhere like Crossroads in the Campus Center or Cooper dining hall in the middle of campus for a quick bite between classes. Setting a game plan before your classes actually start will make your day go much smoother.

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