Stressed for finals? Check out these great activities!

The end of the semester is a very stressful time for most students. Penfield Library is partnering with the Counseling Center, Lifestyles Center, and Auxiliary Services to provide  a number of stress relief activities! Below are the dates for next weeks activities :

May 8th and 9th:

Stress Relief Tables
10am – 2pm, Library Lobby
Coloring, Jenga, Help from a counselor, info on test anxiety, and more
Guided Relaxation Sessions
10am-10:15am, 1:15pm-1:30pm, Library Classroom 2
Calm yourself and focus before exams with guided relaxation
7pm, Lake Effect Cafe
These may go fast so get here early!


Good luck to everyone with finals! 



Orientation Tips

Hi my name is Jessica and I’m a soon to be graduating senior. I’ve learned a lot of things going to SUNY Oswego these past four years and I would love to share some of those experiences with you. When I first looked at Oswego’s campus, I knew this was the college for me. Between the great dorm buildings, sunsets, lake, and variety of programs for my major, I knew from the start this is where I wanted to spend the next four years of my life. A really important thing for me was getting a close group of friends when coming to college. Orientation (which some of you are going to soon) was a great way to meet people. What made me feel better about introducing myself was that I knew everyone was in the same boat as me meaning that everyone was looking to make new friends. The Laker Leaders (leaders of the orientation groups) made it a really fun experience. To this day I still hang out with a lot of the people I met at orientation. My one tip is : when coming to college just be yourself. There will always be people that have the same hobbies, interests, and humor as you so do not change to fit in.