Packing To Go Home? These Tips Will Save You Time Packing!

Having trouble staying organized when packing to go home? Here are some tips I have learned that made packing a lot easier!

  1. Fold Your Clothes – It seems really easy to just throw clothes into a bag without folding them because packing can take a while. This makes unpacking everything really difficult. Fold your clothes and put it into your bags! Simple, but very affective.
  2. Put Similar Clothes In The Same Bag – Putting t-shirts together in the same bag and pants in a separate one will help make everything more organized. Most people put these clothing items in separate drawers so separating it makes it easier to pack. All of the clothes going into each drawer are already together.
  3. Leave Your Clothing On Hangers – This tip will save you tons of time! Instead of taking clothing off of hangers, packing it, and then putting it back on hangers, put the hangers on a metal rod. These rods hold the hangers and allow clothes to stay on them, making the process of unpacking a lot easier.

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