Purchasing a laptop!

When I came to Oswego I had a newly bought laptop it was not the most expensive but it had everything a college student needed. This was the wireless internet and the convenience of having it in my room. With the money I had saved up, I bought a Google Chrome laptop which only cost $300.

Once, I started classes as an engineering major then later becoming a graphic design major this laptop was not meeting expectations for either one. My courses had programs like Adobe Photoshop and computer science software which needed to run on a more advanced laptop. The issue with having a Chrome computer only being able to download certain programs offered in the Google store.

Within the next two years, I noticed, that most everyone had an Apple computer and even in computer labs. In the computer labs as a graphic design major, Apple computers were only used. It did not matter, the consumer culture whether your social class, age, gender, household, psychographics, values, or personality almost every student had an Apple laptop. That was when I decided I had to go to Apple to get a Macintosh because I wanted to do my homework in my dorm and not have to go to a computer lab to get it done to use those programs.

For the decision-making process, I had to do my research. When making the decision I had to factor school work and extensive projects that required certain computer applications. Then came my information search I asked my friends who had Apple laptops. “What was their reasoning for an Apple laptop?” some said it’s the best in the market, never gets viruses, its popular, and colleges recommended it. After I decided that I was going to the Apple store I had my mind made up that I was going to buy the MacBook Air because at the time it was $999 and it was lightweight. That surely changed when I entered the Apple store.

The consumer culture was like no other it stuck to Apple’s true identity of being simplistic but modern. The representative then persuaded my decision asking me what my major was and how the MacBook Pro was a better fit for me. The features of the MacBook Pro are as stated by Apple, “packs more performance into a thin design, yet still provides all-day battery life — up to 10 hours for both the 13-inch and 15-inch models.” There are plenty of more fascinating features which influenced my decision and consumer behavior which ultimately made me purchase this laptop.

Unfortunately, I was persuaded by the sales representative to buy a MacBook Pro luckily I had the ability to pay $1,600 but I was leaving with Dr.Dre Beats, the newest laptop, Apple Care, and an external drive which motivated me to purchase it.

If money is an issue like most college students start with a cheaper laptop. Then save or use campus computer labs that can be accessed 24/7. Some brands that I recommend that are cheaper but just as good as Apple.
– Dell (Highly recommend) $300-1000 price ranges
– Windows $350-1000 price ranges
– HP $250-800 price ranges

Choosing a major

Before coming to Oswego I knew I had to major in Science, Technolgy, Engineering, or Mathematics (STEM). I received a scholarship stating that my tuition would be paid during my undergraduate career. Only if I majored in one of those categories and lived in New York State for five years after graduating.

At first, I was happy to do so because I thought engineering was something I wanted to do. When I started my fall semester as a freshman I declared my major in Electrical and Computer Engineering. My schedule seemed manageable but I had to take both chemistry and physics while taking four other courses. I soon realized that I did not like science and lacked the knowledge because I did not take any advanced courses during high school. Which made me consider changing majors because this was something I did not want to struggle with to then regret it. Sadly, I lost my scholarship but I was happy to say that I was going to come out of college with a degree that I wanted.

Soon after I learned that Oswego had an office that helped with discovering a career path. This office is called “The Compass” which soon became my second or third home. They have many resources such as resume building, career fairs, and interview preparation. I suggest any student whatever level in college to take advantage even after graduating they are there to help. I took a personality test and career test which said that I was most likely going to enjoy art and business. Which helped me decide from all the different majors on campus what path to go to. I first started as a Graphic Design and Cinema and Screen Studies double major but felt that it was too many hours seating and staring at a screen. I  felt that my creative skills were not as good as the others and did not want to struggle to find a job after graduating. Which is why I decide to major in Marketing with a double minor in Art and Arts Management. It was the best of both worlds because it is art and business like the test results showed. My only regret is that I did not keep two majors but I have a diverse knowledge because of my path.

If I were to do it again I would have double majored in Art and Marketing but things happen for a reason. At the end of my college career, I honestly did not want to double major because I did not want to stay longer in college because of more loans. I only wish I would have known what career path I wanted before coming to college because that can really save students thousands of dollars. Another important money saving tip would be taking AP courses and CLEP exams which advances your graduation date.

How You Know You’ve Found The Right College

Throughout the college search process, the one thing you hear the most often is “You get a feeling when you’ve found the right one”. For a high schooler who can’t figure out what that feeling is, and with a choice as severe as where to start the next journey in your life, it’s a frustrating process. I toured about 7 colleges before I decided on my home, and I didn’t believe in this “feeling” until I toured Oswego. It’s strange looking back at that acute yet defining moment in my life as a second-semester sophomore. It was November 2015. We were about ¾ of the way through the tour, walking through Shineman Science Center, and I just knew. I’m not even a science major, but regardless, at that moment I felt it. It was a feeling of ease and comfort, unlike any other than I’d felt on another campus. It was in this moment of peace, of knowing, where I knew I’d found the place where I belonged.

There were a lot of things that factored into my personal decision to attend Oswego. I knew I needed a place with accredited Communication and Theater programs. I was going in for PR but I knew my love for theater was still a prominent part of my life. Not only that, but I was looking for a school that had heart. At that point, I’d toured schools that heavily branded themselves as “prestigious”, but Oswego was the most genuine college I came across. They truly desire for their students to be the best versions of themselves, and they do that through kindness and connection with their students. Oswego helps you be the person you’re meant to be by truly fostering the interests of the students. My professors and mentors here genuinely believe in me, and because of that, I’ve found myself in the position of accepting awards, scholarships, and positions I never would’ve thought possible for myself at 18. You can go to many colleges and get a traditional academic experience, but at Oswego, you can make a life of your very own.

No matter what college you choose, top choice or not, you are going to doubt yourself. With a choice as big as college, there’s always going to be that thought of “what if I made the wrong decision?” In the first few weeks of freshman year when you’re finding your new life, that’s when your choices will face the most scrutiny. In those times, I encourage you to see it through for just a little longer. Everywhere life takes you has a purpose for you. Every experience you have has something to teach you. Maybe your top choice college won’t be for the entire 4 years, and that’s okay. I have friends that have transferred to different schools and found themselves happy at different institutions later on, yet still don’t regret going to their first school. Don’t blame your choices, because it’s more than likely there was truth in your choice. Where you end up has something to show you. Take from that what you can and take it step by step after that.

Take a trip to Hollywood! | Hollywood POV Class

The value of a college education measures deeper than what one can read out of a textbook, off a powerpoint presentation, or on a spreadsheet. For me, the extracurricular activities I have partaken in have been equally fulfilling and empowering in regards to my overall personal growth. When making my college decision almost four years ago, I was informed of a program, Hollywood POV, where students essentially took a field trip to Los Angeles, California for just over a week. This baffled me, as Los Angeles always seemed like an impenetrable oasis reserved for masters of their craft across the country. The thought of having an opportunity like this at my fingertips was the push I needed to commit to SUNY Oswego, and I am glad that I did.

Three years after making that leap of faith, I had never forgotten about the Hollywood POV program — especially during the cold winter months where the air physically hurt my face. When I saw the program flyer in the Lanigan hallway, I immediately filled out an application. Weeks later I found out I had been accepted into the program, and the experience of a lifetime was right before my eyes.

Our class would meet once a week during the fall semester, just going over the trip itinerary and preparing ourselves for the travel. These meetings were helpful in finding roommates, finding cheap flights, and becoming closer as a group. Our class got along incredibly well, which only made the trip more enjoyable for me. But, after a few weeks of class, the fall semester was over, and the trip would soon begin.

In early January, everyone in the class flew separately to Los Angeles and was shuttled to our hotel, which is covered in the class fee–along with transportation and access to exclusive activities. The hotel is located in the heart of Burbank, which is an amazing city. Its downtown area was a five-minute walk away from our hotel, and it had a wide variety of restaurants and stores for us to visit. Not to mention, the views!

Now, for the meat and potatoes. The experiences we had on this trip were simply breathtaking. On the very first day, we got to visit the casting director of “The Young and the Restless” along with a tour of the set. Then we traveled to Venice Beach, where we met with a film producer of his own production company. Then to close the day, we got to tour the studio of a first-class Audio Engineer at Larson Studios. Each of these opportunities was eye-opening to the effect that they were all so welcoming. Each of the connections had a tie to SUNY Oswego, and they were very open to questions about their career paths and about the work they do. I learned so much in this first day and was so excited for the rest of the week ahead.

The second day consisted of attending a Q&A panel by ProMaxBDA hosted at the Warner Brothers Lot, where we learned all about careers in the entertainment and marketing field. Afterward, we took a stop at Universal Boardwalk, then to the Academy of Television Arts and Science–where we were able to hold a real Emmy and speak with the Director of the Academy Internship Program! As if that wasn’t enough, to cap off the night we met with the Manager of Casting of TBS/TNT in downtown Burbank. Needless to say, it was a tiring, but amazing day once again.

The next day consisted of a trip to the Hollywood walk of fame and a trip to the Hollywood sign. Afterward, we took a trip to NPR West, where we toured the radio station and go to learn more about the content creation process in this field of news. Then, excitingly, we returned to the Warner Brothers lot where we got to sit in for a live studio recording of the Netflix Original Series, “Disjointed” starring Kathy Bates and Chris Redd. This was one of the coolest moments of the trip, as we were able to witness the entire creation process of a professional-quality television show. Experiences like these are simply not accessible on Oswego’s campus, which is what made this experience truly priceless for me.

The following day we took a tour of the brand new Nickelodeon Animation Studio in Burbank. This studio is where shows like “Spongebob” and “Avatar: The Last Airbender” have been drafted and produced for years. It was a very unique and fun atmosphere and some of the people I met helped me get to the final round of interviews for an Internship at this company for the following summer. Following this tour, the class got to visit BBC America/National Geographic and the people who create the Emmy-winning series, “Life Below Zero”. We got to sit in on the show planning process and sit inside an edit bay, where the show is ultimately stitched together. Wrapping up the night, the class went to Beverly Hills to eat some dinner. My group elected to get tacos, which is never a bad choice…

The next day was my favorite day. On this day, the class took a trip to LA’s “Original Farmer’s Market”. I had the most delicious food of the trip at this farmer’s market and would have eaten here every day if I could have. With full stomachs, we all got to experience something incredible. The class had VIP seats to a recording of “The Price is Right”. That’s right! We were in the front section of the crowd, and I even got to speak to Drew Carey during a commercial break. Though we were not able to compete (because we were VIP), we were surrounded by people who actually were chosen, which was exhilarating and priceless. Unfortunately, we were not able to take pictures, but you will just have to believe me!

The next two days consisted of PA Bootcamp–yet another amazing activity. This Bootcamp was nothing short of a Bootcamp. In this time, we were trained to be professional PAs for film sets and television productions alike. We were trained by experienced PA professionals on how to read a call sheet, use a headset, be familiar with production lingo, sell your experiences, and how to keep being asked to return. Though intimidating at first, this experience could have proven to be the most valuable of our trip. If you were to become a PA in the future, there is no training process–you kind of just get thrown in the ring. And if you don’t do a good job/they don’t like you…..you’re out. Henceforth, this opportunity was incredibly informative and crucial to preparing me for what very well could be the next stage in my professional career. The second day finished with an alumni dinner, where the class was able to meet, and network with Oswego alumni who work and live in the Los Angeles area. I met some former friends, and some new friends in the Los Angeles “world” that I am sure will prove to be beneficial connections in the near future.

The final day was aimed to relax, and take in the beauty of Los Angeles. Our first trip was to Santa Monica Pier, where we spent a good part of the afternoon by the beach and on the boardwalk. There are so many things to do, and so much food to eat in Santa Monica, and I was sure to take advantage of that. If you are ever there, try the spiced Mango! Anyways, afterward, we took a cruise down the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) and took in the magnificent views. We then stopped in Malibu, to walk along the beach and take some stunning photos. A full camera roll, and a large pizza later, the day was done, and so was our trip. We packed our bags early the next morning, hopped on a plane at LAX, and then arrived back home to the blustery winter of Upstate New York.

A great quote that was shared with us during this trip was from a panelist at the ProMaxBDA panel. He stated, “There will always be work in Los Angeles. The United States is the Entertainment Capital of the World, and it will always be that way. The more people want to watch movies, the more work there will be to make movies”. This stuck with me because it was a reality I needed to be told. Hollywood can be an intimidating environment, but sometimes you need a friendly voice to show you the real truth. The biggest hurdle is to get yourself to an LA/NYC/Atlanta, etc. Once you take the leap and put yourself in an environment that will allow you to grow, it’s just a matter of doing it.

I really cannot advocate for this class enough. This trip was so valuable in boosting my understanding of the professional industry. I came into the program hoping to get a sense of direction for my professional career and to learn about other opportunities that exist in the entertainment industry. Before, I really didn’t know what I wanted to do, or where to even start. After this trip, my mindset took a complete 180-degree turn. Though I still did not know exactly what I wanted to do, I got a healthy dose of existing careers in the entertainment industry, and a cornucopia of connections to help me potentially reach where I want to reach a few years down the road. Not only that, but this class connected me with some of the best and most ambitious students SUNY Oswego has to offer. We created a family during this trip, and we all still vow to reconnect in Los Angeles a couple of years down the road!

If this trip is something you or a friend are interested in, PLEASE APPLY!!!

Applications close on April 26th, 2018.

For details, including estimated cost, travel dates and more, please visit their website.
If the link doesn’t work, copy and paste this URL into your browser: https://www.oswego.edu/communication-media-and-the-arts/hollywood-pov
And feel free to respond to this post, or shoot me an email at gbruce@oswego.edu to learn more about the program!



SUNY Oswego Bucket List!

With graduation being just a month away, my senior self is feeling very nostalgic about letting all of Oswego, go. With that being said, I have brainstormed a few ideas for seniors to do before we put on our caps and gowns in a few weeks. Here is my SUNY Oswego Bucket List!


  1. One last meal in the dining hall.
  2. Take a selfie with Sheldon!
  3. Stop by Cooper Creamery, they have the best flavors.
  4. Have a campfire by the lake.
  5. Go to the final Chicken Patty Day.
  6. Go to Old City for $1 Taco night.
  7. Plan a flat rock day.
  8. Get one last panini at Mackin!
  9. Bowling at Lighthouse Lanes.
  10. Visit the Bluffs.
  11. Have a picnic at Breitbeck Park.
  12. Get a burger from Dino’s.
  13. Take the polar plunge into Lake Ontario.
  14. Try and walk through campus with an umbrella during a rainstorm without it going inside out.
  15. Visit the school store to stock up on Oswego Alumni gear!
  16. One last ice cream cone from Bev’s.
  17. Get chicken tenders and french fries from Crossroads with the best honey mustard on the planet.
  18. last free skate.
  19. Go to the dining hall on Broccoli Cheddar soup day.
  20. One last trip to Hibachi.
  21. Visit your first Freshman year dorm.
  22. Get your favorite Fans smoothie.
  23. Thank your favorite professors.
  24. Let the smokestacks guide you home for the last time.
  25. Stock up on Crossroads cookies.
  26. The final all-nighter in the library during finals week.
  27. Walk all the way from West Campus to Shineman and figure out how the heck you got to class on time in the morning.
  28. Do circles in Lanigan because we are seniors and still probably get lost in there.
  29. Grab lunch at Rudy’s and sit out by the lake in the sunshine.
  30. Go to the senior nights of all the sports teams to see your friends play one last time at Laker.
  31. Use up all your dining dollars.
  32. Walk out to the lighthouse.
  33. Find out what a Laker is.
  34. One last movie in the amazing Oswego Cinema Theatre with the reclining comfy chairs.
  35. Last but not least, take a picture in front of the Oswego sign in your cap and gown. (tears)


To all my fellow seniors, I hope that some of these ideas will get you guys out and about. We do not have too many days left here in Oswego. Let’s make the best of our last month!

Presenting at #OzQuest

This past Wednesday was Quest, which is a day SUNY Oswego commits to celebrating the academic endeavors of their students. Because it is a presentation of research, people may think it is only for the sciences, but many disciplines are involved. As a communications student, I have previously attended many Quest presentations, most of them focusing on the work of fellow communication students. This year I was asked to present my analysis and critique of a popular media text.In 15 minutes with added time for questions, I presented on the race and gender dynamics within Pitch Perfect 2 and how the content could be problematic when representing women and minorities. My presentation was based off of a paper I did for my children, women, and minorities in media class, which I took as part of my broadcasting curriculum. This paper included literature review of different studies and examination of media which I then applied in my own analysis of the movie. For the presentation, I selected the major points of my work and elaborated on them, supplemented by video clips and movie stills.

My thesis slide

As with anything of this nature, critique is subjective. However, I really liked engaging with the audience, and I was even able to elaborate on my thesis and arguments with interested peers afterward. It lead to really thoughtful conversations and evaluation of different work, which I think is one of the main purposes of Quest.

We had a full room with people standing and sitting on the floor when the chairs ran out. This was very fulfilling for me, and felt like a reward for my hard work. People asked excellent questions, and it let me know that they were engaged with my presentation. I would like to thank Dr. Fogel, the professor who asked me to present. Quest was a fantastic experience and a great opportunity to show the work that I do here.

Paul Leary and the Business of Music

Given the ways that the digital age has impacted a multitude of industries, it can be seen that the process of event and product promotion has shifted. Social media management has become a path of specialization within the workforce as it offers a direct and simple link between customer and company. Company and product promotion has become so much more about an image and reputation than about output.

SUNY Oswego is instilling these concepts within their students through classes like Paul Leary’s MUS397 class “The Business of Music.” The course is offered through the music department and is a staple of the university’s Arts Management minor. The Arts Management minor, offered as a generalist or business-heavy Pre-MBA track, prepares students with experience working within the arts industry. The class in itself focuses heavily on arts management promotion and affords students a hands-on opportunity to work with promoting live events. In order to give students a range of expertise, they are exposed to a variety of art forms in addition to music. Guest speakers that have come into the class include a composer of movie scores and the artistic director from the recent campus event “Feathers of Fire.” Students have been given insight on adjusting art to different mediums as well as starting an arts company.

The class’s main focus for the past few weeks has been promoting for the music department’s upcoming Collage Concert, taking place this Friday, March 2nd. The students are working with real deadlines, creating content, and making connections to get real-world experience with music advertising. The students have been broken into teams working on local promotion, print design team, social media/digital promotion, and media promotion. All materials seen around campus advertising for the event are student produced and conceptualized. So far they’ve produced posters to be distributed around campus, released free tickets to be given out to local schools, and have created video advertisements.

Overall, the class has much more of an open atmosphere than many lecture-based classes I’ve been a part of. The entire group of students was involved as the graphic design artists showed their different drafts for the final poster, giving constructive criticism and making helpful comments about things that were effective about each draft.The goal is to make content that was clean and organized while pleasing to the eye. The final design currently available around campus was completely student created. Other components of the curriculum include understanding music industry concepts, writing funding grants, designing websites, product marketing, business plan and label designs.

Professor Leary’s class teaches how to not only to succeed in the art industry but how to succeed as a professional. The main takeaway from his recent class: “Don’t use your album to make money. Develop audience first. There’s no money in albums, there’s money in the experience of you.”  This applies to both music promotion and professional development. The path to success is defined by never being afraid to be your most authentic self.

All Things Lakers Have To Be Thankful For This Time of Year

The Lake

Obviously….hello Lakers! But really, watching the incredible ice sheets form and crack throughout the winter is pretty fascinating.



Hockey season is BACK! Grab a few of your friends and roomies and go to a couple games! They are what our school is known for and what this time of year is all about! A great way to get riled up with all of the Oswego student body is to come cheer on our Lakers in our beautiful hockey arena!

The SUNY Oswego App

The SUNY Oswego App is ammmmaaazzzinngggg. And it is so conveniently located on your phone! The app holds your class schedule, gives you weather updates, lets you know what each dining hall is serving, and more!

FANS Smoothies

If you haven’t been to FANS this semester I highly suggest getting there ASAP! Although it is cold out, their smoothies are so refreshing! If you’re sick of coffee head on down to FANS, located in Marano Campus Center. Also, try their amazing cupcakes!


The Ontario Bagel Shop

Get to class late and skip breakfast? No big deal, go grab a bagel at the Ontario Bagel Shop located in Lanigan Hall!


Oswego State Hoodies – Campus Store

It’s hoodie season! My favorite season. Bundle up in some of our college apparel! There is quite the selection at the College Store located in the middle of campus in Marano Campus Center. The store has sales and deals all the time and everyone looks great in green and gold!



The Geese Migrating

Aren’t we all happy about this? Yeah, they’re cute and all…but…they’re everywhere and so is their poop! Not to mention the squawking at 6 AM each morning. Ya, bye geese, see ya in the Spring!


The Gym

Our school has two gyms available on campus, Cooper, and Glimmerglass. Heading to the gym is a perfect way to work off your stress.


Chicken Patty Day

Of course. The excitement in the air on Campus is real every Chicken Patty Day.


The Cooper Creamery

Cooper’s own little ice cream shop with every topping you can think of! Also, some great flavors, try them all!


Lakeside Dining Hall Chinese Food

Pretty much as good as any Chinese food I have ever tasted. Available every weekday in the Lakeside Dining Hall.


Really Any of Our Dining Halls

We have some really good food here and you will miss it so much when you no longer live on campus. Finding friends with guest swipes is necessary.


Kitchenettes – Located in Each of Our Dorm Buildings

No matter where you live, East or West Campus, Riggs, Johnson, Waterbury, Scales, or Onondaga, each of our dorm building are equipt with kitchenettes. Great for the Holiday baking season!


Facebook SUNY Oswego Accepted Students Page

Where we met and future students will meet new friends and roommates!


Heat in the Dorms

And boy do they crank it up! It is amazing coming in from a blizzard in the Oswego Tundra.


Long Jackets With Big Hoods

As I said before, the Oswego Tundra. The wind is crazy here people. Do not forget to bring back your winter jackets!


Oswego Tundra…need I say more.



Whether you are walking to class or studying in the library, headphones in – world out.


Crossroads Eatery

Looking for a quick bite to eat at any time of day? Crossroads is the place for you! Great breakfast sandwiches and lunches. Great prices – plus – they accept dining dollars! They also carry chicken patties every day! Try one of their cookies, delicious.


GET Food

GET Food is a new way to order food for delivery from Domino’s Pizza, Oswego Sub Shop or Wonzone Calzones. Take the time to create a GET Food account and download the app so you will be ready to start placing orders! This service allows students to use dining dollars to order!


The Blue Route

Getting us from Onondaga to Shineman every day, all day. Amazing in the winter, you do NOT want to miss the bus!



Oswego’s Snow Removal Team

Whoever these people are we thank you so much. Every snowy day, every snowstorm, every time we think our cars won’t survive out in the Daga Parking lot, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!


The Compass

Helps a lot with job searching, resumes, and cover letters.

The Center for Experiential Learning

Internships, internships, INTERNSHIPS!


The Writing Center

So helpful when submitting final papers to have an extra eye correct it for you.


The Tutoring Center

Sometimes you just need a little bit of one on one extra help and we are so grateful we have this service available to us.

The Library

Finals….Midterms…Papers…the library offers you a sanctuary to do all types of work. The library is a great place and a lot of students find it to be their second home.

The 24-Hour Room

Believe it or not, a lot of us are procrastinators and wait until the very last minute to do anything. Also finals week, it is PACKED!

Starbucks in the Library

Because we need it.


Hot French Vanilla Cappuccino in Shinemans Fusion Cafe

Very specific, I know, go try it. I promise you won’t be disappointed!

An Intern Abroad

Imagine a 5’2 American girl lugging 15 lbs worth of equipment on and off the Tube, through places like Trafalgar Square and world famous museums like the Victoria & Albert. That’s my reality every time I go to work.

I’m one of the 3% of American students who intern abroad. I work for a news and entertainment channel called London Live. I get sent all over the city to cover all different kinds of events. My repertoire now includes filming a theatre show designed around accessibility for both deaf and hearing audiences, to covering one of the most famous portraits in the world at the National Gallery.

The Arnolfini portrait is one of the art world’s greatest mysteries. This is a screenshot from one of my pieces I filmed for my job.

Work has also enabled me to attend an exclusive opening at the world famous Saatchi Gallery. After spending a day filming different exhibitions within the gallery, the curator handed me an invitation to attend the members-only opening that night. It was definitely one of the more surreal moments of my life.

A piece by the delightful and talented Daniel Crews Chubb, who I had helped interview earlier that day.

However, that isn’t the only type of things I have covered. My first real day in the office was the bombing at Parsons Green. My train had been cancelled before work so I had to walk/jog to make it. Nobody understood the magnitude of the situation. Even as we covered the scene live, details would trickle out slowly as we learned exactly what happened. I even managed to track down an interview with someone who was on the train. Sure enough, as what happens in big news situations, even reporters from the BBC and other international news companies started trying to record the interview I was getting with the London Live journalist I was sent out with. Talk about an intense and exciting first day!

One of the images I captured at the scene of Parsons Green.


Media frenzy at Parsons Green.

My work experience in London has been challenging and immensely rewarding. Finding your footing abroad is no easy feat. I’ve had to adjust to different styles of storytelling, different spellings, navigating a foreign workplace (not to mention an entire city!). However, I truly enjoy all of the change that’s happening in my life. I’ve grown so much in many different ways, both personally and professionally. The tests and challenges keep on coming, but the best way to grow is to keep moving forward and to keep learning.

This is an overlook of–in a broad sense–my office.

10/18 Fall Career Fair

Hello~ How is your semester going so far?

Today, i want to introduce the job fair for SUNY Oswego students that takes place 10/18 4-6pm at Marano Campus Center Gymnasium.

I highly recommended to juniors and seniors who are looking for internships and jobs. Freshmen and Sophomore also can participate and build your networks with about 70 companies.

If you want to participate, here are things you can do before:

  • Prepare your resume!
    • Check the lists of companies and bring enough copies of your resumes to give employers.
  • Business professional wears!
    • Be professional! First Impression!

  • Elevator pitch!
    • Think about how you can introduce yourself for 30 seconds to employers. What is your strength? Fun fact? Related Experiences?

If you need additional information about the job fair, https://www.oswego.edu/career-services/spring-career-fair-2016-students

Here is the link that you can check the list of companies. I hope to see you all!