Giving back in a different way

Student does TV weather report in front of a green screen

One of my favorite things to do at WTOP-10, aside from producing news and working crew positions, is giving tours of the studio to potential students. It’s a great way to let people see what’s inside our recently upgraded high definition studio and let people know more about the station than just what is told […]

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“Wave” to the sky!

Hello, Oswego! Spring is finally beginning to make its appearance on campus, with grass turning green, daffodils budding, and milder temperatures making their appearance.

Ice pile on the shore of Lake Ontario at Rudy’s Drive-in, March 25, 2017. These are long gone after last week’s warmth!

While the weather itself has been fairly inactive the past […]

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Al Roker return(ed)s!

Large crowd of skaters in green, gold and white in arena with red arrow pointing toward blogger

Students crowd Al Roker after breaking the world record; Photo courtesy of Chuck Perkins

If you’ve been paying attention to our social media or The Today Show at all this past week, you may have noticed we had a certain special guest on campus Friday morning. Al Roker, returned to campus to broadcast an attempt […]

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Rokerthon Caps Off Tour at Oswego

Al Roker on TV in front of skaters in green, gold and white

Did you happen to catch the familiar green and gold while sipping on your morning coffee? No, your 8 a.m. eyes didn’t deceive you, SUNY Oswego was on the Today Show. In fact, we were pretty busy breaking a world record. Rome may not have been built in a day, but we broke a world […]

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Bucket List of Things To Do In Oswego Before I Graduate

Sunset of orange and various blues over Lake Ontario

Eat at Rudy’s
Go to the Flat Rocks
Go to the Chimney Bluffs
Go to the Lighthouse
Get a pickle from Ontario Orchards
Go Ice Skating in the Campus Arena
Meet President Stanley
Get ice cream at Bev’s
Go watch a race at the Oswego Race Track
Volunteer at the Oswego Animal Shelter

I went to an Oswego Sunset on Lake Ontario. I highly […]

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Bloggin’ Bonn: Introduction to Studying Abroad in Germany


Hey everyone! My name is Michael Kaefer and I am a senior currently studying abroad in Bonn, Germany! I am studying a Bachelor’s in German Language and Literature as well as European History. I’ve been shooting video blogs since I’ve arrived here in September and when I found out that SUNY Oswego had a blog page, I knew […]

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Laker Guide: Part 1

This Laker Guide is for all the new, wonderful additions that will be joining the Laker family this fall! I will bestow upon you all the magical senior wisdom I have gained these past years at SUNY Oswego.  This first blog will be about coming to Oswego, dorm life, navigating the campus, stuff like that. […]

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Why I Chose Oswego

As I watch the Class of 2021 and Transfers Facebook group, I’ve noticed one of the most common things that I have been seeing lately within people’s posts is “I haven’t decided if I’m going to Oswego yet but…” In no particular order, here is a list of reasons why I decided to come to Oswego.


Although this sounds […]

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Happy Second Winter!

Hello once again, Oswegonians.

The middle of the semester has been a tough one, both mentally and weather-wise! The weather has been flip-floppy, going from a mild February pattern featuring several 60º+ days to a snowy and cold March in a matter of days. Welcome back to winter, round 2!!

The weather…well, that went on spring break […]

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