Reflecting On Relay

This past weekend SUNY Oswego held their 10th annual Relay For Life fundraiser. Relay For Life is a charity designed to allow individuals to form their own fundraising events in support of furthering groundbreaking cancer research. The movement is a trademark of The American Cancer Society that allows groups to simultaneously remember those lost as a result of cancer, while generating a way to help those currently affected. Each event is designed to raise funds through participant registration as well as the provision of activities, food, and services in return for small donations over the course of the evening.

Here at SUNY Oswego, the event took place in The Campus Center Arena. A combination of clubs and campus organizations made up the communities, who took part in the Relay event. These groups provided activities ranging from improvisational comedy performances from the Shaun Cass Fan Club, to career coaching from the EXCEL office as provided by Tina Cooper. Additionally the event leaders arranged a series of free entertainment for the event. Relay participants were able to take part in limbo, hula hooping, and even Oreo eating races, to fill their time during the event.

Each Relay For Life event ends with a closing ceremony where participants are able to speak about their loved ones diagnosed with cancer, and awards are given to groups and individuals who were able to raise the most funds. This year SUNY Oswego raised a collective $15,700.

This event continues to be a great way to provide support for individuals across campus, and embody the difference that unity can make. Whether it be their first Relay or their third, students from all realms of the SUNY Oswego campus came together to remember loved ones, honor survivors, and aid in in the provision of future resources for cancer patients and their families.

SUNY Oswego S.H.O.P. Coordinator Gains Acknowledgment in County News

Oswego student Ariel Gutman-Gates, manager and coordinator of the campus food pantry, was recently named a Newman Civic Fellow. Newman Civic Fellows are chosen through their actions in improving campus communities and addressing public problems to promote more equitable communities. These individuals are then provided with access to scholarships and a network of past honorees.

The campus food pantry also known as Students Helping Oz Peers (S.H.O.P.), has provided students and faculty of the SUNY Oswego campus with a combination of goods and services. This has been done by means of developing a place to go when they are in need of basic clothing, toiletry and food items. Students and faculty are able to come to the pantry and gather the everyday items they need free of charge. This is done much like a grocery shopping experience. The pantry itself allows its users to browse the shelves for the resources they need through organized sections.

Students Helping Oz Peers does this to provide a place to attain these items, for those who are unable to acquire them on their own, and follows a strict code of confidentiality to ensure that those utilizing the goods and services  remain comfortable with the dispersal of their personal information. The shop is also a place for members of the the SUNY Oswego community to seek further information and links to food resources and Health Insurance.

To read more about Ariel’s contribution to our campus community and personal journey, please see the article linked below!

No Plans For Spring Break? How about an Oswego Staycation!?

In our senior year as a SUNY Oswego students, my friends and I are taking a new approach to spring break, and that’s staying right here in Oswego!  Living off campus, the opportunity to remain in town seemed like the perfect chance to hit a few bucket list items from Oswego to Syracuse, while also being on a budget. Whether these plans will someday be applicable to your own spring break experience, or simply a way to fill some weekends while attending the university, here a few things we came up with to fill our time.


Weather permitted Outdoor Activities:

-Walking through Breitbeck Park

-Exploring Fort Ontario

-Hiking to The West Pierhead Lighthouse

-The Bluffs


Indoor Activities:

-Destiny U.S.A. & Wonder Works

-Ontario Orchards

-Red Sun Fire Roasting Co.

-Dino’s House of Burgers

-Bistro 197

-The Press Box


Many of these may be obvious staples of the Oswego and Syracuse experience, but at the same time they tend to be those things that we never seem to get around to! If anyone would like further help researching these suggestions and others, please feel free to contact me at! Happy spring break to all!

Senior Year: Starring Sam

Hi all, I’m Sam Donnelly and I am a Communication and Social Interaction major with a minor in English here at SUNY Oswego. As a senior with a particular interest in media representation, the Social Media internship offered through the Communications and Marketing Department serves as an excellent opportunity to branch into some real world applications.


Upon entering my freshman year in Oswego, I had not declared a major. Luckily, I was drawn to a course titled Foundations of Communication and found my academic calling. The opportunity to learn more about how individuals perceive one another, in addition to how they perceive themselves, has proven to be an incredibly useful skill as I continue to explore my interest in the realm of identity and diversity. Naturally the declaration of my English minor came about from my desire to be articulate when discussing these often sensitive areas. On campus I am an active Volunteer with Students Helping Oz Peers, which is our Food pantry that is open to the SUNY Oswego Community. Additionally I am Vice President of the Communication honor society Lambda Pi Eta.


In my final semester, I am actively trying to utilize my time here to build upon my communication skills for future endeavors. In September following graduation I will be spending my time in Orlando Florida as a cast member in Walt Disney World, as part of the college program. Until then I’ll be enjoying my remaining adventures here in Oswego!