Logo that says SUNY Oswego seniors 2019 with a lighthouse
Senior week has commenced here at SUNY Oswego.! This week is for the graduating seniors to enjoy their last moments here in Oswego for FREE!

Monday, May 6
Senior Block Party
2-4:30 p.m., North Lawn behind Marano Campus Center 
Kick off Senior Week with this seniors-only block party!
Tuesday, May 7
Senior Discount Day
All Day, Downtown Oswego

Enjoy a day of discounts at your favorite Oswego community spots for seniors only.

Wednesday, May 8
Cap Decorating Party
4-7 p.m., Food Activity Court in Marano Campus Center
We have the supplies; you just bring your Cap!

Thursday, May 9
Rudy’s and Bev’s Night

6-9 p.m., Rudy’s and Bev’s
Spring is officially in Oswego . Enjoy seniors-only discounts at these classic spring spots!

Friday, May 10
Oz Fest Senior Line
5-5:45 Begins in auditorium 132 in Marano Campus Center

VIP access for seniors-only into the Oz Fest Concert!

Saturday, May 11
Sunset Watch Party
7:30-8:30 p.m., Breitbeck Park
Watch your last sunset together as the Class of 2019 from our reserved space overlooking Lake Ontario!

Gospel Choir 39th Annual Dinner

Last night I had the pleasure of attending the 39th annual Gospel Choir dinner. They had an amazing turnout and a very enjoyable meal. The evening began with praise and worship and wonderful performances by the members of the choir. The night ended with an introduction of the new 2019-2020 E-board. Overall I enjoyed my night attending the Gospel Choir Concert!

No meal plan? No Problem

SUNY Oswego has a food pantry on campus called Students Helping Oz Peers, or (SHOP) for short. This pantry opened in October 2016. It is located in room 3 in the basement of Penfield Library, and is available to all SUNY Oswego students, faculty and staff in need.  The shop has plenty of dry foods and canned vegetables to help college students in need. This is a great campus resource that comes in handy for those students who live off campus or have a limited meal plan. For instance, a student who lives in the village more than likely does not have a meal plan so stopping by the shop for groceries to cook in the full kitchen that comes with the perks of living in the village. The shop also has household items such as Sponges.

Not only does the shop provide you with your food needs but sanitary ones as well. The SHOP offers deodorant for both men and woman alongside female kits and mens axe spray. They also have some school supplies such as pens and notebooks.

As you can see the SHOP on campus is a one stop shop for perishables, house hold items, and some school supplies.!

Hours of operation:

Monday: 5-7pm


Wednesday: 5:30-7:30pm

Thursday: 5:30-7:30pm

Friday: 11:30-1pm

Saturday: 11-1pm

Sunday: 11:30-1:30pm

SHOP logo

Re-Branding SUNY Oswego

This week SUNY Oswegoʼs PRSSA held their last club meeting. They used this meeting time to go over the re-branding of SUNY Oswego as a whole. The discussion involved reasons that we as current students at Oswego considered to be a good staple for the campus as a whole. Majority of the students focused on the lake and no matter how or when you come to this campus every organization is a community. Not only is the view here unmatched, but the atmosphere that you get to experience once you are here is unforgettable.

Being that decision day was yesterday, why did you decide to come to SUNY Oswego?

How to Make Friends as a Transfer Student!

I transferred to SUNY Oswego as a transfer my sophomore year and at first I was nervous to make friends. After being accepted I did tons of research on the dorms before I decided where I wanted to live. While doing research I discovered that Funelle Hall was full of transfer students and sought it as a great opportunity to live with people I can relate too. I not only learned about the residents halls before coming but learned on this campus there is literally a club for anything! Meaning res halls are not the only place you can make friends, don’t be afraid to join a club or organization that may become your home away from home.

If you have any other questions on a smooth transition feel free to reach out to me.

Women Athlete or Just Athlete?

As many of you may know Women’s History Month is now coming to an end. This past week I had the pleasure of meeting with the Women’s Volleyball team to see how they celebrated.

This month the team has decided to each do their part in stripping gender roles from sports.  As the team prepares to go to nationals in a few weeks they have been practicing harder than ever. In the mist of nationals approaching, team member still had time to engage with youth in the community. Madison Seamans, a junior on the team stated “I celebrated women’s month by supporting athletics especially young women and letting them know not to be afraid to get out there.”



While attending the practice the team let me know about their t-shirts and the importance behind the slogan.

The t-shirts and the slogan were to represent that sayings such as “You throw like a girl”, shouldn’t exist. Yes, sports teams are separated by genders but should not separate how we are as  players. The team as a whole stressed that they should be identified as ‘Athletes’ not ‘Female Athletes’. Overall the team spent Women’s History Month stripping gender roles from sports, and being themselves.