How to Make Friends as a Transfer Student!

I transferred to SUNY Oswego as a transfer my sophomore year and at first I was nervous to make friends. After being accepted I did tons of research on the dorms before I decided where I wanted to live. While doing research I discovered that Funelle Hall was full of transfer students and sought it as a great opportunity to live with people I can relate too. I not only learned about the residents halls before coming but learned on this campus there is literally a club for anything! Meaning res halls are not the only place you can make friends, don’t be afraid to join a club or organization that may become your home away from home.

If you have any other questions on a smooth transition feel free to reach out to me.

What’s Next?

Last Wednesday, the PRSSA (Public Relations Student Society of America) hosted a program titled “What’s Next?” Three Oswego Alumni were invited as guests to answer questions concerning life post-grad. The alumni were visibly eager and open to sharing their experiences. The alumni told their stories of adjusting to life post-college, looking for a job, and making the best of your time in college.

I’ll mostly focus on their advice while in college more than post graduation, as I feel it’ll be more helpful to the audience reading this.

One of the thing the alumni stressed was the importance of utilizing the university’s sources to get internships. One of the alumni guest said he was able to be hired right out of college because of his internship connections. The school is constantly throwing opportunities at your feet, it’d be in your best interest to take advantage of them.

Another piece of advice was to take classes that either further aid your major or just plain interest you. One alumni said she took a course simply because it intrigued her, and to her surprise she was able to utilize the knowledge gained in that class and further expand on it in her current job. One also highlighted the importance of taking your Capstone course seriously.

Lastly, the alumni advised students to “know your worth” Whether that means taking much needed time to relax or taking yourself out of un-beneficial situations such as a job/club/class/relationship or etc. Knowing your worth will always lead you in the right direction in life.

Academics in College

College is the ideal time to find yourself and explore new opportunities. With this can also come stress and concern about academics. Academics in college can be difficult but this is because it’s supposed to challenge you and in the end – it’s worth it. The truth is, time management is everything. It is important that you join extracurriculars and explore opportunities to meet new people but it is also important to be managing your time effectively and getting your work done. As a senior, I have taken my fair share of classes and I’m here to provide you with some tips for success in academics during your time in college!

1. Utilize Resources:

On campus, there is the writing center and tutoring center that is available for students that are in need of help. Using these two resources is a great way to get an outside perspective on your paper or get some insight in a class that you’re struggling in. Another crucial resource held by professors are office hours. Office hours are a time where your professor is readily available to speak about anything that you may need such as a question about a paper that is due soon or even to express that you’re struggling and need some more assistance. Attending office hours can also help you form bonds with professors which is crucial during college.

2. Don’t procrastinate!

One thing that I’ve done all four years of college is use a planner. In the beginning of the semester I would input all due dates into my planner so that nothing is ever forgotten about. I am always sure to finish the assignment at least two days before it’s due (sometimes longer if it’s a big assignment) so that I’m not cramming at the last minute. I’ve utilized this method because I know my best work is not completed an hour before it’s due date and I’ve found that this is the case for many others as well!

3. Take time for yourself.

Mental health is extremely important and it is crucial that you are always making sure that your mental state is okay. Whether it may be spending time with friends, working out, putting on a face mask or watching your favorite show on Netflix, be sure to take time for yourself so that you’re able to do the best in your courses. After all, it’s college and it’s expected that you take some time to form bonds with others and to find yourself. 

4. Visit Penfield Library

The library is an awesome place to go if you need to get work done. Everyone in the library is generally there for the same reason and seeing everyone hard at work can give you motivation as well. The library and it’s employees also have various amounts of knowledge that can help you succeed in your courses. If you need a break, feel free to stop by Lake Effect Cafe and grab a snack and coffee to keep you on track.

Adjusting to college academics your first year may be a bit difficult but in time you’ll find ways that will help you succeed. Be sure to remember that it’s okay to have fun and meet friends but also know that the main reason you are here is because of academics so be sure to time manage! I hope these tips help you to reach success during your time at Oswego!

College and Relationships

Leaving your life at home and going off to college can be exciting yet scary. You’re never sure what friendships or relationships will last once you start your “new life” in a new town but, I can assure you everything will be okay.

College is the time for personal growth. It is okay if you distance yourself from that person who was your significant other in high school or if don’t talk to your home friends every second of everyday. They are also growing and getting use to their “new life”.

I am lucky enough to say that I am still close with my home friends. I may not talk to them everyday, but we do check in with each other every now and then. The distance from your friends or significant others only makes seeing them on breaks so much better! Being able to hear how everyones first semester went on Thanksgiving break is always worth the wait. Trust me, that wait goes very fast.

When I came to college, I gave myself that time to be on my own and focus on me. I made friends with people on my floor, who I would get lunch with, talked to kids who were in my classes that became my study buddies and I eventually joined a sorority my sophomore year which helped me meet even more people.

There are so many different opportunities to meet people and become comfortable with the SUNY Oswego environment. Going to orientation, floor meetings, the Involvement Fair where you can sign up for clubs, talking in the Facebook group or creating a GroupMe chat room are all great ways to meet people the second you step foot on campus.

Remember everyone is in the same boat! So don’t feel weird about talking to someone who sits next to you in class or popping your head into your neighbors room and asking if they want to go to the dining hall. It’s a new environment for everyone so don’t be nervous to put yourself out there!

The 2019 Ozzies Awards!

This Friday it was the Ozzies Awards. It was an awesome event where Communications majors were recognized for their accomplishments and the quirky traits their known for. The awards ranged from most likely to Overanalyze a Conversation to best Hip Hop radio show, and etc. It was an intimate yet super inviting event. Malaysia and I had fun applauding the accomplishments of our colleagues. They too, were also very supportive when I won an award. As the semester is coming to the end, events like the Ozzie Awards are a great reminder that you and your work is recognized and applauded.

Reflecting On Relay

This past weekend SUNY Oswego held their 10th annual Relay For Life fundraiser. Relay For Life is a charity designed to allow individuals to form their own fundraising events in support of furthering groundbreaking cancer research. The movement is a trademark of The American Cancer Society that allows groups to simultaneously remember those lost as a result of cancer, while generating a way to help those currently affected. Each event is designed to raise funds through participant registration as well as the provision of activities, food, and services in return for small donations over the course of the evening.

Here at SUNY Oswego, the event took place in The Campus Center Arena. A combination of clubs and campus organizations made up the communities, who took part in the Relay event. These groups provided activities ranging from improvisational comedy performances from the Shaun Cass Fan Club, to career coaching from the EXCEL office as provided by Tina Cooper. Additionally the event leaders arranged a series of free entertainment for the event. Relay participants were able to take part in limbo, hula hooping, and even Oreo eating races, to fill their time during the event.

Each Relay For Life event ends with a closing ceremony where participants are able to speak about their loved ones diagnosed with cancer, and awards are given to groups and individuals who were able to raise the most funds. This year SUNY Oswego raised a collective $15,700.

This event continues to be a great way to provide support for individuals across campus, and embody the difference that unity can make. Whether it be their first Relay or their third, students from all realms of the SUNY Oswego campus came together to remember loved ones, honor survivors, and aid in in the provision of future resources for cancer patients and their families.

“The Call Out: Latin Edition”

This Monday I went to a program held by the Latin Student Union club on campus. The event was titled The Call Out and attendees were to come together and talk about stereotypes attributed to different cultures. It only sounds kind of yawn and dispiriting but it was soo much fun. Although, most attendees were Latina or Latino, people of other cultures were invited and present. It was this really cool space where we can laugh and kind of poke fun of the accuracy and/or lack of accuracy over the stereotypes each culture was known for. We first waived off the general Latino stereotypes like: “the women being hot-headed” “being too loud” “loving spicy food” “expert dancers” “cooking with Adobo” “always partying” and other hilariously untrue fun facts.

The program presented different flags (i.e. Dominican, Salvadoran, Bolivian, Puerto Rican, &etc.) and had everyone throw out opinions about what they’ve been lead to believe about that group of people. Some were ridiculous, some were weird, some funny, some were compliments, and some were insulting. The moderators then followed up with stats and facts to support or contradict the answers.

The atmosphere was not tension-some nor uncomfortable. It was more educative and fun. Everyone there was eager to hear stories about each other’s personal experience with his/her culture. Especially stories involving our parents which are always a good laugh. I felt very connected with attendees in the room and the emotional support was present throughout the whole time.

My favorite part, besides the competitive game of Kahoot, was the conversation we had about speaking Spanish. Everyone had a different perspective when it came to one’s ability to speak it or not. Some, such as myself felt it was a vital part of being Latino/a and should always be upheld. Others shared the prejudice they faced for not speaking Spanish, or fearing being different when they do, or even struggling to speak English and the presence of a Spanish accent being a source of embarrassment. It was a very honest and lengthy discussion. But it ended on a solid note, in which we all agree that Spanish is a beautiful language and we vow to continue learning it for ourselves and/or teaching it to the future generations to come.

For any new Latino/a students that are reading this & are looking for a sense of community within their culture look up Latin Student Union. They are super inviting and you’ll feel right at home. Even if you’re not Latino and want to learn more about the culture I would advise to attend the meetings you’re guaranteed a really good time. I mean if you haven’t heard we’re “always partying.”

Gifts for the Grad – What every graduate actually wants

Seniors have about a month left until they walk across the stage at graduation! Here are some ideas to start planning and buying the perfect gift for your favorite graduate. From the more basic gifts to super customizable ones, these will impress any graduate and help them look, feel, and be their best self to start off their journey in the real world!

Alumni Gear –After putting in all the hard work and dedication to graduate, it’s time to rock that nice alumni sweatshirt, hat, or other apparel item.

Adult things –Apartment decor and accessories, electronics, random kitchen gadgets or appliances, and things that college students never really needed before make great graduation gifts. 

Money –Money is always a safe bet when it comes to gift giving because they can do anything they want with it. 

Nice Watch – Nothing screams adult, more than a nice watch. It also makes for a great accessory in the office and will spruce up any interview outfit.

Professional Clothes –By the time graduation rolls around, most college students are in desperate need of professional attire. Gifts cards to stores that sell great options for office outfits are great for those gift-givers who don’t know a graduates size or style well.

A gift card or membership for something they like to do –Find something that the graduate in your life loves to do and treat them to a gift card or membership that relates to their favorite hobbies. Think of things like yoga or a culinary classes.


5 Fun Ideas That Will Get You Out of Your Dorm

It is Friday afternoon, classes are done for the week, homework is put away and you are trying to figure out what activities you can do as the weather starts to warm up. Here are 5 fun ideas to get you out of your dorm room and outside:

  1. Take a trip to Rudy’s for lunch or dinner. It is a short walk from campus and you have a nice view of the lake as you venture down the road. Rudy’s is a great place to hang out and enjoy some great food! After Rudy’s be sure to stop over at Bev’s to pick up some delicious ice cream. Address: 78 Co Rte 89, Oswego, NY 13126
  2. Flat rocks is a fun place where you can go swimming once the water warms up and hang with friends. At flat rocks, you can see the famous Oswego sunset.
  3. If you are into history, check out Fort Ontario. Not many people know but, Oswego is a very historic town. At Fort Ontario, visitors can use a take along tour which they can read while going through the fort. The fort has artifacts and professional displays available to the public that reflect the history. Address: 1 E 4th St, Oswego, NY 13126
  4. The Oswego Riverwalk is a great place to take your bike, rollerblade, or even just walk. You can enjoy the view of the river along with getting some exercise. If you are into fishing, this is also a spot to check out in the fall when all the salmon return up the river. There are also several different restaurants near the riverwalk that you can check out.
  5. If you have a car on campus, take a trip to Chimney Bluffs State Park. At the Bluffs, you can capture amazing pictures of the lake along with enjoying some hiking and relaxing on the beach. Address: 7700 Garner Road Wolcott, NY 14590.
View from the walk down to Rudy’s and Bev’s from campus dorms

Women Athlete or Just Athlete?

As many of you may know Women’s History Month is now coming to an end. This past week I had the pleasure of meeting with the Women’s Volleyball team to see how they celebrated.

This month the team has decided to each do their part in stripping gender roles from sports.  As the team prepares to go to nationals in a few weeks they have been practicing harder than ever. In the mist of nationals approaching, team member still had time to engage with youth in the community. Madison Seamans, a junior on the team stated “I celebrated women’s month by supporting athletics especially young women and letting them know not to be afraid to get out there.”



While attending the practice the team let me know about their t-shirts and the importance behind the slogan.

The t-shirts and the slogan were to represent that sayings such as “You throw like a girl”, shouldn’t exist. Yes, sports teams are separated by genders but should not separate how we are as  players. The team as a whole stressed that they should be identified as ‘Athletes’ not ‘Female Athletes’. Overall the team spent Women’s History Month stripping gender roles from sports, and being themselves.