Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Everyone has heard it before: breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Is that true though? The answer is both yes and no, because there is no perfect way to eat for everyone. Studies have shown those who eat breakfast are more likely to have more energy, have long-term health benefits, and reduce risks of obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. That being said, if you aren’t hungry in the morning and eating breakfast doesn’t make you feel good, you have to listen to your body and honor your bodies hunger signals.

Here are some healthy breakfast ideas that are quick and easy with five ingredients or less for your busy morning that will keep you full and satisfied:

  • Whole wheat  toast topped with natural peanut butter, bananas and cinnamon
  • Oatmeal with fruit
  • Eggs: scramble with veggies such as spinach, mushrooms, and cherry tomatoes for extra color and fiber
  • Avocado toast: top with an egg for extra protein!
  • Smoothies- peanut butter banana, berry, green smoothie, tropical… There are so many options!
  • Greek yogurt, fruit and granola
  • Breakfast burrito- scrambled eggs with cheese and salsa in a tortilla, add black beans for extra fiber and protein

If you love traditional breakfast meat like bacon, sausage, or ham, look for healthier swaps like turkey bacon or chicken sausage, which will be lower in fat, calories and sodium.

If bagels are your vice, try going for whole grain options which will digest slower and will help you feel more energized and full until your next meal.

Breakfast can be as fun as you make it, switch things up and try new foods to figure out what works best for you!

SUNY Oswego Bucket List!

With graduation being just a month away, my senior self is feeling very nostalgic about letting all of Oswego, go. With that being said, I have brainstormed a few ideas for seniors to do before we put on our caps and gowns in a few weeks. Here is my SUNY Oswego Bucket List!


  1. One last meal in the dining hall.
  2. Take a selfie with Sheldon!
  3. Stop by Cooper Creamery, they have the best flavors.
  4. Have a campfire by the lake.
  5. Go to the final Chicken Patty Day.
  6. Go to Old City for $1 Taco night.
  7. Plan a flat rock day.
  8. Get one last panini at Mackin!
  9. Bowling at Lighthouse Lanes.
  10. Visit the Bluffs.
  11. Have a picnic at Breitbeck Park.
  12. Get a burger from Dino’s.
  13. Take the polar plunge into Lake Ontario.
  14. Try and walk through campus with an umbrella during a rainstorm without it going inside out.
  15. Visit the school store to stock up on Oswego Alumni gear!
  16. One last ice cream cone from Bev’s.
  17. Get chicken tenders and french fries from Crossroads with the best honey mustard on the planet.
  18. last free skate.
  19. Go to the dining hall on Broccoli Cheddar soup day.
  20. One last trip to Hibachi.
  21. Visit your first Freshman year dorm.
  22. Get your favorite Fans smoothie.
  23. Thank your favorite professors.
  24. Let the smokestacks guide you home for the last time.
  25. Stock up on Crossroads cookies.
  26. The final all-nighter in the library during finals week.
  27. Walk all the way from West Campus to Shineman and figure out how the heck you got to class on time in the morning.
  28. Do circles in Lanigan because we are seniors and still probably get lost in there.
  29. Grab lunch at Rudy’s and sit out by the lake in the sunshine.
  30. Go to the senior nights of all the sports teams to see your friends play one last time at Laker.
  31. Use up all your dining dollars.
  32. Walk out to the lighthouse.
  33. Find out what a Laker is.
  34. One last movie in the amazing Oswego Cinema Theatre with the reclining comfy chairs.
  35. Last but not least, take a picture in front of the Oswego sign in your cap and gown. (tears)


To all my fellow seniors, I hope that some of these ideas will get you guys out and about. We do not have too many days left here in Oswego. Let’s make the best of our last month!

Presenting at #OzQuest

This past Wednesday was Quest, which is a day SUNY Oswego commits to celebrating the academic endeavors of their students. Because it is a presentation of research, people may think it is only for the sciences, but many disciplines are involved. As a communications student, I have previously attended many Quest presentations, most of them focusing on the work of fellow communication students. This year I was asked to present my analysis and critique of a popular media text.In 15 minutes with added time for questions, I presented on the race and gender dynamics within Pitch Perfect 2 and how the content could be problematic when representing women and minorities. My presentation was based off of a paper I did for my children, women, and minorities in media class, which I took as part of my broadcasting curriculum. This paper included literature review of different studies and examination of media which I then applied in my own analysis of the movie. For the presentation, I selected the major points of my work and elaborated on them, supplemented by video clips and movie stills.

My thesis slide

As with anything of this nature, critique is subjective. However, I really liked engaging with the audience, and I was even able to elaborate on my thesis and arguments with interested peers afterward. It lead to really thoughtful conversations and evaluation of different work, which I think is one of the main purposes of Quest.

We had a full room with people standing and sitting on the floor when the chairs ran out. This was very fulfilling for me, and felt like a reward for my hard work. People asked excellent questions, and it let me know that they were engaged with my presentation. I would like to thank Dr. Fogel, the professor who asked me to present. Quest was a fantastic experience and a great opportunity to show the work that I do here.

My Favorite Foods in the Dining Hall

Working in the dining hall as well as living on campus for two years and eating there daily, has allowed me to try almost every food the dining hall has to offer. The great thing about the resident dining centers on campus, is that the menu is on a five week cycle. This means that if your favorite food is on the menu, you don’t have to wonder if you will ever have the chance to eat it again, just give it five weeks and that meal can be enjoyed again! The dining hall also has many options that are available daily no matter the cycle.

One of my favorite foods the dining hall offers every weekday morning, is the steel cut oats. These oats are a complex carbohydrate, meaning that they are filling and provide your body with lots of energy, making it a great food to have in the morning, before taking on the rest of your day. Many people may find steel cut oats bland, but the upside to this is that it offers you an opportunity to customize it to your liking! One of my favorite combinations is adding a little brown sugar, sliced almonds from the salad bar, strawberries, and blueberries. Adding any fruit to steel cut oats will provide you with a natural, healthy sweetener and adding sliced nuts, adds a healthy fat to the meal. You can also add granola for a little crunch, chocolate chips or maple syrup for something on the sweeter side, or some of the dried fruits offered on the salad bar like raisins, cranberries, and cherries.

My favorite food that appears in the five week cycle, is the teriyaki salmon. Salmon is a food that offers so many excellent health benefits. For protein, this salmon offers 22g per filet, which is comparable to chicken or beef. Salmon is also a great source of omega fatty acids. These omega fatty acids, are essential fatty acids, meaning that the body cannot make them itself and therefore needs to be eaten by food sources. The teriyaki salmon on the dining center menus, provides all the health benefits above, as well as tastes delicious and has sweetness from the teriyaki sauce.

These are just a few of my favorite items from the resident dining halls on campus. I hope next time you see them on the menu, you’ll give them a try and like them as much as I do!

How to Eat Healthy on a Budget

Since we are in college, eating healthy might seem unattainable because we are all on some type of budget. It might seem difficult to eat a healthy diet while saving money, but it is actually very easy. It is commonly unknown that most whole, unprocessed foods are the cheapest things at the grocery store!

When looking specifically at carbohydrates, protein, and healthy fats, the cheapest options at the grocery store would be:
Carbs: pasta, oatmeal, potatoes, bananas, apples, whole wheat bread, and rice.
Protein: ground beef, frozen chicken, canned tuna, beans, dry lentils, and Greek yogurt.
Fats: olive oil, nuts, seeds, eggs.

Another important tip is to buy frozen vegetables and fruits. Buying frozen produce is a great idea because it doesn’t go bad as fast as fresh produce, so you don’t have to risk a whole bag of fresh produce going to waste. Since it is frozen it is also nutrient dense because it is picked fresh at its ripest point, and can contain more nutrients than fresh produce that may not be picked at its ripest. Also buying produce when it is in season is a cheaper option or going to a farmers market and buying local produce from farmers, it is more fresh and tastes better. A quick guide to in season vegetables is: root vegetables in the Winter, apples & squash in the Fall and broccoli & berries in the Summer.
Tip: The Oswego Farmers Market goes from May-October and is Thursdays 4:30-8:00pm!

Buying dry goods in bulk is also very helpful when trying to save money. Most health food stores have a bulk section where you can buy a lot of your carbohydrate options in bulk. Then when you get home you can store all of your bulk foods in mason jars which creates extra room in your pantry and is useful for easy to grab items.
Tip: Green Planet Grocery in Oswego has a bulk foods section!

Eating healthy on a budget is very easy and by buying things in bulk, frozen fruits and vegetables, and buying things in season are all helpful tips in order to eat healthy and not break the bank!

5 Tips I Wish I Knew When I was a Freshman

Hi everyone! With spring in the air (sort of) and April fast approaching, I’m sure everyone is getting anxious about their upcoming freshman year (or transferring to a new school). In light of upcoming events, I thought you would all like to know some basic tips for survival for your first year at a new school!

1. Less is more, especially when it comes to packing for your first year living in the dorms! Trust me, I had two cars full of my stuff when moving into my dorm freshman year! And also trust me when I say I did not use even half of the things I brought with me. You might think you need those shoes you haven’t touched in two years “just in case”, but they will be just fine staying in your closet at home until you come back.

2. THE FRESHMAN 15 IS REAL! You might think this is a myth, but I can assure you it is not. This might be a sad truth to realize, but it is better to stay on top of this then realize it when it is too late. You can join the gym on campus, participate in intramural sports with your friends, or even try out yoga!

3. Come into college with some money in your pocket! Whether it be from working all summer, or with a little help from your parents, you are going to need some cash in order to get through. There are even some employment opportunities on campus!

4. You don’t have to buy all of your books from the bookstore!!! (sorry Oswego). There are many alternatives to purchasing your textbooks full price from the college store. See if someone on campus is selling the book(s) you need, check online, etc. You could even find out if the textbook for your course has been placed on reserve at the library by your professor, then you can use it for free!

5. Don’t make yourself sick stressing about your grades. When I was a freshman, I came into college not knowing what to expect when entering my classes that first semester. YOU ARE GOING TO RECEIVE A BAD GRADE AT SOME POINT IN YOUR COLLEGE CAREER (or two, or three…) but this is nothing to be ashamed of or worry about too much. The best thing to do in this case is set up a meeting with your professor to see where you went wrong, and learn from this mistake to prevent it from happening again in the future. It happens to everyone!

I hope you all found these tips helpful! 🙂

National Nutrition Month

March is National Nutrition Month, a nutrition and education campaign created by the Academy for Nutrition and Dietetics. This campaign aims to bring awareness on the importance of healthy eating practices. Every March, the Academy for Nutrition and Dietetics launches the campaign offering free tips and promotional items to help spread the word.

Each March, when the campaign begins, it is paired with a theme that will set the stage for what the academy is trying to promote that particular year. This year the chosen theme is Go Further With Food. The theme aims to educate the public on healthful eating practices throughout their day. Whether it be starting the day with a nutritious breakfast, or fueling up for a specific sporting event, eating the right foods will give you the optimal energy to take on whatever your day brings.

All March long here at SUNY Oswego, we will be celebrating National Nutrition Month! The campus’ registered dietitian and her interns will be in various dining halls throughout the month where you can come up to our table and ask questions, play games, win prizes, and try new foods! We hope to see you there!

March Nor’easters bring…

Hey Oswegonians! I apologize for the lack of posts – it’s been a long semester thus far for me. Try taking Synoptic Meteorology, Mesoscale Meteorology and a statistics class all at once…

Anyhow, if April showers bring May flowers, what do March nor’easters bring?

Answer: Snow, wind, and coastal flooding. The Northeast has seen three such storms in the past two weeks! While this many storms in such little time is not unheard of, it can cause a tizzy for those who reside in the area. In Oswego, while the area has not seen as much snow as places further east have, the storms have still had an impact on daily operations.

The first storm, which occurred on March 2, dropped around 7″ of snow on campus. Inland, nearby Fulton reported 14″! The storm caused nearly every school and college in central NY to close, however Oswego remained open. We’re die-hards around here, right?

Oswego sunset season is coming around! In between storms, this beauty occurred on March 3.

The second storm’s snow, which impacted New England on Wednesday, actually missed Oswego. However, snow fell due to the system’s wrap-around moisture the next two days. Oswego itself saw a couple of windy days and 2-3″ of snow, with higher snowfall inland once again.

The third storm, ongoing as I type this post, is almost a carbon copy of what happened last week. Greatest New England snowfall happened yesterday, however our area is seeing the wrap-around moisture with several inches likely to fall before all is said and done tomorrow.

That’s three nor’easters, folks! And we may not be done just yet. The same pattern that has been around the past couple of weeks looks to continue through about the end of March. That being said, it is not a guarantee that the Northeast sees another nor’easter. Here’s to hoping for some more spring-like weather in a couple of weeks!

How to Perfect your Staycation

The sun and the sand of St. Lucia sound amazing, but that’s not always realistic for a broke college kid. If you’re spending spring break (or any vacation in your house), I have a few pieces of advice to make it one of your best.

  1. Sleep

Image result for sleeping gif

Staycations are the perfect time to catch up on the sleep you missed for studying for midterms. If you’re at home, you don’t have to feel guilty about wasting any time you could be spending sightseeing or tanning.






2. Organize

Image result for organizing gif If you’ve been letting your planner get messy or you’re pushing 587+ emails in your inbox, it’s a great time to hunker down and sort it all out. Getting prepped for the second half of the semester will make your life go a little more smoothly.





3. Do your hobby

Image result for baking gif If you’ve got a camera, a pair of skis, a computer, or whatever you like, pick it up and do it! Hobbies can be harder to execute while you’re at college because there is so much else on the docket. I’m planning on baking while I’m home!






4. Binge a new show

Image result for binge watching gif If you’re like me, you hate picking up a new show during a super busy time like right before big tests. A staycation is the perfect time to catch up on a show all of your friends have been talking about. Plus you have enough time to watch 2 (or 7) episodes in one day.








5. Relax

Image result for treat yo self gif It’s spring break! The word break is in there for a reason, so at the end of the day, just relax and do what you want. You can treat yourself to a meal, new headphones, a little RnR, anything you want.







Don’t let envy take over! Your staycation can be just as beneficial as a trip to an exotic locale (and can be easier on the wallet). If you really can’t stand it, turn up the heat in your apartment and post a picture from the internet to your Instagram (kidding!). Have a happy and restful spring break!

Spring Break Prep

We all know Spring Break is just around the corner. We’re all excited for a week off of school, and some may even be jetting off to warmer weather and want to look our best while on the beach. Some simple ways to clean up our eating while preparing for a week in the sun can be as easy as switching up your snacks, drinking more water, and eating colorful meals!

        Snacking is important to ensure we don’t overeat during meals, which can lead us to feeling too full and sluggish, making us unproductive for the tasks we need to complete.  Here are some healthy snack options:

  • A handful of nuts
  • Veggies and hummus
  • Bananas or apples with  2 tablespoons nut butter
  • Yogurt with honey and fruit
  • Air popped popcorn

Another thing to consider when getting ready for Spring break is to increase your water intake. Water is important for your body and it will not only help you to look and feel less bloated, it will flush out toxins and help clear up your skin and eliminate brain fog to get you through those pre-spring break midterms. Switch your morning juice or soda at dinner with water and you will notice a world of a difference. If you don’t like the taste of water add sliced lemon or cucumber.

        An important aspect of eating healthy is to include lots of colors to your meals to ensure you are getting adequate vitamins and minerals. Try adding at least three colors to your meal to make it nutrient packed and well rounded. For example, if you love pasta, add spinach (green), sweet bell peppers (red or orange), and purple cabbage (purple) this way you have a quick pasta salad that will be filling, nutritious, and colorful.