Liquid Sunshine

The end of the semester is near! For us college students, that means hitting the books, gearing up for finals, lots of studying, and eventually getting our stuff together and heading back home. Meanwhile, for the weather, this time of year represents change. Colder temps give way to warm and pleasant weather, daylight length increases, and snow is all but history. (Usually.) It can be torture if you are stuck inside studying on a glorious 70º day…

The last week and a half has presented spring in earnest here in Oswego. It has reached 70º on campus on four different days, with two of those going above 80. Daffodils have bloomed, and shrubbery is just starting to grow leaves. Spring rain showers have been plentiful, as well.

As a matter of fact, the Great Lakes region as a whole has had enough rain this spring to cause Lake Ontario to rise a full 10″ in the past two weeks. It is noticeable from the lakeshore on campus, as some of the areas that were previously above water are now underwater, or are at least vulnerable to being splashed on by waves. Watch where you sit while you watch the sunset!

A side effect has been more dramatic crashing waves at the shoreline. I have been taking photos of these waves around sunset, creating a series of “Liquid Sunshine” shots. Take a look:


April 8, 2017


April 8, 2017


April 16, 2017

All of these pictures were taken behind Waterbury Hall.

The upcoming weather pattern looks cooler this week, yet still spring-like, with high temps largely in the 50s and 60s. Probably a few windy and wavy days, as well. See ya around, Oswegonians!


When you have passion, heart, desire and the love of a simple game, you think nothing can stand in your way of happiness. As a female athlete, most of us may have heard “you’re too small” or “you’re not as good as the boys” or something along those lines. It was always in comparison to the boys and personally, I have always been sick of hearing it. The USA Women’s Ice hockey team was also sick of hearing that as well.

On March 15th 2017, the USA Women’s Ice Hockey team announced they will not be playing in the IIHF World Championships in Plymouth, Michigan unless significant progress has been made. The World Championships were in less than two weeks but the women believed they had a fight on their hands. The women have asked USA Hockey for equitable support for their program, just as much as they support the men. They are asking for higher wages, travel and insurance provisions equal to the men’s team, but overall fair treatment from USA Hockey. For years, the men’s team has always been provided what they needed to succeed. According to the players, they also receive less support than the men’s team for equipment, staff, associated expenses and marketing. They also pointed to inequities in development programs, asserting that while USA Hockey spends $3.5 million annually on its national team program for boys, girls receive no “comparable” support.

Be Bold For Change

The statement presented by the members of the U.S. Women’s National Hockey team announcing that they will not be playing in the 2017 IIHF World Championships in Plymouth, Michigan.

In the grand scheme of things, the players are just looking for equal support from the USA Hockey program. It has nothing to do with the fact that they do not want to participate in the World Championships; they want to play. Many of the players mentioned that “It’s bigger than hockey. Its about equitable support for females in this country.” First thing is first, equal rights. It goes to show even though women gained equal rights back in the 1920s, we are still fighting for those same rights today. The women see that this has been an overarching issue over the years and they finally stepped up to the plate to challenge USA Hockey. The best part is, they aren’t only doing it for themselves, but for the continued shared goal of promoting and growing girls and women in sport while representing the red, white and blue.

Not only asking for the support of the women’s hockey community, the men’s hockey community and even the NHL backed the women in their fight for equal rights. In having the support of the men’s program and the NHL was huge for the women. It pushed the USA to acknowledge their talent and accomplishments and that they deserve the recognition and support from their own country. Before we knew it, the #BeBoldForChange was blowing up social media in support of the women’s program. In using the hashtag, the word was spread throughout the world gaining continued love and support for the women.

On March 28th 2017, USA Hockey came to an agreement. They listened and agreed to higher wages, travel and insurance provisions like the men’s team, along with prize money for winning. But it is not about the money or the insurance, it is about the bigger picture; the support of the female sport community. Today they won the battle and the every growing support of the USA Hockey federation.

Placing the cherry on top, the women dominated the IIHF World Championships; They defeated Canada with a 3-2 victory in the championship game with a goal by Hilary Knight. They were champions! To make this victory even sweeter, it was the first ever win on home-soil for the American women.

PLYMOUTH, MI - APRIL 07: Kacey Bellamy #22, Meghan Duggan #10 and Monique Lamoureux #7 of the United States react after receiving the championship trophy for beating Canada 3-2 in overtime in the gold medal game at the 2017 IIHF Woman's World Championships at USA Hockey Arena on April 7, 2017 in Plymouth, Michigan. (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)

PLYMOUTH, MI – APRIL 07: Kacey Bellamy #22, Meghan Duggan #10 and Monique Lamoureux #7 of the United States react after receiving the championship trophy for beating Canada 3-2 in overtime in the gold medal game at the 2017 IIHF Woman’s World Championships at USA Hockey Arena on April 7, 2017 in Plymouth, Michigan. (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)

As a female hockey player, this topic was very near and dear to my heart. It affected me and my hockey career because I have lived through these years of support lacking in the female community. The feeling of being undervalued and the lack of support throughout my career was present, but it never stopped the passion and love I have for the game. Stepping up and fighting for equality in women’s sport is a huge step forward in the world and without the courage, strength, determination of every single women on that roster, things wouldn’t have changed and the future has never looked brighter for women in sport. Thank you!

Active Minds: Being a Co-President

Good evening everybody! Today I wanted to write about my experience being one of the Presidents of Active Minds at SUNY Oswego. For those of you who do not know, Active Minds is a national organization whose goal is to reduce the stigma of mental illness and help people access the resources that they need.

I first joined Active Minds my second semester Freshman year. My roommate at the time was thinking about declaring her major as human development and had heard about a mental health club called Active Minds. I remember walking into the room being really nervous about joining a group in the middle of the semester but once I walked into the room I felt much better about my decision because everyone was so nice. I had attempted to join a different club with my roommate earlier in the semester but still a few weeks in and had a strange experience where I felt like I was intruding on a group of friends hanging out so I was very relieved that Active Minds felt nothing like this. One of the things that really drew me to Active Minds was how they were trying to get the word out on how common mental health issues are. I struggled with anxiety and depression throughout high school and did not know anyone in any of my classes going through the same things as me. Active Minds made me feel better by making it known how common mental illness really is, for crying out loud we give out buttons that say how common it is (1 in 4, meaning 1 in 4 people have a mental illness)!

My memories from Active Minds include participating in Send Silence Packing, which is a display of backpacks that represent the number of suicides on college campuses each year, “Get Scrambled” which was a stress reliever where we threw eggs with our stressors written on them at a tarp on the wall in front of Tyler Hall, as well as going to weekly meetings with a bunch of people who wanted to help people understand mental illness as much as I wanted to.

After a semester, I became secretary of Active Minds and started a twitter account for our chapter. I remember being happy to have been elected to this position because it meant that I could be more involved with the club. I went to every meeting and would send out meeting reminders before the meeting through our email list and on our twitter. I would also send out the meeting notes to members who could not make it to the meeting due to class or illness. Then at the end of my junior year, I was elected to take over for our former Co President who graduated and got the chance to run the meetings which I have been doing since then. I really liked the freedom to talk about whatever topics I wanted in the realm of Active Minds and I still do! Although it can get frustrating being President like when budgets don’t go through or when we do not get a good turn out at a meeting, knowing that I have the ability to make a difference on campus is something that I will always appreciate getting the opportunity to do.

Dear Future Me…

When I was a senior in high school one assignment we had to do was write a letter to our future selves. While I didn’t think this was an important assignment I forgot all about it. About a week ago I received a letter from my Mom (Thanks, Mom!). When I opened it and read it, I was completely overwhelmed with feelings of nostalgia. Four years later I can tell you that it was very much an important assignment.

I pondered sharing the letter and decided that this should be shared. So here it reads:

Dear 21-year-old Bridget,

               I hope you’re doing well. I hope 21 is better than 17 because remember the time you couldn’t drive after 9 pm? That is currently where I am. If you are reading this you should hopefully be graduating college. You probably forgot about this letter, seeing how you aren’t thrilled about writing it right now. Reading this letter means you are entering into the next chapter of your life. Reading this letter should show me, you, us (not really sure what tense I should be writing this in) how much I’ve/you’ve grown. Obviously, I have no idea how much I will grow considering I don’t even know what college I am going too so in this letter I am going to write myself a list of things I hope happens for me:

               I hope I pick the correct college. Future me, you know how lax I am about choosing a school. 4 years from now I want to be graduating from a place I call home.

               I hope to find friends. This sounds lame but growing up in Chester where there are 65 kids in our graduating class we have had no choice but to be together. I feel as though I don’t really know how to make friends.

Never having to do math or science again sounds like a dream come true!!!!!!!!

               I want to keep in touch with Suazo (Last name). In four years I am going to read this and I hope he is still my best friend. He’s been committed to going to Boston and I am really excited for him I just know I am staying in New York.

               I want to be more mature but not in a boring way just in the way that I can find the good in everyone. We’ll see.

               My parents keep telling me I am going to be great but what if I am not great? What if I have just been skating by for the last 4 years? College will be the real test. So, Bridget, I wish you the best of luck in college where ever you choose (Brockport, Scranton, Oswego, and Ramapo). Choose the right one PLEASE and do well AND PLEASE have fun.


17 Year old Bridget


Minus the awkward writing style and lack of punctuation I used the first time around, If I could write a letter back to 17 year old me I would tell her something like:

Congrats to 17-year-old Bridget. You’re going to do it! You are graduating on time. Not only with a degree in business but the second degree in Public relations, a minor degree in international business and a concentration in marketing. You picked Oswego, which quickly became your home. The thought of parting with this place makes you sadder each and every day. You picked up your cap and gown last week and found out you’re actually graduating Cum Laude (with honors). When you called Mom, naturally she started crying.

You made tons of friends. Friends you’ll have for the rest of your life. You actually are planning on living with them after college WOOO. AND you are still really close with Suazo. He is actually visiting in 2 weeks!

You pushed yourself to try new things and you grew as a person. I would say some days you are a mature professional and some days you are still the kid, class clown, goof-ball and you always will be. You made such good friends, you are actually in one of their weddings this summer (shout out to Paige).

You studied abroad! To Ireland, for a whole summer. How proud I was of myself when I really committed to going. It was the best summer of our life. You were an intern, and you traveled and met the family. You can’t wait to go back again.

At Oswego You worked on campus for 3 years, you had 3 internships, you TA’d in the business school for 3 semesters (Teacher’s Assistant), you joined clubs, played sports, went out, stayed in, took naps, pulled all-nighters laughed, cried, laughed until you cried. You are really happy.

17-year-old Bridget had nothing to worry about. She did grow up in so many ways.

I didn’t remember writing that letter, however, I am so fortunate that I did. I entered college how every student should; with a clean slate and an open mind. Not afraid of trying new things.

I graduate college in one month and can honestly say I am proud of who I am and ready to move into the next chapter of my life. Will you be able to say that?

Even if you didn’t write a letter to yourself in high school, sit down and do it now. Write to yourself from yourself and open it when you think you’re about to enter into the next phase of your life. It’s a wonderful thing to see where life takes you. After writing this, I plan you sit down and write a letter to 29-year-old Bridget. I can’t wait to see where I will be!

“Wave” to the sky!

Hello, Oswego! Spring is finally beginning to make its appearance on campus, with grass turning green, daffodils budding, and milder temperatures making their appearance.


Ice pile on the shore of Lake Ontario at Rudy’s Drive-in, March 25, 2017. These are long gone after last week’s warmth!

While the weather itself has been fairly inactive the past couple of weeks, that does not make for a shortage of interesting sky formations. Last Saturday night, a type of cloud that even I had never seen before made its appearance in the sunset-colored sky.

That cloud happened to be the Kelvin-Helmholtz wave cloud. It looks like a series of “ocean waves” in the sky, and is an indicator of horizontal wind shear. That is when the wind changes direction with increasing altitude. For example, the wind may be out of the west 5,000 feet above the ground, but out of the northwest at 8,000 feet. This shear produces a “rolling” motion in the air, swirling the cloud cover into that wavy pattern that we see from the ground.


Kelvin-Helmholtz wave clouds at sunset, April 1, 2017.


This upcoming week looks to bring even warmer (and drier!) weather to the region. Here in Oswego, we may have to deal with the dreaded lake breeze, which could limit the magnitude of the warmth locally. More on that in my next post. Until next time!

Rokerthon Caps Off Tour at Oswego

Did you happen to catch the familiar green and gold while sipping on your morning coffee? No, your 8 a.m. eyes didn’t deceive you, SUNY Oswego was on the Today Show. In fact, we were pretty busy breaking a world record. Rome may not have been built in a day, but we broke a world record in 5 minutes. Okay, that’s only technically true, but it isn’t the whole story…


We managed to get 593 skaters to show up at the Marano Campus Center Arena at 4:45 a.m. in preparation for the national broadcast. Who knew you could get 593 to conga across ice to Gloria Estefan so early in the morning? The celebration was splendid, but more than what meets the eye went into putting on an event that sometimes felt like the circus- “The Greatest Show on Earth!”


Aside from mandatory rehearsals for skaters, it was all hands on deck from virtually all departments on campus. If if wasn’t ice skating recruitment calls which took place in the dining and residence halls, it was working on the broadcast itself. The theatre department set up the lights and came up with the idea of snow machines for Al Roker’s zamboni entrance!


(He rode in on a bigger zamboni. Team Mini still looked great!)

It would be misleading to say the event was easy. The amount of coordination and organization was Hurculean. It was exhausting, but man, if it wasn’t pretty darn cool. Some were there for Al, some were there for the fun of it, some (like me) got to geek out over the process of national TV (live-to-broadcast drones anyone?!?!). Our student media organizations were able to get interviews with Mr. Roker and develop great material. Del Sarte, the student dance club, brought signs that were cleverly themed to incorporate their recital and NBC. Everyone got to have a unique stamp on the day. Al even visited all of his old haunts around Oswego and campus on Friday!


(If you go back and watch the recording, you can catch me darting through crowds to run the social media beat!)

The effort on behalf of the student body, administration, and community was incredible. Oswego absolutely has its moments and is a unique place. Why would we get selected out of so many large universities across the nation and Al Roker come back if it wasn’t?

What to do when there’s nothing to do

It’s a rainy day here in Oswego, like most of the days in April usually are here. So what is there to do around here anyways? Well let me share with you my top 3 favorite places to go have fun in Oswego!

  • Oswego 7 Cinemas – The best movie theater ever for two great reasons. #1 – THE CHAIRS ARE THE MOST MAGICAL CHAIRS IN ALL OF THE LAND. Yes, that was tad bit dramatic, but you must experience these chairs. They are large, soft, and they freaking recline people! Okay, again I’ll calm down… but seriously, go sit in one of these chairs. #2 – The movies are cheap. Like, college student budget affordable.
    • Early bird special (before noon) tickets are only $5.00!
    • Matinee showings (12:01pm-5:59pm) tickets are only $6.50!
    • After 6pm tickets are only $8.50!
    • Bonus: on Tuesday’s they have a bargain day where all movie tickets are only $6.50 and on Wednesdays, small popcorn is only $1.00.
  • Lighthouse Lanes – I love to go bowling with my friends at Lighthouse Lanes. They have several open lanes and great deals for college students. They also food to order, because who doesn’t want pizza and beer (21+) while bowling?! Cosmic bowling runs from 9:30pm-2am on Fridays and Saturdays. The college specials are:
    • Sunday’s, Monday’s and Wednesday’s (9:30pm-12am) – $1.99 games and $1 shoe rental
    • Tuesday’s and Thursday’s (9:30pm-12am) – $6.99 all you can bowl, shoe rental included
  • Greene’s Team Trivia – Every Wednesday at 10pm at Greene’s, they host a team trivia night. It’s a lot of fun, and if you are 21+ you can win prizes! They put the categories out on their social media platforms around 1pm every Wednesday, so you can know what to expect. The categories always start with trending on social media and end with movies but the middle categories are always randomly chosen. It’s a fun weekday activity to do with your friends and their food is really good! (My recommendation is the buffalo chicken tenders)

Bucket List of Things To Do In Oswego Before I Graduate

  1. Eat at Rudy’s
  2. Go to the Flat Rocks
  3. Go to the Chimney Bluffs
  4. Go to the Lighthouse
  5. Get a pickle from Ontario Orchards
  6. Go Ice Skating in the Campus Arena
  7. Meet President Stanley
  8. Get ice cream at Bev’s
  9. Go watch a race at the Oswego Race Track
  10. Volunteer at the Oswego Animal Shelter
I went to an Oswego Sunset on Lake Ontario. I highly recommend you put this on your own bucket list!

I went to an Oswego Sunset on Lake Ontario. I highly recommend you put this on your own bucket list!

What are some thing YOU want to do before you graduate?

Laker Guide: Part 1

This Laker Guide is for all the new, wonderful additions that will be joining the Laker family this fall! I will bestow upon you all the magical senior wisdom I have gained these past years at SUNY Oswego.  This first blog will be about coming to Oswego, dorm life, navigating the campus, stuff like that. Let’s get started!

What to Bring with You

Obviously, this is a very important part of moving into the residence halls. It all depends on a couple of things though, like how close you live to Oswego and if you and your future roomie want to share items. For instance, my first year in a residence hall my roommate was kind enough to share her mini fridge with me so I did not have to buy one. But that is all up to you!

Since my hometown is five hours away, I basically packed my entire wardrobe. So if you’re like me, be sure to bring along some storage containers!200w_d

Luckily, SUNY Oswego put together a Pinterest file of things to bring. You can check it out here:

There are a few items you should make sure to bring that aren’t on that list: a pair of waterproof shoes and a waterproof jacket. These will come in handy walking to class on rainy days.  Also, your room will be your home for the next year, I definitely recommend bringing along some decorations to personalize it. Things like pictures, posters and other wall decor.

Academic Buildings

So Monday morning arrives and it’s time to go to your first class. But wait…where the heck is Shineman Center room 114?


200w_d (1)

*Queue freak out*

No need to worry, you have a couple of options here. Incoming freshmen and transfers are required to come the Friday before classes start, so you’ll have all weekend to explore the campus and get familiar with it. Or if you’re like me and waited till the last minute to figure out where your classes are, there is a campus map to help you find your way:

Getting #OswegoFit

200w_d (3)

There are two fitness centers located on campus. Cooper Fitness Center is located in the middle of campus between Hart and Funnel residence halls. Glimmerglass Fitness Center is located on West campus between Onondaga and Onieda residence halls. And during the first week of classes it’s FREEEE. Both offer group exercise classes like yoga, lifting 101 and zumba!

Most importantly, the food!

There are so many options all over campus to grab a bite to eat so you won’t have to deal with a rumbling tummy.

200w_d (2)


There are five dining centers across campus and they all have special quirks. Here are a few;

Cooper Dining Center- Smoothies for breakfast on certain days. Cooper also has an ice cream parlor serving delicious Perry’s Ice cream.

Pathfinder Dining Center- Quesadillas for lunch and ‘Kevin’s Grill’ for dinner where you can order burgers, phillies, grilled chicken, hot dogs and fries! Yum.

Mackin Dining Center-  Mackin is only open for dinner but serves diner style food that really hits the spot.

Whether or not you’re seeking a whole meal or just a snack between classes, there about 10 other cafes around campus. For all you coffee fanatics, Lake Effect Cafe in Penfield Library and F.A.N.S in the Marano Campus Center serve Starbucks coffee!



Well that’s all for this edition of my Laker Guide, I hope you will find some of this helpful as you begin your adventure here at SUNY Oswego!

Until next time!





Mr. Phi Significant

The Phi Sigma Sigma Epsilon Nu chapter will be hosting our first ‘Mr. Phi-Significant’ Pageant. All proceeds will be going towards the Jennifer Knighton Scholarship Fund and The Kids in Need Foundation.

Jennifer received her undergraduate degree in Business Administration from Oswego State University in May of 2009. She was also a sister of Delta Phi Epsilon Sorority. Jennifer turned 22 years old on July 15, 2009 and passed away in an alcohol related accident in July 19th, 2009. Jennifer’s Dad will be in attendance at the event and wants you all there! The main purpose of this event is to emphasize moderation when you drink. While Jen was of legal age to drink she drank too much.

Mr. Phi Significant is a male beauty pageant where the contestants will compete in four rounds (introductions, swimsuit, talent, and formalwear)

We will be pre selling tickets from March 20th to March 23rd in the Marano Campus Center from 10-3pm for $3. Tickets will also be sold at the door the day of the event for $5!
The event will be held in the Hewitt Ballroom

To learn more about Jen and her story please go to