Scenic Oswego

Oswego really does have some of the most beautiful views, from sunsets to walks in the park along the lake, you can never go wrong.

The hike to the lighthouse is a work out, but its worth it. I’d say it took my friends and I about 45 minutes on the rock trail to get out to the lighthouse. It’s really important you go on a nice day since you are going pretty far out into the water and its just you and the rock trail. If you can make it out to the lighthouse and look back at Oswego it is so nice to see the park at a different angle.

From living in Onondaga Hall for my sophomore year, to just spending time on campus and at the lake with friends, I have seen some of the best sunsets in my entire life.

I live about five minutes from Lake Erie when I’m home and have seen plenty of sunsets, but none compare to the views Oswego has given me. How close we are to the lake was definitely something I considered when choosing Oswego because it reminded me of home.

Breitbeck Park and Wright’s Landing also bring great views, especially now in the Fall. These are both great places to go for a walk along the water or around the park itself.

The Flatrocks are also a popular destination along the lake. They are the perfect spot to watch the sunset or just hangout with friends. If you visit Oswego during the summer, or even the beginning of the Fall semester, you should have a lake day and claim your spot on the rocks.

The Harbor Rail Trail is located at the corner of West Utica Street and West First Street. It is a bridge that takes you up and over Oswego River and gives you views of the lighthouse and Lake Ontario.

These are only some of the many places to go and scenic views in Oswego. Having the lake so close gives you so many opportunities to do fun things with your friends and enjoy the outdoors. Places like these will help get you out of the dorms or your house and into fresh air.


As a first semester senior I am lucky enough to not have any midterms, but they are super common here at Oswego. Most of my friends are juggling turning in assignments while making sure they take their midterms at the correct time this week. From past experience, the best advice I could have is to not stress about them.

Midterms are a way of testing your knowledge of the class at the half way point of each semester. As a Public Relations major I have only ever experienced midterm exams in elective classes. I tend to be tested by my ability to write a paper and the information inside of it rather than exams.

After realizing the less I stressed about midterms, the better I did, I soon felt more comfortable and prepared for them. I spoke with some of my housemates and they agreed, as long as they laid out a proper amount of study time prior to the midterm, they felt comfortable and confident in taking the exam.

I have always been a terrible test taker and never felt is was an accurate way to judge what information I have absorbed in a class. I have always taken the optional written exams rather than a multiple choice when they are offered. I find writing to be much easier, even though it may take a little longer. If you think you are a better writer and this option is being offered to your class, I really do suggest trying it out.

Midterms tend to come up on everyone pretty quickly, professors included. The most common realization is that it’s already half way through the semester. Especially with the majority of classes online this semester, everything has been flying by. Midterms are a good way to pace yourself for the rest of the semester. Once you get your grade back, you can figure out what you need to look back on and study more for your next exam or final.

I suggest looking at midterms in a positive way to plan out the rest of the semester and to get yourself in the right mindset rather than a hard test that you don’t want to bother studying for.

5 Benefits of Online Classes

The Coronavirus Pandemic has turned the world upside down and we are all living in a time like we have never seen before. For college students, the normal on-campus lifestyle has completely changed. One of the most prominent changes are remote classes. This might put some students in a panic, but taking on online class isn’t always so bad.

  1. Flexible Schedule

Taking an online class means you don’t have to commute to class. If you’re on campus this saves you a walk in the bad weather, if you’re off campus it saves you driving time and gas.

Only some classes have a set Zoom time and even if they do it really doesn’t change much. You can still be sitting on your couch having a cup of coffee and relaxing rather than running around and getting ready in the morning.

For the classes who don’t have a set meeting time, your work revolves around whenever you’re free. If you feel like you get more accomplished at night then you could have a free day and save it until then. Or maybe you’re a morning person and can have all of your assignments done by lunch. Either way, there is a lot more flexibility in your daily schedule.

2. Improve Self-Motivation and Time-Management Skills

Online classes allow you to do a lot of things on your own time. Since you’re out of the classroom, you won’t have a professor to remind you in person when things are due. It’s up to you to keep track of due dates.

You will have to motivate yourself to do the assignments, watch the lectures, and actual absorb the information you’re learning about. Self-motivation and time-management are great life skills and would even look good on a resumé.

3. Change of Environment

When taking classes online, you have the ability to choose the learning environment that fits your needs. It could be your bedroom, your kitchen table, your living room couch, or maybe the library.

This helps you get out of the normal classroom environment. Sometimes the classroom can be dreary or even distracting. Now that you have the choice to decide where you learn, this might help you improve your focus and ability to learn.

4. Improve Technology Skills

If you’re that person who has never been good with technology, online classes will force you out of your comfort zone. You will have to learn how to use various programs and ways to access the materials to your class.

You will learn how to download materials, communicate with others online, and navigate through the lectures and assignments online. These skills may seem like a breeze for some students, but could be out of other students comfort zones. Either way, these skills will come in handy in the future whether it be more online classes or a job.

5. Improve Class Attendance

The ability to attend classes no matter what is a huge benefit to online learning. If you aren’t feeling well you don’t have to worry about the walk across campus to class or the drive in.

You will not fall behind on assignments because you won’t be forced to miss class. You can stay on top of your work while caring for yourself or someone else.

Who says you can’t attend your Zoom meeting from bed? No one. Your own health is so important in times like these and now you can focus on that while getting your work done.

Greek Life Gives Back

I believe the easiest way to describe Greek life at Oswego is that even though we are small compared to most schools, we make a big impact on each other and the community around us.

On the anniversary of 9/11, Kappa Sigma delivered baskets filled with a variety of goods to local first responders. Every Greek organization can agree it is important to give back to the community around us.

The brothers of Sigma Gamma took the time they had in quarantine to repaint their house on one of Oswego’s buisiest main streets. They paired up with the Oswego Renaissance Association and Bullseye Paint to get the project done. The men hope this is a huge step forward for not only their organization, but for the Oswego community.

The brothers also took time in mid April to deliver lunch to the Oswego Hospital to show their appreciation for the medical staff for their handwork in the midst of the pandemic.

Sigma Delta Tau and Sigma Tau Chi get together for a yearly event called, “ΣΔΤ with Sig Tau.” All of the money the organizations raise from selling breakfast food goes directly to the Ronald McDonald House. Even though both organizations host a handful of other philanthropy events, this one is extremely important to them.

Alpha Epsilon Phi hosts a yearly event called “AEPhestival.” Unfortunately this event is held annually in the Fall, and was cancelled this year due to the Coronavirus. All money raised from selling festival foods and raffle tickets is donated to both of the philanthropies.

Even though I only touched on a few of the Greek organizations on campus, there are many more who are so involved in the community and giving back. For me, giving back was a huge priority when joining Greek life and it is something I get so excited to talk about.

After holding the VP Philanthropy position on our executive board for a year I found even more opportunities for my organization to give back and get involved. Greek life gives us all so many opportunities and giving back is one of the ones we all hold close to our hearts.

Why Join A Sorority?

Since joining a sorority on campus in Spring 2018, my college experience has changed completely. My grades have improved, I instantly became more organized and motivated, I met so many new faces and most importantly have created so many lifelong friendships.

Spring 2020 Recruitment

After talking with my housemates and some of my closest friends, I came up with a list of why you should join a sorority based on our experiences in an organization here at Oswego. We are all sisters of Alpha Epsilon Phi, but have many friends and housemates in other Panhellenic sororities on campus.


Before heading to college my parents always told me how important it would be to make strong connections during my four years at Oswego. Little did I know, some of my strongest connections would be from people I met in Greek life.

The connections gained through your organization can have great long term benefits. Greek life has helped not only myself, but so many others when looking for internships and employment.

My organization has had countless alumni reach out looking to hire interns or to help out a sister trying to find an entry level position. I feel as if the connections I have made in Greek life are extremely valuable, especially in the professional world.

Academic Assistance

The general stereotype of Greek life is that we all have bad grades from being focused on social events. To be honest, that couldn’t be more wrong.

Since becoming a sister, I have been able to meet so many girls with the same major and same classes that have been able to help and guide me through my time here at Oswego. Older sisters have always been able to give me advice on which classes to take and who the best professors are to go to for help.

I’m sure anyone in Greek life can agree, you know someone in every class. This comes in handy when there is a big group project, presentation, or paper. You already feel more comfortable knowing at least one person in the class to pair up with.

Most sororities also have a minimum GPA requirement. This keeps members on track and focused to be the best they can be academically.

We also strive to keep each other on track and organized. I live with four other girls who are in my sorority, we are always motivating each other to get out of bed and do something. We always go to the library together, hangout in the living room to focus on schoolwork, or even just sitting down at the kitchen table for a few hours to plan our week ahead.

Leadership and Volunteer Opportunities

Since joining AEPhi, I have held a handful of postions, including two on our executive board. Im currently serving as our Chapter President, but I’ve held other positions such as VP Philanthropy, Social Media chair and Arts & PR.

AEPhi’s Biggest Philanthropy Event: AEPhestival Fall 2019

Not only have these positions helped me grow as a student, but they’ve also helped me build my resumé. I’ve sat in multiple interviews where the first thing they ask is something about what I do for my sorority. Luckily, Greek life gives you so many opportunities to stand out and get involved.

Joining a sorority has allowed me to give back to the community around us and our national philanthropies. We have also paired up with other fraternities and sororities to raise money for both of our philanthropies. This helps draw a bigger crowd and more involvement in the event.

Lifelong Friendships

As cheesy as it sounds, AEPhi has helped make Oswego my home away from home. I always have a sister I can go to for any advice I need or problem I may have. They are truly my biggest support system and I’m not sure I could have made it four years away from home without these girls.

Joining a sorority has allowed me to meet so many people with the same interests and values. Even after girls graduate, we all still stay in touch. Our friendships are so strong while we are on campus, it’s not something you can drop and forget about after graduation.

Fall 2019 Recruitment

All sororities have something unique to offer you, and joining one will help you grow as a member of the Oswego community. Becoming a member of a sorority will add a new dimension of leadership, academic involvement, and fun to your time at college.

Virtual Sorority Recruitment

The five national Panhellenic sororities on campus are currently full swing in virtual Fall recruitment. We all knew this semester was going to be one for the books, and nothing we have ever experienced before, but I definitely didn’t prepare myself for two weeks of Zoom recruitment.

Don’t get me wrong, I love talking to and meeting new girls. This semester gives us all a different feeling in a Zoom meeting rather than setting up our in person recruitment rooms in Campus Center. Face-to-face recruitment gives both sisters and potential new members a different sense of comfort.

When I went through in person recruitment, I was able to scan the room and see a lot of faces, excitement, and so many pictures of sisters and memories they had made in their time with their sorority.

Virtual recruitment has basically been an interview of why we picked our sorority and what it means to us. The meetings usually last about an hour or less and everyone is trying to get to know each other as much as possible in the time we have.

In person recruitment is usually an entire weekend and about 5-6 hours a day. Although the hour we have to meet each other isn’t a lot, it is better than nothing at all and we were so excited to meet all of the new faces.

Virtual recruitment has been so important to both the sororities and potential new members because we want to keep growing our organizations and people want to get more involved.

This was the safest way to recruit and get girls involved. We were so excited to have this opportunuity and can’t wait to bring a new class of girls into our sorority.

5 Reasons to Get Involved

Are you new to campus? Maybe you’re looking to make new friends and connections. College is much more than attending class and listening to lectures. Joining an organization on campus is a great way to make the most out of your college experience.

Oswego is a great place to get involved and make lasting memories and connections. Here are a few reasons why you should become involved on campus.

  1. Discover New Interests and Passions

Once you find one you’re interested in, student clubs and organizations focus on certain interests. Becoming involved may help you further develop a hobby or skill. The club or organization may even introduce you to a passion or talent you never knew you had.

2. Build your Resumé

There are many opportunities on campus that may complement your degree and help you stand out in a future interview. By joining a club, organization, or team you may have the chance to take an executive board or other leadership position. Even by volunteering or setting up fundraising events with your organization, you have the chance to make your resumé unique.

3. Make Connections

Many activities on campus are designed to help you make new friends and enjoy the experience away at college. Having someone to go to the library, hangout, or explore campus and the town with will help you become more connected to the campus community.

4. Relieve Stress

Anything from adjusting to being away from home for the first time, to roommate challenges, or cramming for a big exam, can really stress a college student out. Becoming involved in a campus organization is a perfect opportunity to have fun and temporarily remove yourself from the stressful situations.

5. Build your Self-Confidence

Joining a club, team, or organization on campus may give you the opportunity to step out of your comfort zone. Moving away from home for the first time can be a huge adjustment, but getting involved can help you find out more about yourself than you ever knew before. You can meet new people who bring out the best in you, who motive you, and who support you for who you are.

Intern Introduction

Hi everyone!

My name is Kaylee Filighera and I am one of the social media interns for the Communications and Marketing Department at SUNY Oswego. I am a senior Public Relations major with minors in Sports Studies and Business Administration.

My journey began at SUNY Oswego in August 2017 as an eager freshman looking for new experiences and opportunities. I quickly became involved in a handful of clubs and became a sister of Alpha Epsilon Phi during my second semester freshman year.

Alpha Epsilon Phi changed my entire college experience and has given me more friendships and experiences than I could have ever imagined. I have taken on many roles within my sorority such as VP Philanthropy, Arts & PR, helping out with our Instagram, and I am currently serving as our chapter President.

The National Panhellenic community on campus is about a week away from starting our virtual approach at recruitment. My chapter and I are so excited to have the opportunity to meet and recruit new girls, even though it won’t be in person.

I am so excited to share my on and off campus experiences at SUNY Oswego!