Social Distancing as a Student – Tips for Positivity & Focus

Ashley Marchica, a graduating senior here at SUNY Oswego is looking forward to receiving her B.A. in psychology in just a few short weeks. Despite the challenging times we are currently facing, students all over the world are working towards maintaining their academic pursuits while transitioning to meeting the recommended social distancing regulations. While we extend our best efforts to flatten the curve, it is crucial that we still prioritize our academic and personal routines as best as we can. In order to preserve our health, both physical and mental, and continue following plans to achieve our long term goals, we must focus our efforts and approach this hardship with a positive attitude and an organized mind set. 

Ashley will be attending graduate school in the Fall and definitely understands the importance of self discipline. In a brief interview, she shared some of her best tips for staying on track with online learning, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and prioritizing happiness during this uneasy time. Ashley shares, “It’s been pretty hard to follow a routine of any kind during social distancing but I try my best to set aside specific times during the day to focus in school and focus on myself.”

Her favorite breakfast has been 2 eggs over easy with a piece of avocado toast. She recommends trying your best to eat healthy, drinking a lot of water, and exercising when you can. Ashley has been going on daily walks by the lake and watching the sunset to get some fresh air and her heart rate up. She also emphasized taking extra time for self care, which she prefers to demonstrate through face masks, facetiming with her friends, crafting, and listening to good music.

Ashley is one of many SUNY Oswego students facing this challenge with a positive mindset and an honorable dedication to her academics. Above all, being patient with yourself and doing your best is sometimes all you can do, and that’s okay. “This is a really difficult time to live through no matter who you are, where you live, or what your age is. In order to stay positive and keep a positive mindset I tell myself that this will be over one day and that what’s coming is greater than what we have lost.”

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