Social Distancing as a Student – Tips for Positivity & Focus (Part 2)

Nina Agnello, a senior in SUNY Oswego’s Psychology program, has been busy working towards receiving her Bachelor’s degree under these unique circumstances. This is a fearful time in the world, and for students, added stress on academic routines can make everything seem much more nerve wracking. Taking our situation one step at a time is essential for maintaining normalcy and a better state of mind. 

Nina has shared some of her tips for staying safe, healthy & positive under social distancing. “It’s been difficult to keep up with a normal routine since we are all social distancing but every morning I make a healthy breakfast (whole wheat toast with avocado and a sunny side up egg with everything but the bagel seasoning and side of non fat greek yogurt) and a cup of coffee and do a little work each day so I keep on top of my school work and internship duties from home.” Establishing a morning routine can be a huge help while transitioning to a new living situation. Nina also explains how she stays busy while maintaining her health, “I try to workout or do yoga to keep my physical and mental health in check. At night I love to drive and watch the sunsets! I try to keep in touch with my friends and family as much as possible to keep me sane and busy.”

Nina offered a variety of tips for college students including using a planner religiously, setting daily times for work, and taking breaks to keep your mind clear and refreshed (try sitting outside rather than binge watching netflix every single day). What she emphasized most intensely was taking the days slowly and being gentle with yourself. Everyone is facing a battle, “Just remember that this too, shall pass. I know it’s a dark time for many people, so it’s so important to reach out to loved ones and check on them, and make sure you have loved ones checking on you!”

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