Why Join A Sorority?

Since joining a sorority on campus in Spring 2018, my college experience has changed completely. My grades have improved, I instantly became more organized and motivated, I met so many new faces and most importantly have created so many lifelong friendships.

Spring 2020 Recruitment

After talking with my housemates and some of my closest friends, I came up with a list of why you should join a sorority based on our experiences in an organization here at Oswego. We are all sisters of Alpha Epsilon Phi, but have many friends and housemates in other Panhellenic sororities on campus.


Before heading to college my parents always told me how important it would be to make strong connections during my four years at Oswego. Little did I know, some of my strongest connections would be from people I met in Greek life.

The connections gained through your organization can have great long term benefits. Greek life has helped not only myself, but so many others when looking for internships and employment.

My organization has had countless alumni reach out looking to hire interns or to help out a sister trying to find an entry level position. I feel as if the connections I have made in Greek life are extremely valuable, especially in the professional world.

Academic Assistance

The general stereotype of Greek life is that we all have bad grades from being focused on social events. To be honest, that couldn’t be more wrong.

Since becoming a sister, I have been able to meet so many girls with the same major and same classes that have been able to help and guide me through my time here at Oswego. Older sisters have always been able to give me advice on which classes to take and who the best professors are to go to for help.

I’m sure anyone in Greek life can agree, you know someone in every class. This comes in handy when there is a big group project, presentation, or paper. You already feel more comfortable knowing at least one person in the class to pair up with.

Most sororities also have a minimum GPA requirement. This keeps members on track and focused to be the best they can be academically.

We also strive to keep each other on track and organized. I live with four other girls who are in my sorority, we are always motivating each other to get out of bed and do something. We always go to the library together, hangout in the living room to focus on schoolwork, or even just sitting down at the kitchen table for a few hours to plan our week ahead.

Leadership and Volunteer Opportunities

Since joining AEPhi, I have held a handful of postions, including two on our executive board. Im currently serving as our Chapter President, but I’ve held other positions such as VP Philanthropy, Social Media chair and Arts & PR.

AEPhi’s Biggest Philanthropy Event: AEPhestival Fall 2019

Not only have these positions helped me grow as a student, but they’ve also helped me build my resumé. I’ve sat in multiple interviews where the first thing they ask is something about what I do for my sorority. Luckily, Greek life gives you so many opportunities to stand out and get involved.

Joining a sorority has allowed me to give back to the community around us and our national philanthropies. We have also paired up with other fraternities and sororities to raise money for both of our philanthropies. This helps draw a bigger crowd and more involvement in the event.

Lifelong Friendships

As cheesy as it sounds, AEPhi has helped make Oswego my home away from home. I always have a sister I can go to for any advice I need or problem I may have. They are truly my biggest support system and I’m not sure I could have made it four years away from home without these girls.

Joining a sorority has allowed me to meet so many people with the same interests and values. Even after girls graduate, we all still stay in touch. Our friendships are so strong while we are on campus, it’s not something you can drop and forget about after graduation.

Fall 2019 Recruitment

All sororities have something unique to offer you, and joining one will help you grow as a member of the Oswego community. Becoming a member of a sorority will add a new dimension of leadership, academic involvement, and fun to your time at college.

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