Social Distancing as a Student – Tips for Positivity & Focus (Part 3)

Alexa Christy, a sophomore in SUNY Oswego’s Early Childhood Education program, has been adjusting to life with her family back on Long Island. In the midst of a global pandemic, Alexa was able to share her tips for surviving social distancing and making online learning more manageable without Penfield Library to rely on.  

“At first, I needed some time to reflect on the situation at hand. Once I approached it from a more calm, organized place, I felt a lot less overwhelmed and ready to handle my responsibilities even under these unexpected conditions.” Alexa considers her mornings to be very important because they set the course for her day, “It’s so easy to lose your sleeping schedule completely right now. Try setting a time frame, by doing this you will hold yourself accountable and ensure that you’re completing your duties on time and avoiding procrastination which leads to becoming overwhelmed and stressed out.” Alexa loves to start her day with a green smoothie and tea with lemon. When the weather is nice, she has breakfast outside to clear her headspace and get some sun before logging on to Blackboard for the next few hours. By setting deadlines, she has found more success in completing her assignments, even when her house is noisy. 

Alexa admits that she has spent a large portion of her social distancing experience binge watching her favorite series online (she recommends The Vampire Diaries), but she tries to balance this out with yoga, study hours, and staying in touch with family and friends. “Balance is key, you don’t have to be incredibly hard on yourself right now. Staying safe and healthy should be your priority, everything else is an accomplishment and you should remember to give yourself credit for handling everything going on and still doing your best!”

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