Greek Life Gives Back

I believe the easiest way to describe Greek life at Oswego is that even though we are small compared to most schools, we make a big impact on each other and the community around us.

On the anniversary of 9/11, Kappa Sigma delivered baskets filled with a variety of goods to local first responders. Every Greek organization can agree it is important to give back to the community around us.

The brothers of Sigma Gamma took the time they had in quarantine to repaint their house on one of Oswego’s buisiest main streets. They paired up with the Oswego Renaissance Association and Bullseye Paint to get the project done. The men hope this is a huge step forward for not only their organization, but for the Oswego community.

The brothers also took time in mid April to deliver lunch to the Oswego Hospital to show their appreciation for the medical staff for their handwork in the midst of the pandemic.

Sigma Delta Tau and Sigma Tau Chi get together for a yearly event called, “ΣΔΤ with Sig Tau.” All of the money the organizations raise from selling breakfast food goes directly to the Ronald McDonald House. Even though both organizations host a handful of other philanthropy events, this one is extremely important to them.

Alpha Epsilon Phi hosts a yearly event called “AEPhestival.” Unfortunately this event is held annually in the Fall, and was cancelled this year due to the Coronavirus. All money raised from selling festival foods and raffle tickets is donated to both of the philanthropies.

Even though I only touched on a few of the Greek organizations on campus, there are many more who are so involved in the community and giving back. For me, giving back was a huge priority when joining Greek life and it is something I get so excited to talk about.

After holding the VP Philanthropy position on our executive board for a year I found even more opportunities for my organization to give back and get involved. Greek life gives us all so many opportunities and giving back is one of the ones we all hold close to our hearts.

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