Graduated And Missing Oswego? Alumni Weekend Is Almost Here!

Missing Oswego and wanting to be with your college friends? SUNY Oswego is holding an Alumni Weekend from June 8th to June 11th! Come have fun in the town where you spent some of your best years. Below is a link for registration and all of the information needed :

Housing is still available on Campus in the newly renovated Waterbury Hall!

Greek Life Doesn’t Deserve A Bad Reputation

IMG_1607When I first came to Oswego and I was thinking about joining a sorority the first thing my mom said was “all you are going to do is drink”. She was very wrong. Joining a sorority was the second best decision I made. Of course going to Oswego was my first best decision. A lot of people stereotype members of Greek organizations based off of movies. Movies are the main reason Greeks get such bad reputations. Many people think that greeks are a bunch of jocks, dummies, and party people.

To join Greek life you must meet the GPA requirements, then you also have to obtain those requirements. Although the Greek life here at Oswego isn’t that big we make our presence known. Greek life is very involved on campus. When you are in Greek life you also participate in philanthropy events, fundraisers, community service, and much more.

Joining Greek life was a great decision here at Oswego. I met my forever friends and learned so many life skills. Being in a sorority has helped me network with alumni, find internships, and be my true self. Sure I know how to have a good time, but it is just so much more than that.


Touring CNYCentral

Members of NBS and WTOP with Laura Hand at CNYCentral

Members of NBS and WTOP with Laura Hand at CNYCentral

On Tuesday evening, I was fortunate enough to get the opportunity to travel to CNYCentral in Syracuse with Oswego’s Career Coach Jenny Roxas and a four other members from either the National Broadcasting Society or the campus TV station WTOP. While we were there, we were given an approximately two and a half hour long tour of the station by anchor Laura Hand from the studio while a broadcast was going on to behind the scenes.

It is one of my dreams to work at a TV station so visiting one while the news is going on was absolutely incredible. The most shocking part of the entire visit for me was how calm everything was. We walked into the studio when they were on a break and we were introduced to the anchors and then all of the sudden they were back and reading off of the teleprompters with no warning at all. The only people on the set when they went live were the anchors which is a big adjustment to what I am used to at WTOP where there is a person behind every position. The reason why there were no people manning the equipment was because everything was coded by computer which I thought was really cool technology. Another really cool part of the trip was meeting a few Oswego graduates at the station which made me feel confident that I have been getting a good education and with hard work I could end up in their place one day.

This trip really opened my eyes as to what a functioning news station looks like and truly helped me develop a stronger idea of what I want my life after Oswego to look like. My advice to you all is to take every opportunity that is thrown at you because college is a time of getting out of your comfort zone and finding out what you want to do with your life and taking trips like this are extremely beneficial!


The Answers We Need Are Inside Us, Sometimes We Just Need A Little Help


When asked a very common question at this point in our lives the answer is often unknown. “What do you want to be when you grow up?” These are ten words that have scared the living heck out of me ever since I graduated high school. I have fine tuned my major three times while in college and I finally feel like I am now in the right place. But now, the question becomes, “Well, what do you want to do with that?” Again I am left terrified. That is until I felt a sense of comfortability and passion when I was introduced to The Compass here at SUNY Oswego!

Hello everyone! My name is Camry Liddle and I am currently a junior majoring in Communication and Social Interaction with a minor in Expressive Arts Therapy. My time here at Oswego had a slow start. I have actually changed my major three times! Although that sounds very stressful, we have so many people here to help you along the way! We have an amazing facility right on campus called The Compass. The Compass is filled with kind staff who work with you to help guide your way through college. They especially help transition incoming students to the new college environment. They also hold many events, services, and resources to prepare you for your future career. 

I came to Oswego with a major in Graphic Design. I soon realized that the major just was not all for me and completely switched gears when I changed to Childhood Education in the spring. I then noticed that I was not really enjoying that either. I missed my creative side. I was so nervous because at this point I was already a sophomore and thought, “No way can I change now.”

Entering my junior year, I finally decided to schedule a meeting with a career advisor at The Compass. It was so incredibly helpful to me just to realize there are so many people out there just like me who don’t know exactly what they want to do. She had me take a series of tests to figure out what I was interested in. All signs pointed toward the field of Communication Studies. I loved writing, working with people, and mainly being creative. 

After meeting with the friendly people at The Compass, I felt a sense of hope. I felt that Communication Studies is something that I really want to do and that I am actually excited about. They all seemed like such happy people and told me that they loved their jobs. That is exactly how I want to feel one day looking back at my job. I was able to learn so much from these amazing people to hopefully be able to find a path of my own once I graduate next May.

Now, a semester into the Communications Program, I finally feel that I have found my passion. This major allows me to be creative and work with other people who are interested in the same things as I am. I generally find myself implementing my communications strategies in a creative way in my everyday life. Because of The Compass, I have realized that I am a determined, creative, organized, and hardworking student, I just needed a little help in finding my path.

Take advantage of The Compass here on campus and all that it has to offer. Who knows, maybe one day they will find your passion, just like they did for me.


Why I Joined Greek Life


Joining a sorority here at SUNY Oswego really had a huge impact on my years here. My sisters are my best friends, my bridesmaids, and the girls I can cry to about anything. Growing up I had many friends, until high school that is. High school was a dark time for me. I never really fit into a friend group. People weren’t nice to me either. This is not a sad story though. High school is in my past. I came to SUNY Oswego and became a sister of Delta Phi Epsilon. The sorority has helped me network and find internships, but also is my home away from home. I really discovered myself within the sorority. I was able to hold leadership roles as a younger sister, but now it is super special to watch my younger sisters take on leadership roles now. Are you interested in joining Greek life? Here are some reasons why people joined Greek life.


“I joined Greek life because I was honestly struggling to make friends. I had my roommate who was interested in joining a sorority. I never really thought about it, but she convinced me. It was the best decision I have made in all my time here at SUNY Oswego.” – Alexa Shumway


“I decided to join Greek life for the strong sense of community. Greek life brought me close to so many amazing people inside my own organization as well as the others on campus!” – Mackenzie Wetzel


“I joined Greek life because I wanted o be a part of something bigger than myself and was really interested in giving back to the community.” – Sarah Henry


“I joined Greek life because I felt like I was looking for a place where I fit in. Once I joined I felt like I had this support system that I could have only dreamed of. It’s a huge community full of amazing people.” – Jaime Krasner




NYC Career Connections 2017

Hi everyone!

Over winter break I had the opportunity to attend the NYC Career Connections through SUNY Oswego, like my fellow blogger, Ye Jin Lee (check out her bog post about her experience here )

Let me start by saying there is nothing more inspiring than seeing alumni from your college who are so  talented and successful in their post-grad life. This was my first time ever attending this event and I was not disappointed at all. I took the leap of faith by registering for this event not knowing what to expect or if I would even enjoy myself. NYC Career Connections surprised me in more ways than one and I am so happy I had the chance to do something like this.

So, there may be many of you who were like me and had no idea what this event consists of so I’m going to explain my whole day to give you a bit of context:

The day is broken up into two portions: a day session and an evening session.

The day session I was selected for was NBCUniversal Studios with Jason Kornweiss, class of ’96 alum, who is the vice president. The NBCUniversal is located at 30 Rockefeller Plaza in midtown Manhattan. Luckily, I only live 30 minutes from the city so it was an easy commute. The building is absolutely stunning, inside and out, with state of the art technology throughout. My group was brought to the 9th floor to a conference room where Mr. Kornweiss greeted us with free hats and treated us to a full spread of food! The best type of welcoming if you ask me!


Mr. Kornweiss gave us a quick presentation on his time at SUNY Oswego, giving a special shout out to the WTOP members in our group. He explained how WTOP allowed him to experience many different aspects of broadcasting, both behind and in front of the camera that ultimately landed him where he is today.


After his presentation our group was given a tour of the studios by 2015 alumna Bridget Jackson who is working for NBCUniversal in the Page Program! This part was really fun and definitely something I never would have done if it weren’t for this event. We explored many of the studios in the building from Late Night with Lester Holt, The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, SNL and various control rooms. Although I am not a broadcasting major it was all very interesting to get a behind the scenes look at what it takes to run these sorts of operations.

As for thec2e8sv1ucaepcam evening session, it began at 6 pm at the SUNY Welcome Center and once again we were treated to free pizza! After the pizza, the keynote speaker, Doreen M. Mochrie ’85, gave the crowd some advise as we prepare for the real world. She boiled it down to this phrase: “You’ve got to hustle.”

Following her speech, the 33 other alumni from 1978 to as recent as 2015 introduced themselves and their particular job field. Everyone then had the chance to individually meet with whom they wished to speak with.

I took away great tips on how to prefect and tailor my resume for certain jobs as well as my LinkedIn profile.

This was truly an amazing experience that I believe has shaped me that much more into the PR professional I wish to be.

“The Next Step”


What does leadership mean to you? Do you know what your purpose in life is? These questions and more were asked when I attended Oz Leads’ first ever “Next Step” Skill Building Workshop on Jan. 20. Honestly, this event was much different than what I expected.

The day started with a workshop set up by a speaker from Collegiate Empowerment. The workshop was not just another boring lecture or continuous Q&A about leadership and how to prepare for life after college. Instead, our speaker, Joe, motivated the crowd of about 20-30 students with his enthusiasm and interactive activities (which included A LOT of high fives). My biggest takeaway from Joe’s lecture was his point about how we are not measured by our “Grade Point Average” after college (but don’t, like, fail all your classes). Rather, we are measured by our “Real GPA,” which helps us move toward our goal after college. Joe breaks down the “Real GPA” with three words: Genius (what we’re best at), Passion (what we love), and Achievement (what’s meaningful to us).


During lunch, we were encouraged to sit with recruiters from the different companies that were there, including Target, Verizon, and the Peace Corps. I had a wonderful conversation with a lady from Theater Du Jour, a small dinner theater group from the Central NY area.

After the second part of Joe’s presentation was over, everyone broke off into four different breakout sessions (we had to pick two out of the four sessions). The first breakout session I went to focused on how to overcome obstacles as we go forward in our careers. This session was lead by Oswego alumnus Phyllis Moore Holloway (’76), a former administrator from the Syracuse City School District who now serves as the volunteer Interim Director for Dunbar Center. Her discussion hit close to me, especially when she explained some of the problems she had to solve. Many of her situations were ones my parents, who are both teachers (my dad retired from teaching almost three years ago), may have had to face during their career.

The second breakout session I went to focused on how your major doesn’t define you and how you can find jobs outside of your major. This session, led by Career Services Associate Director Mallory Bower (whose focus is more on business, communication, STEM, and healthcare industries), stemmed away from the original discussion to focus more on how we can better our resume and cover letter to fit a certain job description, regardless if it fits our major or not. Bower’s big takeaway: “Don’t be well rounded. Be amazing at a few things.”

The day ended with another brief networking session with the representatives from the companies. I had a good chat with a recent Oswego alumnus who works at Enterprise Holding, as well as a recruiter from the company.

Overall, the workshop was a fantastic day and extremely helpful for everyone who attended, regardless of major and whether he or she had a leadership position on campus. It’s definitely an event I would recommend anyone to go to next year in order to prepare for your “next step” after graduation.


2017 NYC Career Connections

Hello~ How is your winter break going?

I attended a special event called NYC Career Connections hosted by alumni association on Jan. 12 in NYC. I had a chance to meet alumni and talk about how to get a job in NYC. Any Oswego students who are juniors or seniors can participate in this event.kakaotalk_20170116_134745252

This semester is my junior 2nd semester which is time to think about my future careers. I wanted to meet alumni and get inspiration from them. First, I went Sportsman Channel and met Tom Caraccioli ’89 who is a director of PR in the company. It was a great chance for me to meet him, because I major in PR and I could listen how everything goes in the PR field. I used to experience PR by only textbook, theoretically. At this session, he shared his experiences with us and give us great advice.


and i got this nice cap!!

After the day session, students gathered in the SUNY welcome center and met about 40 alumni participants from the different fields. It started with speech from keynote speaker and we had time for talking with alumni who work at the company which students are interested in. Students brought their resumes and got advice from them and got connections.
                                      kakaotalk_20170116_134743093 kakaotalk_20170116_134741072

I checked and I am in the right track for my future! Strongly recommended to students who just start to build your career. ——–> You can find more information in here!!

Networking 101

Hello everyone!

Whether you are a Communications, Accounting, Health Science, or Education major (etc.) it is so important to begin networking now. I would like to tell you a little story about WHY it is so crucial to network.

When I was applying for internships I had no idea where to start. I began discussing with my Mother possible internships I could apply to, which leads to network one. My Mother set me up with her friend who worked at Newsday Media Company, which is the Long Island Newspaper. From there I was able to land an interview in the Event Marketing Department. I got the internship! At Newsday I met so many great employees. Some who I actually stayed in touch with, which leads to network two. Here at Newsday I met Kim. Kim and I worked very closely together on the events Newsday would be holding. It wasn’t until Kim and I discovered that we were in the same sorority that our friendship expanded.

It is so important to maintain these relationships we make. I reached out to Kim after my internship ended and asked her if she had any connections with anyone at a Radio Station. This is where network number three comes in. Kim set me up with Joe from Connoisseur Media Long Island. This Media Company is the home of five Long Island stations. I was able to send Joe an email because I was already back in Oswego. In the email I stated that unfortunately I  was already back in Oswego, but would love to send him my resume. His response back to me left me speechless. Joe responded with “I would do anything to be back in Oswego”. I was able to send Joe my resume and land an interview at this Media Company. I became a Promotions Intern. After my internship ended I got hired to work on the Events Team.

To sum this all up, I want everyone to be aware with whom they meet. You never know what networking with people can do for your future.