Touring CNYCentral

Members of NBS and WTOP with Laura Hand at CNYCentral

Members of NBS and WTOP with Laura Hand at CNYCentral

On Tuesday evening, I was fortunate enough to get the opportunity to travel to CNYCentral in Syracuse with Oswego’s Career Coach Jenny Roxas and a four other members from either the National Broadcasting Society or the campus TV station WTOP. While we were there, we were given an approximately two and a half hour long tour of the station by anchor Laura Hand from the studio while a broadcast was going on to behind the scenes.

It is one of my dreams to work at a TV station so visiting one while the news is going on was absolutely incredible. The most shocking part of the entire visit for me was how calm everything was. We walked into the studio when they were on a break and we were introduced to the anchors and then all of the sudden they were back and reading off of the teleprompters with no warning at all. The only people on the set when they went live were the anchors which is a big adjustment to what I am used to at WTOP where there is a person behind every position. The reason why there were no people manning the equipment was because everything was coded by computer which I thought was really cool technology. Another really cool part of the trip was meeting a few Oswego graduates at the station which made me feel confident that I have been getting a good education and with hard work I could end up in their place one day.

This trip really opened my eyes as to what a functioning news station looks like and truly helped me develop a stronger idea of what I want my life after Oswego to look like. My advice to you all is to take every opportunity that is thrown at you because college is a time of getting out of your comfort zone and finding out what you want to do with your life and taking trips like this are extremely beneficial!


the Oswego Nebula: A Star is Born

There are always a lot of events that happen on campus every single day, but SUNY Oswego’s Department of Communication Studies definitely takes the cake with their Media Summit.

The Dr. Lewis B. O’Donnell Media Summit is an annual event that gathers students, faculty, and the like to the campus of SUNY Oswego to listen to the stories of former alumni and other important people in the industry. Not only is it an amazing opportunity for students to hear about their potential futures and the business they will be entering but it is an amazing networking event where everyone can connect and speak to one another.

This years Media Summit had the theme of ‘A Star is Born’ which brought familiar faces to the panel such as Garrick Utley of Meet the Press fame, Kevin Torres- award winning backpack journalist at KUSA, Jackie Robinson- recently retired WSTM News Anchor, Dennis Mueller- documentary filmmaker, and Edward Wyckoff Williams- columnist and political analyst. The event also brought many other important people for the Career Connector segment, where students were allowed to network with people who are already in the industry.

I remember attending my first Media Summit my Freshman year. It  was located in the Sheldon Hall Ballroom and barely fit enough people. While it was still very well done back then, the event it has evolved into is an amazing production. This year, like last year, the Summit was located in the Waterman Theatre of Tyler Hall. Every single seat in the theatre was taken up and some were even left standing. The panelists talked about everything from the future of the industry, to giving advice for students who are about to graduate and break out into the field. My personal favorite part of this years Summit was being able to hear the stories of each panelist and how they got their foot in the industry.

Of course, what would a post by me be without a little plug for WTOP10-TV, who put on an AMAZING Red Carpet Show for the Media Summit (in HD of course!). It was amazing seeing how we went from the Red Carpet show last year, which was a last minute throw together, to what we did this year after weeks of planning.

While I am feeling a little bittersweet about just having attended my last Media Summit, I am so glad that SUNY Oswego was able to provide me with this for my all four years here!

Dr. (Doc) Lewis B. O’Donnell

Anchors Samantha DiMascio and Chris Horvatits for WTOP10-TV’s Red Carpet Show

Behind the Scenes of the Red Carpet Show

Reporter Maeghan Roberts and Lou Borrelli ’77- Founder and Sponsor of the Media Summit

The 2012 Dr. Lewis B. O’Donnell Media Summit Panelists

What’s on TV tonight?

It’s been a very busy couple of months here at SUNY Oswego. In between being a Teaching Assistant, Communication Studies Lab Assistant, Underwriting and Editing Director at WTOP and taking 4 classes, life hasn’t decided to slow down for me.

I’ve taken on a lot of roles at SUNY Oswego, but I honestly love every single one. Lately, I’ve been spending a lot of my free time managing two departments at WTOP 10-TV the Student Run Television station on campus. For the past 3 years, WTOP has been my second home. I spend so much time there that I’ve often wondered why I did not have a bunk tucked secretly away in our storage closet.

A fact that only a few people know about me is that I had originally been admitted to SUNY Oswego as a Journalism major. I had planned on becoming a world-renowned journalist for Rolling Stone magazine. Instead, when I came up for my tour, I was shown the WTOP studio. It was love at first sight. I knew right then and there that I would HAVE to change my major to Broadcasting and Mass Communication. I wanted to learn everything about television and how stuff like that worked. With that being said, WTOP welcomes people from EVERY major with or without any experience!

I was not very active at WTOP my first year at Oswego. I had done a couple of technical positions for Live News, but it wasn’t until my second semester Sophomore year when I began to participate more. I had decided to expand past the world of News and into Live Sports and ultimately, Underwriting. Being super active in WTOP really helped me in the long run because when the time came, I had decided that I wanted to become a part of the WTOP Executive Board.  I got extremely lucky and became the Underwriting Director my Junior year. It was my first leadership position since High School and it was for something I was very passionate about. This year, I was able to maintain my position as Underwriting Director, but I also got to add Editing Director to the plate as well. It is a big job for one person, but I think it all appears to be swimming right along.

The other week I decided that I wanted to take some fun pictures at the studio. I was lucky enough to grab pictures of News and a Sports show known as Oswego Sports Update.

Thanks Al!

Monday Night News Crew getting ready during the Pre-Production Meeting

WTOP 10 Live News every Sunday-Friday 10PM

Analysts & their Producer on Oswego Sports Update an Original Sports Production on WTOP10-TV