Lake Ontario sunsets will forever be my favorite

Lake Ontario sunsets will forever be my favorite (that’s me on the right with my sorority sister Nathalie on the left!) 

Now that I am a graduating senior with only a few weeks left I want to let you know #WhyIchoseOswego. Coming from a moderately big town to Oswego was a huge change. I remember going to the freshman orientation and telling my parents I can’t go here, this is too far, I don’t know anyone! Those thoughts that were piling up in my head quickly changed after my first week at the land of oz.

Why did I choose Oswego? I wanted a change. I wanted to venture out of my comfort zone, meet new people, but most importantly I wanted to grow as an individual and become a leader. Oswego allowed me to do just that. Between starting my freshman year at the student run TV station (WTOP), to now being the Vice President of the National Panhellenic Conference I really can say I have done it all.

This past semester I have had the amazing opportunity to intern for the Social Media team here at SUNY Oswego. I worked under Professor Tim Nekritz. While the hours for this internship were mostly on my own time; it was all the time. When you are in control of the Social Media (Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, etc.) your work is non stop. You are constantly updating information. With that being said it is our job to make sure to be as up to date with that information on all of our social media handles.

I chose a main focus this semester and that was Greek Life Representation on SUNY Oswego’s campus. My main goal was to promote greek life in a positive way. I was extremely thankful that I had to opportunity to take full control of the “sunyoswego” Instagram page. I did a #lakertakeover. Everyday for a week I had to post information on Instagram that lead to the Spring 2017 Formal Recruitment. When I asked some potential new members of greek life how they found out about this event they said “We saw posts on instagram and followed from there”. The turnout for the event exceeded our expectations. Taking on a Universities social media accounts, or rather any social media account you always have to be very careful what you are posting. You can post one wrong thing and it could have a negative outcome.

Whats next? As the days are dwindling down I am applying for jobs in New York City area. I have been on the job hunt for jobs that have to do with social media, public relations, and a place where I can see myself being genuinely happy. SUNY Oswego has given me so much material for my future, so I feel confident to enter “the real world”.

Thank you to everyone I have crossed paths with here at Oswego. I will never forget these memories and hope to continue making more even outside of Oswego.


…and so the adventure begins.

Circle Of Sisterhood


The SUNY Oswego National Sororities on campus have adopted their first philanthropy. This philanthropy is called “Circle Of Sisterhood Foundation”. This foundation is not for profit that is ran by sorority women who intend to remove those barriers all over the world. Giving women and children all equal opportunities to educate. Without proper education you are far from likely to succeed.

Being that the sorority women here at SUNY Oswego do have the opportunity to be educated they see how important it is for everyone to have that too. Every female in this world deserves to have the chance to be a change in the world. All the sororities that are participating in Circle of Sisterhood have been educated on why this is so important to us.

We are going to spread awareness, make a difference, and be the change.


Bucket List of Things To Do In Oswego Before I Graduate

  1. Eat at Rudy’s
  2. Go to the Flat Rocks
  3. Go to the Chimney Bluffs
  4. Go to the Lighthouse
  5. Get a pickle from Ontario Orchards
  6. Go Ice Skating in the Campus Arena
  7. Meet President Stanley
  8. Get ice cream at Bev’s
  9. Go watch a race at the Oswego Race Track
  10. Volunteer at the Oswego Animal Shelter
I went to an Oswego Sunset on Lake Ontario. I highly recommend you put this on your own bucket list!

I went to an Oswego Sunset on Lake Ontario. I highly recommend you put this on your own bucket list!

What are some thing YOU want to do before you graduate?

Mr. Phi Significant

The Phi Sigma Sigma Epsilon Nu chapter will be hosting our first ‘Mr. Phi-Significant’ Pageant. All proceeds will be going towards the Jennifer Knighton Scholarship Fund and The Kids in Need Foundation.

Jennifer received her undergraduate degree in Business Administration from Oswego State University in May of 2009. She was also a sister of Delta Phi Epsilon Sorority. Jennifer turned 22 years old on July 15, 2009 and passed away in an alcohol related accident in July 19th, 2009. Jennifer’s Dad will be in attendance at the event and wants you all there! The main purpose of this event is to emphasize moderation when you drink. While Jen was of legal age to drink she drank too much.

Mr. Phi Significant is a male beauty pageant where the contestants will compete in four rounds (introductions, swimsuit, talent, and formalwear)

We will be pre selling tickets from March 20th to March 23rd in the Marano Campus Center from 10-3pm for $3. Tickets will also be sold at the door the day of the event for $5!
The event will be held in the Hewitt Ballroom

To learn more about Jen and her story please go to http://moderationjeneration.com

Greek Life Doesn’t Deserve A Bad Reputation

IMG_1607When I first came to Oswego and I was thinking about joining a sorority the first thing my mom said was “all you are going to do is drink”. She was very wrong. Joining a sorority was the second best decision I made. Of course going to Oswego was my first best decision. A lot of people stereotype members of Greek organizations based off of movies. Movies are the main reason Greeks get such bad reputations. Many people think that greeks are a bunch of jocks, dummies, and party people.

To join Greek life you must meet the GPA requirements, then you also have to obtain those requirements. Although the Greek life here at Oswego isn’t that big we make our presence known. Greek life is very involved on campus. When you are in Greek life you also participate in philanthropy events, fundraisers, community service, and much more.

Joining Greek life was a great decision here at Oswego. I met my forever friends and learned so many life skills. Being in a sorority has helped me network with alumni, find internships, and be my true self. Sure I know how to have a good time, but it is just so much more than that.


The Best Recruitment Advice

The time is coming close where you are looking to join a sorority. This may seem scary, but I am going to give you some tips to take the ease off you a bit.

  1. I highly suggest you research the sororities here on campus. All the national sororities here on campus are on social media. On this campus we have Alpha Epsilon Phi, Delta Phi Epsilon, Phi Sigma Sigma, and Sigma Delta Tau.
  2. The sisters in the sorority are just as nervous as you are. They don’t know you, and you don’t know them. The best thing to do is just have a normal conversation with a sister to break the silence.
  3. Do not just follow what your roommate is doing. If your roommate wants to join a different sorority than you, let her! At Oswego we are all friends. National Sororities are social sororities. You will be able to see her and hang out with her still.
  4. Honestly, be yourself. Don’t try to be someone you are not, or say something just to impress people. They will like you for you.
  5. Make sure you ask questions. You don’t want to join a sorority if it doesn’t fulfill everything you want.

Remember, research, be yourself, be outgoing, make your own decisions, and lastly, enjoy yourself!

Why I Joined Greek Life


Joining a sorority here at SUNY Oswego really had a huge impact on my years here. My sisters are my best friends, my bridesmaids, and the girls I can cry to about anything. Growing up I had many friends, until high school that is. High school was a dark time for me. I never really fit into a friend group. People weren’t nice to me either. This is not a sad story though. High school is in my past. I came to SUNY Oswego and became a sister of Delta Phi Epsilon. The sorority has helped me network and find internships, but also is my home away from home. I really discovered myself within the sorority. I was able to hold leadership roles as a younger sister, but now it is super special to watch my younger sisters take on leadership roles now. Are you interested in joining Greek life? Here are some reasons why people joined Greek life.


“I joined Greek life because I was honestly struggling to make friends. I had my roommate who was interested in joining a sorority. I never really thought about it, but she convinced me. It was the best decision I have made in all my time here at SUNY Oswego.” – Alexa Shumway


“I decided to join Greek life for the strong sense of community. Greek life brought me close to so many amazing people inside my own organization as well as the others on campus!” – Mackenzie Wetzel


“I joined Greek life because I wanted o be a part of something bigger than myself and was really interested in giving back to the community.” – Sarah Henry


“I joined Greek life because I felt like I was looking for a place where I fit in. Once I joined I felt like I had this support system that I could have only dreamed of. It’s a huge community full of amazing people.” – Jaime Krasner




Allow Me To Introduce Myself


Hello Oswego Lakers!

My name is Sarah Stephens. I will be one of the interns here in The Communications Department is semester. I am a Mass Communications and Broadcasting major. Coming from Long Island, in a pretty close community I was scared at first to come to Oswego. But, that quickly changed. I have met the most amazing friends here, the Professors are always willing to help, and Greek life definitely had a huge impact on my experience. Being that I am now a senior I wanted to intern for the Communications department to essentially give back. For all this department has done for me, it is only fair that I help aspiring Lakers find their home.

This year has given me a lot of opportunity to get to know the community of Oswego. I was elected the Vice President of The National Panhellenic Conference, otherwise known as Panhell. Panhell consists of the four National sororities that we have here on campus. Those sororities are Alpha Phi Epsilon, Delta Phi Epsilon, Phi Sigma Sigma, and Sigma Delta Tau. Throughout this internship I want to change what some aspiring students think of Greek Life. Please follow my journey as I document the process of Recruitment here at SUNY Oswego.

Networking 101

Hello everyone!

Whether you are a Communications, Accounting, Health Science, or Education major (etc.) it is so important to begin networking now. I would like to tell you a little story about WHY it is so crucial to network.

When I was applying for internships I had no idea where to start. I began discussing with my Mother possible internships I could apply to, which leads to network one. My Mother set me up with her friend who worked at Newsday Media Company, which is the Long Island Newspaper. From there I was able to land an interview in the Event Marketing Department. I got the internship! At Newsday I met so many great employees. Some who I actually stayed in touch with, which leads to network two. Here at Newsday I met Kim. Kim and I worked very closely together on the events Newsday would be holding. It wasn’t until Kim and I discovered that we were in the same sorority that our friendship expanded.

It is so important to maintain these relationships we make. I reached out to Kim after my internship ended and asked her if she had any connections with anyone at a Radio Station. This is where network number three comes in. Kim set me up with Joe from Connoisseur Media Long Island. This Media Company is the home of five Long Island stations. I was able to send Joe an email because I was already back in Oswego. In the email I stated that unfortunately I  was already back in Oswego, but would love to send him my resume. His response back to me left me speechless. Joe responded with “I would do anything to be back in Oswego”. I was able to send Joe my resume and land an interview at this Media Company. I became a Promotions Intern. After my internship ended I got hired to work on the Events Team.

To sum this all up, I want everyone to be aware with whom they meet. You never know what networking with people can do for your future.