SUNY Oswego Bucket List!

With graduation being just a month away, my senior self is feeling very nostalgic about letting all of Oswego, go. With that being said, I have brainstormed a few ideas for seniors to do before we put on our caps and gowns in a few weeks. Here is my SUNY Oswego Bucket List!


  1. One last meal in the dining hall.
  2. Take a selfie with Sheldon!
  3. Stop by Cooper Creamery, they have the best flavors.
  4. Have a campfire by the lake.
  5. Go to the final Chicken Patty Day.
  6. Go to Old City for $1 Taco night.
  7. Plan a flat rock day.
  8. Get one last panini at Mackin!
  9. Bowling at Lighthouse Lanes.
  10. Visit the Bluffs.
  11. Have a picnic at Breitbeck Park.
  12. Get a burger from Dino’s.
  13. Take the polar plunge into Lake Ontario.
  14. Try and walk through campus with an umbrella during a rainstorm without it going inside out.
  15. Visit the school store to stock up on Oswego Alumni gear!
  16. One last ice cream cone from Bev’s.
  17. Get chicken tenders and french fries from Crossroads with the best honey mustard on the planet.
  18. last free skate.
  19. Go to the dining hall on Broccoli Cheddar soup day.
  20. One last trip to Hibachi.
  21. Visit your first Freshman year dorm.
  22. Get your favorite Fans smoothie.
  23. Thank your favorite professors.
  24. Let the smokestacks guide you home for the last time.
  25. Stock up on Crossroads cookies.
  26. The final all-nighter in the library during finals week.
  27. Walk all the way from West Campus to Shineman and figure out how the heck you got to class on time in the morning.
  28. Do circles in Lanigan because we are seniors and still probably get lost in there.
  29. Grab lunch at Rudy’s and sit out by the lake in the sunshine.
  30. Go to the senior nights of all the sports teams to see your friends play one last time at Laker.
  31. Use up all your dining dollars.
  32. Walk out to the lighthouse.
  33. Find out what a Laker is.
  34. One last movie in the amazing Oswego Cinema Theatre with the reclining comfy chairs.
  35. Last but not least, take a picture in front of the Oswego sign in your cap and gown. (tears)


To all my fellow seniors, I hope that some of these ideas will get you guys out and about. We do not have too many days left here in Oswego. Let’s make the best of our last month!

All Things Lakers Have To Be Thankful For This Time of Year

The Lake

Obviously….hello Lakers! But really, watching the incredible ice sheets form and crack throughout the winter is pretty fascinating.



Hockey season is BACK! Grab a few of your friends and roomies and go to a couple games! They are what our school is known for and what this time of year is all about! A great way to get riled up with all of the Oswego student body is to come cheer on our Lakers in our beautiful hockey arena!

The SUNY Oswego App

The SUNY Oswego App is ammmmaaazzzinngggg. And it is so conveniently located on your phone! The app holds your class schedule, gives you weather updates, lets you know what each dining hall is serving, and more!

FANS Smoothies

If you haven’t been to FANS this semester I highly suggest getting there ASAP! Although it is cold out, their smoothies are so refreshing! If you’re sick of coffee head on down to FANS, located in Marano Campus Center. Also, try their amazing cupcakes!


The Ontario Bagel Shop

Get to class late and skip breakfast? No big deal, go grab a bagel at the Ontario Bagel Shop located in Lanigan Hall!


Oswego State Hoodies – Campus Store

It’s hoodie season! My favorite season. Bundle up in some of our college apparel! There is quite the selection at the College Store located in the middle of campus in Marano Campus Center. The store has sales and deals all the time and everyone looks great in green and gold!



The Geese Migrating

Aren’t we all happy about this? Yeah, they’re cute and all…but…they’re everywhere and so is their poop! Not to mention the squawking at 6 AM each morning. Ya, bye geese, see ya in the Spring!


The Gym

Our school has two gyms available on campus, Cooper, and Glimmerglass. Heading to the gym is a perfect way to work off your stress.


Chicken Patty Day

Of course. The excitement in the air on Campus is real every Chicken Patty Day.


The Cooper Creamery

Cooper’s own little ice cream shop with every topping you can think of! Also, some great flavors, try them all!


Lakeside Dining Hall Chinese Food

Pretty much as good as any Chinese food I have ever tasted. Available every weekday in the Lakeside Dining Hall.


Really Any of Our Dining Halls

We have some really good food here and you will miss it so much when you no longer live on campus. Finding friends with guest swipes is necessary.


Kitchenettes – Located in Each of Our Dorm Buildings

No matter where you live, East or West Campus, Riggs, Johnson, Waterbury, Scales, or Onondaga, each of our dorm building are equipt with kitchenettes. Great for the Holiday baking season!


Facebook SUNY Oswego Accepted Students Page

Where we met and future students will meet new friends and roommates!


Heat in the Dorms

And boy do they crank it up! It is amazing coming in from a blizzard in the Oswego Tundra.


Long Jackets With Big Hoods

As I said before, the Oswego Tundra. The wind is crazy here people. Do not forget to bring back your winter jackets!


Oswego Tundra…need I say more.



Whether you are walking to class or studying in the library, headphones in – world out.


Crossroads Eatery

Looking for a quick bite to eat at any time of day? Crossroads is the place for you! Great breakfast sandwiches and lunches. Great prices – plus – they accept dining dollars! They also carry chicken patties every day! Try one of their cookies, delicious.


GET Food

GET Food is a new way to order food for delivery from Domino’s Pizza, Oswego Sub Shop or Wonzone Calzones. Take the time to create a GET Food account and download the app so you will be ready to start placing orders! This service allows students to use dining dollars to order!


The Blue Route

Getting us from Onondaga to Shineman every day, all day. Amazing in the winter, you do NOT want to miss the bus!



Oswego’s Snow Removal Team

Whoever these people are we thank you so much. Every snowy day, every snowstorm, every time we think our cars won’t survive out in the Daga Parking lot, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!


The Compass

Helps a lot with job searching, resumes, and cover letters.

The Center for Experiential Learning

Internships, internships, INTERNSHIPS!


The Writing Center

So helpful when submitting final papers to have an extra eye correct it for you.


The Tutoring Center

Sometimes you just need a little bit of one on one extra help and we are so grateful we have this service available to us.

The Library

Finals….Midterms…Papers…the library offers you a sanctuary to do all types of work. The library is a great place and a lot of students find it to be their second home.

The 24-Hour Room

Believe it or not, a lot of us are procrastinators and wait until the very last minute to do anything. Also finals week, it is PACKED!

Starbucks in the Library

Because we need it.


Hot French Vanilla Cappuccino in Shinemans Fusion Cafe

Very specific, I know, go try it. I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Fall is on Campus!

Fall has landed on SUNY Oswego’s campus and boy is it beautiful. You can feel the autumn spirit in the crisp air as soon as October hits. Temperatures are dropping, students are bundled up, the line is longer at the campus’ Starbucks, and we are surrounded by beautiful color all around! Although our campus is beautiful at all times of the year, in my personal opinion, Fall is one of the prettiest.

Throughout the year, you can see that some of our buildings are cloaked with gorgeous vines. No matter the season, Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall the vines stand out significantly from the background of the gray buildings. Every time I am walking by Hewitt Hall, I enjoy seeing what phase the vines will be on that day. From the green leaf to the yellow, to the red and orange. Eventually, the vine is bare and covered in frost and maybe even inches of snow. Then back to budding again. It is a spectacular transition to watch!

No matter what is on your Fall Bucket List, please take the time and appreciate the beauty of fall around you right here on campus! Take the long way to class! The colors are vibrant, it won’t last long, soak it all in before we get the first Oswego snowfall.  I took some time photos for you all to experience it with us! Enjoy!

Laker By The Lake

In college, we can all get caught up with the stress of assignments, due dates, group projects, meetings, and graduation right around the corner. Sometimes we all just need a little break and home is a little too far away. I have found that a good release of stress for me is going down by the lake. We all miss home, we are all on the same page, and I feel that everyone that is down by the water gets a feeling over them of serendipity. Since being in Oswego, I have found a new love for being alone with nature and finding beautiful things to surround myself with. It is a very peaceful process to go out and walk down to the lake instead of being caught up in the many curveballs college can throw at us. I utilize the lake as sort of a self-therapy for missing home, being stressed out and overwhelmed. Whenever I need a break, I walk down to the shore and explore. Generally, even if its just for a second, I forget whatever I was so stressed out about, to begin with.

I grew up in a small town on the lake and it was a huge part of my life. No matter the season, you could find my friends, family and I using the lake in any way possible. Growing up you could find us boating, water skiing, wakeboarding, tubing, ice skating, playing hockey, snowmobiling, cross-country skiing, ice-fishing, canoeing, kayaking, having campfires by the lake, or just hanging out on the dock. The lake is an all-around huge part of my life which is why when I was choosing where I would go to college I only looked at schools which were near bodies of water. Finding Oswego was exciting. You can look at pictures all you want but you really need to visit to see how beautiful it really is. I can honestly say the main reason for why I chose Oswego is because of the beautiful Lake Ontario. It’s so fun seeing other people utilize the lake, swimming, hanging out on the rocks, making campfires, or walking along the shore. Whenever I am not in class you can catch me hanging out at the flat rocks or studying down by the water. Even walking, going for a run, or just being near the water gives me a sense of home. Although my peers may not have had the same experiences that I have with water, I feel like we can all find a sense of calm and peace in the water that surrounds this school. I am so thankful for the lake which surrounds Oswego. It really makes this town my home away from home and I am happy to have spent the last four years at such a beautiful campus.


25 Questions to Ask Your Future Roommate

IMG_2152Hey, everyone! With roommate selection quickly approaching I thought it would be a good idea to come up with some questions that you should ask your potential roommate. Today, we have the ability to meet potential roommates online through Facebook and other social media platforms. During my roommate selection process, I can remember how weird this was for me. It felt like online dating. I ended up finding my Freshman roommate on Facebook and even today, as a Junior, we are still roommates! Even though this may be new and strange for you, it is how a majority of incoming Freshman students and Transfer students are meeting roommates and friends. It’s weird for everyone! Although your Freshman roommate may not be your last roommate, you want to choose someone who will help make your first year of college a positive experience! Here is a list of questions that I used to help me find my Freshman and forever roommate!

What is your major/minor? A common question that is, of course, a great way to figure out if you and your roommate share the same interests and maybe even some of the same classes!

Incoming Freshman or Transfer? How much college experience do they have if any.

Where are you from? Get a feel for where they’re from. Small town/big town. Helps you get to know them better as a person.

Do you have any siblings? This allows you to get to know who you’re living with a little more. Also, it  lets you know if they are used to living with other people

Are you an introvert or an extrovert? This one is important! It introduces you to their personality! If they are the type to want to go out and be around people or if they would rather keep to themselves.

What residence hall do you want to live in? Like every person going to Oswego, we want to find the perfect residence hall. Find out what that perfect match is for your potential roommate. Or figure out why they chose the one that they did and you may change your mind on which residence hall you want to live in!

Do you have any friends coming to the school as well? This may be nice in order to expand your friend group and get to meet more new people!

How clean are you? Cleanliness can make or break a relationship. For me, I gave my roommate a fair warning that I was a bit OCD when it comes to cleanliness. By letting her know this she was very respectful of my space and made it a priority of hers to keep her side of the room clean as well.

What time do you wake up in the morning? It is important to know if your roommate is a morning person. No one likes to sneak around their room all morning until 1 pm when your roommate wakes up. That is unless you both wake up around the same time. Find someone who has the same sleeping habits as you. That way you won’t have to worry about waking your roommate up or your roommate waking you up.

What time do you go to bed?  This is an important one. Generally, night owls go well with night owls and early bedtimes go well with early bedtimes. That way no one is keeping each other up getting on anyone’s nerves. Try to find out as much as you can about this person’s late-night habits and how they’re likely to affect yours.

Are you active? It might be a good idea to know active your roommate is. Maybe you are looking for a potential gym buddy. Or someone to go swimming with down at the flat rocks. Maybe you would enjoy playing some intermural sports every now and then.

Any clubs/organizations you want to join? In Oswego, we have over 100 clubs to join. We also have numerous Greek organizations and sports teams. Although these are all amazing opportunities, they can be pretty time-consuming. If you do not like being alone all the time then it is probably not a good idea to be roommates with someone who plans on being an active member of campus. On the other hand, if you do plan on getting involved, which you should, it would be nice to have someone take the journey with you!

Hobbies? What do you do for fun? This is just to see if they will enjoy doing the same fun things as you! Or maybe they do certain things that you would like to learn more about.

How often do you spend on school work? Is school work important to you or are you just here for the college experience? I would hope that not everyone attends college just to party, but it is always a good question to ask.

How often do you like to party? Are you the type of person that likes to go out Monday – Sunday, maybe your just a weekend partier, or maybe you enjoy doing other things such as Netflix and Open Mic!

What do you do on the weekends?  This is a good question to determine if you have shared interests and whether your future roomie is a party animal or a homebody. Everyone enjoys different things and no matter the person, no judgments, either way, it is an important question to ask.

Do you like to have friends over? This is a polite way to ask if they are going to turn your dorm into party central no matter what day of the week.

Do you smoke? Although our campus is smoke-free, if you can’t handle the smell, even though they can’t smoke on campus, it tends to stick to their clothes. If it bothers you then it is an essential question to ask. It is important to be upfront about this topic.
What time do you schedule your classes? Sometimes roommates do in fact need alone time. It may be a good idea to schedule your classes at different times so that you get your much-needed space. On the other hand, if you have the opportunity to take a class together, go for it!
Do you like to go to the library? Because of the small study space of dorm rooms, it is a good question to ask. If your roommate is always in the room studying, that could be annoying because you can’t really be loud. If one goes to the library and one stays alone in the nice quiet room, then that’s great too!
Do you expect a lot of out-of-town visitors? It is good to know if you plan to share your already small living quarters with others. Especially if it is happening more often than not.
Are you bringing a car to campus? Form of transportation.

What do you want in a roommate? Cliche but good to ask!

Anything else I should know? Or 3 fun facts! It’s your time to shine! If there is anything else you want your potential roommates to know about you let them know! If not add 3 more additional fun facts about yourself!

There you have it future Lakers. A few conversation starters to help you get to know potential roommates and friends! I hope this allows you to meet the perfect roommate that will make your Freshman year the best that it can be as my Freshman roommate did for me!


Here are the questions to copy and paste into the SUNY Oswego Accepted Students: Class of 2021 Facebook group, let people know more about you!


What is your major/minor?

Incoming Freshman or Transfer?

Where are you from?

Do you have any siblings?

Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

What residence hall do you want to live in?

Do you have any friends coming to the school as well?

How clean are you?

What time do you wake up in the morning?

What time do you go to bed?

Are you active?

Any clubs/organizations you want to join?


How often do you spend on school work?

How often do you like to party?

What do you do on the weekends?

Do you like to have friends over?

Do you smoke?

What time do you schedule your classes?

Do you like to go to the library?

Do you expect a lot of out-of-town visitors?

Are you bringing a car to campus?

What do you want in a roommate?

Anything else I should know? 

3 fun facts!

The Answers We Need Are Inside Us, Sometimes We Just Need A Little Help


When asked a very common question at this point in our lives the answer is often unknown. “What do you want to be when you grow up?” These are ten words that have scared the living heck out of me ever since I graduated high school. I have fine tuned my major three times while in college and I finally feel like I am now in the right place. But now, the question becomes, “Well, what do you want to do with that?” Again I am left terrified. That is until I felt a sense of comfortability and passion when I was introduced to The Compass here at SUNY Oswego!

Hello everyone! My name is Camry Liddle and I am currently a junior majoring in Communication and Social Interaction with a minor in Expressive Arts Therapy. My time here at Oswego had a slow start. I have actually changed my major three times! Although that sounds very stressful, we have so many people here to help you along the way! We have an amazing facility right on campus called The Compass. The Compass is filled with kind staff who work with you to help guide your way through college. They especially help transition incoming students to the new college environment. They also hold many events, services, and resources to prepare you for your future career. 

I came to Oswego with a major in Graphic Design. I soon realized that the major just was not all for me and completely switched gears when I changed to Childhood Education in the spring. I then noticed that I was not really enjoying that either. I missed my creative side. I was so nervous because at this point I was already a sophomore and thought, “No way can I change now.”

Entering my junior year, I finally decided to schedule a meeting with a career advisor at The Compass. It was so incredibly helpful to me just to realize there are so many people out there just like me who don’t know exactly what they want to do. She had me take a series of tests to figure out what I was interested in. All signs pointed toward the field of Communication Studies. I loved writing, working with people, and mainly being creative. 

After meeting with the friendly people at The Compass, I felt a sense of hope. I felt that Communication Studies is something that I really want to do and that I am actually excited about. They all seemed like such happy people and told me that they loved their jobs. That is exactly how I want to feel one day looking back at my job. I was able to learn so much from these amazing people to hopefully be able to find a path of my own once I graduate next May.

Now, a semester into the Communications Program, I finally feel that I have found my passion. This major allows me to be creative and work with other people who are interested in the same things as I am. I generally find myself implementing my communications strategies in a creative way in my everyday life. Because of The Compass, I have realized that I am a determined, creative, organized, and hardworking student, I just needed a little help in finding my path.

Take advantage of The Compass here on campus and all that it has to offer. Who knows, maybe one day they will find your passion, just like they did for me.