5 Tips for the Class of 2024 – Staying Organized

Emma Borque, graduating from SUNY Oswego with her Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology, is looking forward to experiencing the rewarding feeling of receiving her degree after four years of dedication to her academics and student organization responsibilities. She feels ready to continue her journey in graduate school, and was kind enough to share tips for the class of 2024 on staying organized, a skill that has helped her to reach her goals.

  1. “Keep a planner, or use your phone or laptop to write down everything you need to complete for the week. Everything adds up quickly and it’s hard to keep track without!”
  2. “Set reminders for yourself! When you’re busy, it can be challenging to remember everything you need to finish, so these can save you.”
  3. “Stick to a schedule. Creating a routine right as the semester begins will set the tone for its entirety, and it’s so much better to get in the swing of library days if you start right away.”
  4. “Organize your google drive with separate folders for each of your classes so you can find your notes and documents easily. If you prefer a notebook, use dividers.”
  5. “Save time for relaxation. It’s crucial to get enough sleep and down time while maintaining a busy schedule.”

5 Tips for the Class of 2024 – Campus Involvement

Ashley Enfonde will be graduating from SUNY Oswego with her Bachelor of Arts degree in human development. She has spent her four years at Oswego dedicated to her academics and to the organizations that have made her college experience so memorable. Ashley has held positions for several student clubs, including President for a national organization on campus. She has valuable advice to share with the class of 2024 on the importance of campus involvement.

  1. “Try out as many organizations as you want until you find your calling. There are so many amazing student groups offered at our University, but some may fit you better than others. There’s only one way to find out, so go ahead and try them all!”
  2. “Try organizations that will help build your resume. For example, a public relations major may look into joining PRSSA to gain experience in their intended career field.”
  3. “Prioritize time to attend meetings. If you find you enjoy something, stick with it and allow it to help you grow.”
  4. “Give back! Many student orgs regularly participate in volunteer work. Helping your community or causes you’re passionate about can be very rewarding.”
  5. “Hold leadership positions in your organization. These provide excellent leadership experiences which can help you in the future.”

5 Tips for the Class of 2024 – Making Friends

Margaret Militello will be receiving her Bachelor of Arts degree in Broadcasting this week. She looks back on her past 4 years at SUNY Oswego with a smile and a genuine appreciation for all of her experiences, ranging from MWF classes to weekends spent by the lake with friends. Margaret is involved in several student organizations and is thankful for all of the life long friends she has made through putting herself out there and joining clubs and organizations that sparked her interest. Margaret enjoyed a wide variety of experiences throughout her years of undergrad and is excited to share her tips on making friends for the incoming class of 2024.

  1. “Always say hi. Some of the best advice is to simply introduce yourself to people you meet. Whether it’s in the dorms, or at an organization meeting, a smile can go a long way!”
  2. “Find common interests. If you enjoy playing sports, try a club team. If you love writing, Oswego offers several clubs and activities centered around writing. Find your niche and you will easily find people you want to get to know better!” 
  3. “Always remember, most people are looking for new friends as incoming freshmen. Trust that you will find your people, and you will!”
  4. “Exist loudly. Be the kindest version of yourself and do things you enjoy, you will attract similar individuals.” 
  5. “Prioritize your academics. There are so many ways to make new friends, and you will, but don’t forget to hit the library as often as possible.”

5 Tips for the Class of 2024 – Time Management

Jessica Grassi will be receiving her Bachelor of Arts Degree in public justice this month and is looking forward to graduating and entering the workforce. Before she goes, she is eager to share some of her best advice for the impending SUNY Oswego class of 2024 on the importance of time management skills. The experience of transitioning from a high school student to an independent college freshman comes along with many new responsibilities and a completely new schedule to maintain. In order to accommodate a full class load, an adjustment in your living situation, possibly for the first time, along with extracurricular activities, it may become challenging to get used to this new lifestyle. Graduating seniors are a great resource for our incoming freshman as they have experienced a full 4 years of life on Lake Ontario and all of the enlightening lessons that come with it. Jessica has maintained consecutive positions on the Dean’s list as well as held several positions in national student organizations throughout her time at Oswego. She is happy to share her tips on time management to help out our future Lakers:

  1. “Use a planner! It’s so easy to forget assignments or other responsibilities when you don’t have them written down, even if you think you’ll remember.”
  1. “Get adjusted to your routine and set specific times for specific responsibilities. I would normally establish my library days during the first week of classes.”
  1. “Avoid putting unnecessary pressure on yourself. Feeling overwhelmed only deters you from efficiency in my personal experience. Always remain calm and take it one assignment at a time!”
  1. “Try using resources on campus to help you learn more efficiently. Tutoring is offered in Marano Campus Center, don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it.”
  1. “Take breaks and have fun! Don’t be afraid to branch out and join different student organizations. As long as you manage your time, you can thrive academically and still achieve a full college experience.”

5 Tips for Picking the Perfect Roommate

Going from living at home to the dorm life, is one of the biggest adjustments when coming to college. Here are 5 tips and tricks to think about when looking for a roommate:

  • Chat with multiple people in the Facebook group. This is where you can have small talk and get to know others. Don’t settle for the first person you talk to just because you’re nervous. You have time to figure it out.
  • Discuss interests and hobbies. It is always nice to live with someone who is similar to you. This will make it easier to figure out activities to do during the week and on the weekends.
  • Figure out how they live. Ask when the go to bed, when they wake up, if they are neat or messy, whether they like going out or staying in, etc. Asking these questions can help you figure out if you two have the same ideal living situation in mind.
  • Meet up! If you live close to a potential roommate, schedule a time and place to meet one another. If you don’t live close to each other, try to pick the same orientation date.
  • Connect with them! The glory of having social media is that you can connect with anyone on a variety of different platforms. Add each other on Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, etc., this can give you a better idea of who they are.
Check out this great interview with Trisha and Camry that touches on what to think about when finding a roommate

Re-Branding SUNY Oswego

This week SUNY Oswegoʼs PRSSA held their last club meeting. They used this meeting time to go over the re-branding of SUNY Oswego as a whole. The discussion involved reasons that we as current students at Oswego considered to be a good staple for the campus as a whole. Majority of the students focused on the lake and no matter how or when you come to this campus every organization is a community. Not only is the view here unmatched, but the atmosphere that you get to experience once you are here is unforgettable.

Being that decision day was yesterday, why did you decide to come to SUNY Oswego?