5 Tips for the Class of 2024 – Staying Organized

Emma Borque, graduating from SUNY Oswego with her Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology, is looking forward to experiencing the rewarding feeling of receiving her degree after four years of dedication to her academics and student organization responsibilities. She feels ready to continue her journey in graduate school, and was kind enough to share tips for the class of 2024 on staying organized, a skill that has helped her to reach her goals.

  1. “Keep a planner, or use your phone or laptop to write down everything you need to complete for the week. Everything adds up quickly and it’s hard to keep track without!”
  2. “Set reminders for yourself! When you’re busy, it can be challenging to remember everything you need to finish, so these can save you.”
  3. “Stick to a schedule. Creating a routine right as the semester begins will set the tone for its entirety, and it’s so much better to get in the swing of library days if you start right away.”
  4. “Organize your google drive with separate folders for each of your classes so you can find your notes and documents easily. If you prefer a notebook, use dividers.”
  5. “Save time for relaxation. It’s crucial to get enough sleep and down time while maintaining a busy schedule.”

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