5 Tips for the Class of 2024 – Campus Involvement

Ashley Enfonde will be graduating from SUNY Oswego with her Bachelor of Arts degree in human development. She has spent her four years at Oswego dedicated to her academics and to the organizations that have made her college experience so memorable. Ashley has held positions for several student clubs, including President for a national organization on campus. She has valuable advice to share with the class of 2024 on the importance of campus involvement.

  1. “Try out as many organizations as you want until you find your calling. There are so many amazing student groups offered at our University, but some may fit you better than others. There’s only one way to find out, so go ahead and try them all!”
  2. “Try organizations that will help build your resume. For example, a public relations major may look into joining PRSSA to gain experience in their intended career field.”
  3. “Prioritize time to attend meetings. If you find you enjoy something, stick with it and allow it to help you grow.”
  4. “Give back! Many student orgs regularly participate in volunteer work. Helping your community or causes you’re passionate about can be very rewarding.”
  5. “Hold leadership positions in your organization. These provide excellent leadership experiences which can help you in the future.”

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