5 Tips for the Class of 2024 – Time Management

Jessica Grassi will be receiving her Bachelor of Arts Degree in public justice this month and is looking forward to graduating and entering the workforce. Before she goes, she is eager to share some of her best advice for the impending SUNY Oswego class of 2024 on the importance of time management skills. The experience of transitioning from a high school student to an independent college freshman comes along with many new responsibilities and a completely new schedule to maintain. In order to accommodate a full class load, an adjustment in your living situation, possibly for the first time, along with extracurricular activities, it may become challenging to get used to this new lifestyle. Graduating seniors are a great resource for our incoming freshman as they have experienced a full 4 years of life on Lake Ontario and all of the enlightening lessons that come with it. Jessica has maintained consecutive positions on the Dean’s list as well as held several positions in national student organizations throughout her time at Oswego. She is happy to share her tips on time management to help out our future Lakers:

  1. “Use a planner! It’s so easy to forget assignments or other responsibilities when you don’t have them written down, even if you think you’ll remember.”
  1. “Get adjusted to your routine and set specific times for specific responsibilities. I would normally establish my library days during the first week of classes.”
  1. “Avoid putting unnecessary pressure on yourself. Feeling overwhelmed only deters you from efficiency in my personal experience. Always remain calm and take it one assignment at a time!”
  1. “Try using resources on campus to help you learn more efficiently. Tutoring is offered in Marano Campus Center, don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it.”
  1. “Take breaks and have fun! Don’t be afraid to branch out and join different student organizations. As long as you manage your time, you can thrive academically and still achieve a full college experience.”

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