5 Tips for the Class of 2024 – Making Friends

Margaret Militello will be receiving her Bachelor of Arts degree in Broadcasting this week. She looks back on her past 4 years at SUNY Oswego with a smile and a genuine appreciation for all of her experiences, ranging from MWF classes to weekends spent by the lake with friends. Margaret is involved in several student organizations and is thankful for all of the life long friends she has made through putting herself out there and joining clubs and organizations that sparked her interest. Margaret enjoyed a wide variety of experiences throughout her years of undergrad and is excited to share her tips on making friends for the incoming class of 2024.

  1. “Always say hi. Some of the best advice is to simply introduce yourself to people you meet. Whether it’s in the dorms, or at an organization meeting, a smile can go a long way!”
  2. “Find common interests. If you enjoy playing sports, try a club team. If you love writing, Oswego offers several clubs and activities centered around writing. Find your niche and you will easily find people you want to get to know better!” 
  3. “Always remember, most people are looking for new friends as incoming freshmen. Trust that you will find your people, and you will!”
  4. “Exist loudly. Be the kindest version of yourself and do things you enjoy, you will attract similar individuals.” 
  5. “Prioritize your academics. There are so many ways to make new friends, and you will, but don’t forget to hit the library as often as possible.”

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