Rokerthon Caps Off Tour at Oswego

Did you happen to catch the familiar green and gold while sipping on your morning coffee? No, your 8 a.m. eyes didn’t deceive you, SUNY Oswego was on the Today Show. In fact, we were pretty busy breaking a world record. Rome may not have been built in a day, but we broke a world record in 5 minutes. Okay, that’s only technically true, but it isn’t the whole story…


We managed to get 593 skaters to show up at the Marano Campus Center Arena at 4:45 a.m. in preparation for the national broadcast. Who knew you could get 593 to conga across ice to Gloria Estefan so early in the morning? The celebration was splendid, but more than what meets the eye went into putting on an event that sometimes felt like the circus- “The Greatest Show on Earth!”


Aside from mandatory rehearsals for skaters, it was all hands on deck from virtually all departments on campus. If if wasn’t ice skating recruitment calls which took place in the dining and residence halls, it was working on the broadcast itself. The theatre department set up the lights and came up with the idea of snow machines for Al Roker’s zamboni entrance!


(He rode in on a bigger zamboni. Team Mini still looked great!)

It would be misleading to say the event was easy. The amount of coordination and organization was Hurculean. It was exhausting, but man, if it wasn’t pretty darn cool. Some were there for Al, some were there for the fun of it, some (like me) got to geek out over the process of national TV (live-to-broadcast drones anyone?!?!). Our student media organizations were able to get interviews with Mr. Roker and develop great material. Del Sarte, the student dance club, brought signs that were cleverly themed to incorporate their recital and NBC. Everyone got to have a unique stamp on the day. Al even visited all of his old haunts around Oswego and campus on Friday!


(If you go back and watch the recording, you can catch me darting through crowds to run the social media beat!)

The effort on behalf of the student body, administration, and community was incredible. Oswego absolutely has its moments and is a unique place. Why would we get selected out of so many large universities across the nation and Al Roker come back if it wasn’t?

Why I Chose Oswego

As I watch the Class of 2021 and Transfers Facebook group, I’ve noticed one of the most common things that I have been seeing lately within people’s posts is “I haven’t decided if I’m going to Oswego yet but…” In no particular order, here is a list of reasons why I decided to come to Oswego.

  1. Rejection
    1. Although this sounds like a bad way to start, Oswego was not always my number one choice. If someone were to go back in time and tell the high school version of myself that I would end up at a school four and a half hours north of home, I would have told them that they were nuts and I that was destined for a minimum of 60 degrees year round. Something to take away from this, if your top choice rejects you, although at the time it may feel like the end of the world, give your second choice a chance!
  2. Tours
    1. I applied to a total of four colleges, none of which I toured before applying which was probably a mistake but oh well! After getting rejected from my original top school, I started looking into Oswego more because that was the only other public school that I applied to besides my community college. I really did not like the idea of staying in my town for another two years and then transferring so I decided to go to admitted students day at Oswego. It was here that I toured the campus and really started to get the smallest gleam of excitement, which leads me to my next point.
  3. My mom
    1. My mom was really the push I needed to get me to commit to Oswego. I originally came into college as a Zoology major and at the time my class was the first class to use the new Shineman science building. The tour guide mentioned that a large portion of Zoology professors had their Doctorates and my Mom really liked that. I can still remember our conversation in the Campus Center auditorium where she convinced me that I should be thrown out of my comfort zone and commit to Oswego. If it wasn’t for my mom, I don’t know if I would have had the courage to move nearly five hours away from my house to a place where I did not know one single person.

Overall, I urge anyone who is considering Oswego to take a trip up here and really take a look at the campus in person and feel what it is like up here. I promise you will not regret it, I know I haven’t!

Food, Yoga, and Trying New Things


At the beginning of this semester, I promised myself one thing I would do before I graduate in May: Try as many new things as possible. It’s March 1st and I’ve accomplished a lot already.

One thing I really wanted to try was ACTUALLY cooking some meals instead of just putting frozen food in an oven or microwave or ordering from Dominos. During winter break, I found as many recipes online as I could based on my capability and my budget. On one of my first nights back in my Village house, I made lo mein and teriyaki chicken, as seen in the photo above. I gotta admit, I was extremely proud of myself for being able to make it. Since then, I’ve promised I would cook something at least once a week. I’ve been able to make garlic and parmesan zucchini fries, banana pancakes, crescent pizza rolls, and even edible cookie dough.

While all that food tasted delicious, I needed to be able to work it off somehow. I absolutely love going to the gym, but sometimes going on the treadmill and machines at 7 o’clock in the morning just wasn’t enough for me. I was looking around the list of group exercise classes available at Cooper and Glimmerglass gyms and found one that caught my eye: Strengthening Yoga.

I never took a yoga class in my life. I was a little nervous about it. However, when I did take it, I felt completely relaxed and at peace with myself. Yes some of the positions were a little tricky and I fell onto my mat a couple times. When I did fall, I was laughing it off and trying to keep up with the rest of the class.

Going on with the theme of working out, I took another group exercise class one night where my instructor had us hold a plank for one minute. I typically held mine for about 30 to 40 seconds, but I was extremely proud of myself when I was able to hold mine for a minute. Now I make sure to always include it in my workout routine.

College is about trying new things, whether you’re a first semester freshman or a second semester senior. I encourage those who read this post to try something new, whether it’s cooking a delicious meal or trying to do a crazy yoga pose.


#OzGOLDRush and Why It’s a Big Deal


Maybe you’ve heard, maybe you haven’t. Some call it White Out Part 2, some wanted it to be Black Out, its proper name is Gold Rush. This Saturday, Marano Campus Center Arena will be bombarded with fans from all over, whether that is alumni, students, community members, etc. to catch a glimpse of what could possibly be history.

“That feeling in your gut when red shows up on the ice in more ways than one.” An apt line from the Laker Men’s hype video to describe the scene that will take place on Saturday. Archrivals Oswego and Plattsburgh will show down as they try to set the record straight on who the true king of the SUNYAC is.


Fact: This group of seniors have not beaten Plattsburgh at Marano during their tenure. Looking to cement their legacy, they will be hungry during this Saturday’s championship game.

Fact: This Saturday will mark the 6th consecutive year that Oswego and Plattsburgh have met in the SUNYAC playoffs. If you don’t call that rivalry, then I don’t know what you would.

So why the name Gold Rush? The team is hunting for SUNYAC gold this Saturday. They are also looking to wear their gold alternate jerseys. These jerseys are special because they have the names of alumni as well as the active roster etched onto a bright Oswego gold.

There is only standing room left now for student section tickets. The line is expected to reach White Out proportions. What do the fans need to bring? Simple, unmatched energy and gold. What do the players need to bring? Their best play of the season.

*Wordpress distorts the quality of the photos.

Greek Life Doesn’t Deserve A Bad Reputation

IMG_1607When I first came to Oswego and I was thinking about joining a sorority the first thing my mom said was “all you are going to do is drink”. She was very wrong. Joining a sorority was the second best decision I made. Of course going to Oswego was my first best decision. A lot of people stereotype members of Greek organizations based off of movies. Movies are the main reason Greeks get such bad reputations. Many people think that greeks are a bunch of jocks, dummies, and party people.

To join Greek life you must meet the GPA requirements, then you also have to obtain those requirements. Although the Greek life here at Oswego isn’t that big we make our presence known. Greek life is very involved on campus. When you are in Greek life you also participate in philanthropy events, fundraisers, community service, and much more.

Joining Greek life was a great decision here at Oswego. I met my forever friends and learned so many life skills. Being in a sorority has helped me network with alumni, find internships, and be my true self. Sure I know how to have a good time, but it is just so much more than that.


Adventure is Out There

The best time to be in Oswego has finally arrived. It truly is the only place where you can experience 4 seasons in one week. Not sure what I mean by that? Just take a look at this week’s weather forecast. You’ll see within just one week we go from 62 to 33, from sunny to windy, rainy and yes even to snow.

So, while the nice weather is here, go out and explore! There are so many amazing things to see and do in Oswego! Here’s a list of my top 8 favorite places to explore in Oswego (not in any particular order).

  1. Lake Ontario – There’s so much to do in our own back yard! In case you haven’t realized we live on a lake, and we are both incredibly lucky and a little bit unfortunate (I’m talking about you lake effect snow). The sunsets are an experience like no other. You can’t really capture them in a picture and you definitely cannot describe them, so get out and go watch at least one! From May-September, the flat rocks which are located just next to the campus, are the best spot to go swimming or even just hang out in the sun with friends!
  2. Fort Ontario – This historic site was built in 1755, during the French and Indian war and has also been used during the American Revolutionary war, War of 1812, American Civil War, and most notably during WWII to house Jewish Refugees. It has been destroyed and rebuilt 3 times during its history. It is now open as a state park. I personally enjoy the beautiful view of Lake Ontario and the grounds make for a nice spot to explore or take a walk. (P.S. there’s always dogs, and dogs are the best).
  3. Ontario Orchards – The orchard makes for a nice activity in the fall for apple and pumpkin picking amongst other activities. I enjoy taking the short 5-minute drive to the orchard because the area around the orchard is scenic. They also have some of the best baked goods, fruits, vegetables and cheeses in Oswego.
  4. Breitbeck Park – There is so much to do here! It is a beautiful park located right on the lake. There is a playground if you feel like being a kid and hopping on the swings or going down the slide. It is a great place to go for a nice walk or run, play basketball on the courts, or utilize the fields for softball or kickball. You’ll definitely see a few dogs here too. It’s a nice spot to de-stress with your friends and during the nicer months of the semester, it makes a great picnic spot.
  5. Fair Haven beach – While this one is a little farther away, it is absolutely worth the drive! It’s roughly 20 minutes from campus. The park offers a sandy beach with swimming spots, fishing, diving boards, playgrounds, campsites, grills to cook on, nature trails, more dogs, biking trails, kayak and canoe rentals, and playing fields. During the winter months, you can enjoy ice fishing, sledding, snowmobiling, snowshoeing and x-country skiing. Some of my favorite memories of the warmer months here are getting out of class on a Friday and hopping in the car with my friends to spend time at the beach.
  6. Sterling Nature Center – On your drive to Fair Haven, you will pass the Sterling Nature Center. It is a well-maintained center known for its preserved and beautiful grounds, nature trails, and sites of various birds and other animals. The “bluffs” are also located off of the beach path at the Sterling Nature Center. The bluffs are high naturally formed cliffs that offer some of the best views of the sunsets over Lake Ontario.
  7. Riverwalk – On the east side of Bridge St. located behind the hotels on the river and behind Old City Hall is a nicely paved walkway that runs alongside the river up towards I-481. It makes for a nice place to take a stroll along the river and during the warmer months, local bands can be heard playing on the river.
  8. Lighthouse – The Oswego lighthouse can be seen as you enter into the city of Oswego from I-481 and down near the lake. It was used to guide boats into the harbor originally and is currently being renovated to restore it to its original condition. It is not advised to take the walk out to the lighthouse because it can be dangerous, especially on a windy day. However, the lighthouse will have boat tours that will allow you to tour the inside post-renovations.



“Life was made for good friends and great adventures” – anonymous

The Answers We Need Are Inside Us, Sometimes We Just Need A Little Help


When asked a very common question at this point in our lives the answer is often unknown. “What do you want to be when you grow up?” These are ten words that have scared the living heck out of me ever since I graduated high school. I have fine tuned my major three times while in college and I finally feel like I am now in the right place. But now, the question becomes, “Well, what do you want to do with that?” Again I am left terrified. That is until I felt a sense of comfortability and passion when I was introduced to The Compass here at SUNY Oswego!

Hello everyone! My name is Camry Liddle and I am currently a junior majoring in Communication and Social Interaction with a minor in Expressive Arts Therapy. My time here at Oswego had a slow start. I have actually changed my major three times! Although that sounds very stressful, we have so many people here to help you along the way! We have an amazing facility right on campus called The Compass. The Compass is filled with kind staff who work with you to help guide your way through college. They especially help transition incoming students to the new college environment. They also hold many events, services, and resources to prepare you for your future career. 

I came to Oswego with a major in Graphic Design. I soon realized that the major just was not all for me and completely switched gears when I changed to Childhood Education in the spring. I then noticed that I was not really enjoying that either. I missed my creative side. I was so nervous because at this point I was already a sophomore and thought, “No way can I change now.”

Entering my junior year, I finally decided to schedule a meeting with a career advisor at The Compass. It was so incredibly helpful to me just to realize there are so many people out there just like me who don’t know exactly what they want to do. She had me take a series of tests to figure out what I was interested in. All signs pointed toward the field of Communication Studies. I loved writing, working with people, and mainly being creative. 

After meeting with the friendly people at The Compass, I felt a sense of hope. I felt that Communication Studies is something that I really want to do and that I am actually excited about. They all seemed like such happy people and told me that they loved their jobs. That is exactly how I want to feel one day looking back at my job. I was able to learn so much from these amazing people to hopefully be able to find a path of my own once I graduate next May.

Now, a semester into the Communications Program, I finally feel that I have found my passion. This major allows me to be creative and work with other people who are interested in the same things as I am. I generally find myself implementing my communications strategies in a creative way in my everyday life. Because of The Compass, I have realized that I am a determined, creative, organized, and hardworking student, I just needed a little help in finding my path.

Take advantage of The Compass here on campus and all that it has to offer. Who knows, maybe one day they will find your passion, just like they did for me.

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You must acknowledge this to succeed!

Hello, fellow students!

I hope your semester is going well. As I stated in my intro post, along with spending time outdoors I enjoy sharing thoughts of encouragement occasionally.

I recently have felt the need to share some thoughts with you to help keep you motivated this semester.

College offers so much more than just your class at 8 A.M.  you struggle to wake up for. The college nightlife, or our beloved sports. These are some components that make our great college experience, but to me, there is so much more you should be aware of.

TIME. In college, we have an abundance of time to try different things, be successful in some and fail in others. High school was your last chance to acquire a free education. if you are reading this right now, you have made quite an investment in yourself, and to whom much is given much is required. Weekends are not just meant for catching up on sleep, you can actively pursue your main interests. Most of us don’t have a full-time job in college, which gives you no excuse as to why you might not have the time to figure out what you want to do in life. You have prolonged your education and absence from the full-time workforce by deciding to participate in higher learning. With the occasional exception for having fun, how important your success is to you, will be determined, by the effort you put NOW!

Most of us don’t have a full-time job in college, which gives you no excuse as to why you might not have the time to figure out what you want to do in life. You have prolonged your education and absence from the full-time workforce by deciding to participate in higher learning. With the occasional exception for having fun, how important your success is to you, will be determined, by the effort you put NOW!

There are clubs on campus you can join, to gain experience in an area you might be interested in, and many internships and job opportunities, that allow you to continue your studies, and build your resume. I have already started building mine, are you? When an employer compares our resumes how will yours stand up?   This is the time you can really push ahead of the crowd and focus on your passion. I want all of my fellow Oswego alumni to stand out!


I intend to make a few more points about other suggested benefits we have as students in future posts, but that’s all for now folks. have a productive day!


fullsizerenderHello! My name is Carolyn and sadly I am a second-semester senior. I say sadly because pretty much the last thing I want to think about right now is graduating. Finding a job, leaving my friends, moving to a new city, and leaving Oswego is all too much to think about. I have been extremely fortunate to have had the experiences I have had in the past four years. I’ve been surrounded by the most amazing people and partaken in the greatest adventures.

Here’s a brief run-down of my involvement on campus over the past four years. I’m a double major in Marketing and Public Relations, a TA for MKT 250 and MKT 467, I’ve held on-campus jobs in both the Res Life and Housing and Campus Life departments, I’ve participated in three internships, I’m a member of PRSSA, I traveled abroad with a quarter class to London, helped build a house in Iowa with Habitat for Humanity and played on several intramural sports teams (actually my first time playing a sport was in college haha).

One of my favorite experiences, by far was through my internship experience this summer. I was an Outside Sales Representative for the AroundCampus Group in the SUNY Oswego Market. This meant that every day I was accountable for selling advertising space in the free student planners that are handed out to students each year (make sure you get one!). Not only are they free, but they include deals and coupons for businesses in the Oswego area. This is a great resource for students and the community. I was able to meet several amazing local business owners in the Oswego area and learn about the rich culture of Oswego. Over the course of the semester, I will be sharing these businesses with you and many of the best places to see/visit/and eat at in Oswego!

My name is Mic-anthony Hay, call me The Adventure Storyteller!

Hello fellow students,

My name is Mic-anthony, and I am a Journalism Major with a Minor in Photography here at SUNY  Oswego! I love creating inspiring content that tells stories of outdoor adventure lifestyle. I am a member of the Outdoor Adventure and Photography Clubs here on campus, and they are great! I combine my photography, filmmaking and writing skills to document my outdoor trips and experiences on my YouTube channel and Instagram page @Theadventurestoryteller.

I consider myself a sponge for positive information and I  am very excited to share idea and advice with you all semester! My travels occur here in Oswego as well as around the Upstate New York area.

As I conclude my stories on Instagram, have a good evening adventurers!