What I am Thankful for This Holiday Season

As the holidays are quickly approaching and we all head home for Thanksgiving break, I can’t help but think about the things I am thankful for, especially the things SUNY Oswego has brought me. We all have our own personal memories and things we love about Oswego that we cherish, but I want to share mine with you guys in the spirit of the season.

The number one thing I am thankful for, by far, are the friendships and relationships SUNY Oswego has given me. Without the friendships and professional relationships I have made throughout the past two and a half years, I would not be the person I am today. We are all on our own path in life, and I believe the people we meet along the way play a part in all of our stories. I am beyond thankful for the people I have met thus far, and am looking forward to meeting new people during the time that I have left at this school.

I am also thankful for the education I am earning. Not everyone gets to attend college and earn a degree like so many of you reading this get to, and I think that is something we all often forget. We are all wrapped up in our classes, friends, and extra curricular activities. We don’t always take time to stop and think about how lucky we really are to be attending college, something that so many people can only dream of. I am extremely thankful for the education that SUNY Oswego is providing me with, and always will be.

Lastly, I am thankful for all of the beautiful sunsets I have gotten to see while attending this school. There is nothing like looking at the sky and seeing an amazing Oswego sunset, and it is something that has always brought me peace and comfort, even on the worst days. SUNY Oswego would not be the same without it’s famous sunsets.

There are many other things I am thankful for, but this is them in a nut shell. Attending college has changed who I am as a person in the best way possible, and that is something I will always be thankful for. During this holiday season, make sure you stop and think about all the things you are thankful for. Happy Holidays!

The Season of Giving Thanks

Hi Everyone!

It’s that time of year again! Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and I’m sure everyone is scrambling to get all of their work done before heading home for a few days for a much needed break. With the holidays being such a happy time in most of our lives, we have to remember that there are those out there who are less fortunate than many of us that we may forget about during such exciting times. These people need a Thanksgiving meal too, and if you are looking for a way to help and to give back to the community, I have the perfect solution for you. Dr. Isiah Brown teaches management here at SUNY Oswego, and he has made it his mission to collect canned goods to donate to the Food Bank of Central New York. If you would like to participate in the food drive he is holding, just drop as many cans as you would like off to his office in 108 Rich Hall. If he is not there, you can leave it with someone at the desk. Most people in the building know of the food drive he has put together, so they will be sure to pass the items along to him. Dr. Brown will be collecting canned goods in his office until Friday November 16, 2017. Every little thing helps, so even if you only have one canned good, feel free to drop it off! Take a picture with your canned goods for a chance to be featured on the SUNY Oswego SnapChat!

Have a great week and an amazing Thanksgiving break!

Registration Time

Hi guys! Here we are again, registration time. We all know the stress that comes along with this time of the semester. Registering for class can be an intense, nail biting experience while trying to make sure you get into all the classes you want for the perfect schedule. Here are some tips to ensure you don’t miss out on any classes while making your schedule!

1. Make multiple schedules! it is never a good idea to rely solely on the first mock schedule you create. Things change, classes fill up, and you don’t want to be left scrambling to find classes at the last minute because your original schedule didn’t work out.

2. Make an appointment with your advisor before registration! This will help you to be sure you are taking classes that will keep you on track for graduation. You don’t want to waste your time taking classes that won’t count toward your major or minor.

3. If a class you really need to take is full, try reaching out to the professor. There isn’t a guarantee that they will let you be added to the class, but it is worth a shot!

And most importantly, always keep an open mind. Many times the original schedule you wanted won’t workout, but that just means it wasn’t met for you. Don’t let it get you down, just tweak it a little bit and it’ll all workout for the best!

Good luck with registration!

End of the Semester Stress: How to get Through the Next few Weeks

At this time of year, we all hit a wall. It is hard to juggle work, school, homework, physical fitness, mental health, and a social life. We all wonder at times, how do people do it? There are simple steps to follow each day in order to lower our stress levels and keep our minds in check during this crazy time in the semester. If you are feeling down, worn out, or just need a little break, follow these steps and I guarantee you will be feeling stress free in no time!

1. Meditate.

2. Workout (Running, yoga, walking, etc). This will boost your mood and leave you feeling great!

3. Focus on your breathing for at least 5 minutes. You will feel centered and more focused on the task at hand.

4. Call up a friend and just talk for a while. This will help get your feelings out and leave you feeling less stressed.

5. Listen to music and dance!

These are just a few of the many exercises you can do to reduce stress. This time of the semester is stressful for everyone, but with the right mind set and motivation you will get through it!

Family and Friends Weekend

Hi Everyone! Family and friends weekend is just around the corner (October 20, 21 and 22), and for many of us this will be the first time we are seeing our families since leaving them in August. If the long awaited arrival of your friends and family has you jumping for joy, then here are a few things for you to do over the weekend to ensure everyone has a good time!

Friday, October 20

1. Rice Creek Tours! This will be taking place from 9:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. at Rice Creek Field Station on Thompson Road. Come out and visit the new facility.

2. Go to open skate from 11:30 a.m.- 1:30 p.m. in Marano Campus Center! Admission is free with an Oswego student ID and skate rental is $3.

3. Splash-In Movie! Bring your bathing suit and enjoy the movie Moana while swimming in the pool located in Lee Hall at 7 p.m. Admission is free!

4. The Theatre Department Presents: “Clybourne Park” Bring your family and friends over to Tyler Hall for the showing of this play. The show starts at 7:30, admission to the public is $15 and student admission is $7. Don’t miss out on this awesome show!

Saturday, October 21

1. Head over to the Mini Carnival! It is located in Swetman Gym in Marano Campus Center from 1-3 p.m. This event is free for students! Come out and enjoy food, fun and games with your friends and family.

2. Love astronomy? You’re in luck! There will be a planetarium show at 2 p.m. in Shineman Center. Seating is limited, call the box office to reserve your tickets now! (315-312-3073) (UPDATE: This is sold out.)

3. Haven’t taken a photo together in a while? Enjoy a complimentary family photo from 2:30-3:30 in Marano Campus Center room 151! This will be a great way to remember the weekend.

4. Men’s Soccer vs. SUNY Cortland. If you and your family love sports, this would be a great way to enjoy a fall Saturday afternoon. The game starts at 4 p.m. on the Laker turf. Don’t miss out!

Last but not least…bring your family and friends to the lake! Oswego is home to one of the most beautiful lakes in Upstate New York, and the best sunsets! Don’t let your friends and family miss out on this awesome experience.

For more events taking place this weekend, visit www.oswego.edu/campus-life/schedule!! Enjoy the weekend everyone!

I Am Oz Speaker: Kate Fagan

Hi everyone!

I know my blog entry is a few days late this week, and that is because I wanted to wait until I attended the I Am Oz Speaker event that took place Tuesday night before writing this week’s blog post. The reason that I want to center my blog around Kate Fagan, an ESPN sports anchor and journalist, is because she has inspired so many young college students to be who they truly are and find what they love in this world. As a college student writing for an audience mainly of college students, I believe we all can learn so much from Kate and the journey she endured during her time as a college athlete and her years beyond that.

While Kate was speaking, she addressed the issues that commonly occur among college students. The issues of depression, anxiety, and other mental illnesses occur on college campuses on a daily basis, and no matter how hard the college tries to address these issues, there are always people who go unnoticed. I wanted this post to be for those people. The people who feel like they are alone, who feel as if no one notices the struggles that they are facing. Whether it is transitioning into college, trouble with friends, grades, or something even deeper than that, college students everywhere need to know that they are not alone. Here at SUNY Oswego, our campus provides many resources that people may not even know about, and these resources help students work through difficult times they are facing. Here is a list of resources any student on our campus can use for free if they are facing challenges in any area of life:

  1. Counseling Servies Center (www.oswego.edu/counseling-services) The counseling center can be used for anyone who is dealing with a life change, personal problems they would like to discuss, or just need someone to talk to. They provide a variety of services, and you can find these services and their phone number on their website (which I posted above).
  2. The Compass (www.oswego.edu/career-services/compass-navigators) The compass is an outlet for students who need help with any challenges they may be facing regarding their future careers. The compass is full of professionals and staff who can help you build your resume, cover letter, or just talk with you about your future and where you are hoping to move on to after your time at SUNY Oswego.
  3. Student Resources (www.oswego.edu/ols/student-resources) Student resources is a tool provided to students through the Office of Learning Services at SUNY Oswego. This tool provides students with tips about how to take notes, maintain good grades, and how to figure out what they are good at. This can help students get a handle on their academics and help prevent future stress that may be caused by classes.

There are many more resources out there, but these are just a few of the very important ones that students should be taking advantage of while on campus. College campuses are huge and filled with people, but it is so easy to end up feeling alone. But the truth is, you are not alone! Chances are the people that live in your dorm or the person who sits next to you in class feels the same way that you do. Don’t bottle up your emotions! It is okay to talk to people about how you feel and figure out exactly what it is that will help you. Even if SUNY Oswego does not have exactly what you need, there are people here who are more than willing to make connections for you and get you the help that you need and deserve. Take advantage of everything the campus has to offer! You won’t regret it.

Morgan Monday’s

Hi Everyone!

It’s that time of week again….Morgan Monday! This week I want to talk to you guys about the best places to eat around town. We all know what it is like to get sick of the dining hall, and if you live off campus then you know what it’s like to open your fridge and only see a half eaten piece of pizza sitting there. If you’ve got the extra cash and are looking for a good meal then listen up!

1. My absolute favorite place to grab something quick is Port City Cafe. They are located right on West 1st Street, and their menu consists of soups, salads, and all different types of sandwiches.They also serve breakfast until 10:30 a.m., and they have the best coffee I’ve had in Oswego. Their prices aren’t bad at all, around the $8-$10 range. If you love the cafe feel and really want a good sandwich, cup of coffee, or just want a place to hangout and do homework then go check it out!

2. If you’re looking for a good place to take someone on a date, celebrate a friend’s birthday, or are just in the mood to treat yourself, Vona’s is the place for you! It is a family run, Italian restaurant located on Willow Street in Oswego. They have all of your typical Italian dishes, but everything there is amazing and I really suggest trying it out. As long as you don’t mind shelling out a little extra cash ;).

3. Fajita Grill does not get the credit that it deserves in my opinion. Here in Oswego, we are lacking both Moe’s and Chipotle. Maybe it isn’t as good as those two restaurants in some people’s opinion, but I love it and think it is the best place to go in Oswego to get your Mexican food fix. Prices are very reasonable and the queso is awesome!

4. Old City is sort of like Oswego’s hidden gem when it comes to deals on food, and lets face it, we’re all broke and looking to save a couple bucks. Old City has a 50 cent wing special on Monday’s. Yes, you can eat as many wings as you want for only 50 cents each. They also have $1.50 tacos on Wednesdays. A taco for under $2…how could you go wrong? Of course Oswego is the only place who has taco Wednesday instead of taco Tuesday…but either way they’re still awesome tacos and I highly recommend checking it out! (Yes, guac is extra there too).

5. Last but not least, Press Box is the best place to go if you are looking for bar food, but in a sit-down setting. They have everything from nachos, to salads, to chicken fingers, and everything in-between. Don’t go there if you are trying to eat healthy, but if you are looking for good food at a reasonable price then check it out! I know from experience you won’t regret it :).

I hope this post gave you guys some ideas of places to try next time you are out and about and looking to grab a bite to eat! If you try any of these places and love them as much as I do, leave a comment below and let me know what you had! Look out for my post next week and enjoy! 🙂

Fun Things to do at SUNY Oswego

Are you sitting alone in your dorm room, bored and wondering why you have nothing to do except go to class and do homework? Well that’s because you probably don’t know that there are over 250 clubs and organizations to be apart of right here on SUNY Oswego’s campus! I am not going to name them all because we would be here for a while…but I will provide you with 10 clubs and organizations you probably didn’t know existed! If none of those interest you you can find the full list at


Here we go…

1. Adopt A Grandparent
This organization is a good one to get involved with if you are looking for an opportunity to volunteer and make a difference within the community.

2. Badminton Club
Get out there and show off your badminton skills!

3. College Republicans
If you are interested in politics and would enjoy meeting with your peers to discuss similar interests, then this club might be just right for you.

4. Cut The Craft
Students meet in order to create handmade crafts and enjoy each other’s company.

5. Fishing Club
Have an interest in fishing? Join the fishing club! Improve your fishing skills all while having fun with friends.

6. Math Club
If you love math and want to show of your skills then this would be the perfect club for you! Make sure to add yourself into their equation 🙂

7. Mentor Oswego
Connect with Oswego’s youth and become a role model for them through Mentor Oswego!

8. Oswego State Equestrian Team
This club allows students to pursue their love of riding horses as well as compete at the local and national level.

9. Potterwatch
This club is based solely on a love for Harry Potter. If you can’t get enough of Harry Potter, check out Potterwatch! They hold Harry Potter inspired events and activities in order to raise money for charities related to Harry Potter.

10. Scuba Club
If you have always wanted to become a certified diver then this club is for you! Dive in the local area with both new and experienced divers.

If none of these clubs interest you, don’t worry! Like I mentioned in the beginning, there are many more clubs and organizations where those came from. Be sure to check them out! 🙂

Oswego Fall Fun

Looking for fun activities to take part in this fall in the Oswego community? Well you are in luck! There are many exciting things going on both on and off campus in the upcoming weeks, and I am here to share these events with you. Here are 5 things you can’t miss out on this fall in Oswego…

1.) The Ontario Orchards Fall Jamboree
This event will kick off on Saturday, September 23 at 11 a.m., and will be going on until 6 p.m. There will be food, games, live music, apple picking, pumpkin picking, and so much more! Can’t make it Saturday? Don’t sweat it! The jamboree will also be taking place Sunday, September 24 from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. It is located at Ontario Orchards Farm, 15273 Center Road, Sterling NY. If you don’t have a car but really want to get in on the fall fun, invite your friends! Spend the day together in the beautiful fall weather.

2.) The 3rd Annual Oswego Porch Fest
This is something that many people may not know about, but it sounds awesome and is definitely something that is going to be worth checking out! Oswego has scheduled for over 30 performers to come out on Sunday September 24, 2017 from 1-5 p.m. They will be located on the west side of Oswego in the Historic Districts of West/Franklin and Montcalm Parks. The performances are free, and they are scattered throughout the neighborhoods and parks. Don’t miss this fantastic chance to meet local performers and spend the day outside with friends!

3.) CNY Great Pumpkin Festival
Each year, Oswego is the host of this annual festival. Come out and enjoy amusement rides, vendors, crafters, food, fun, and GINORMOUS pumpkins! This festival lasts all day long from September 30 to October 1, 2017. It is located at Washington Square Park in Oswego, NY. Take a picture next to one of the huge pumpkins and send it to us for a chance to be featured on the SUNY Oswego Instagram or Snapchat!

4.) Suicide Prevention 5k Fun Run and Walk
This is the 7th annual suicide prevention walk to be held on the SUNY Oswego campus. This walk is meant to support those who have lost someone to suicide, and raise awareness for the cause. The run/walk will be held on September 30, 2017 from 9-3 p.m. The event is free, but if you chose to raise $50 or more you will receive a free t-shirt. Put on your running shoes and come out to support a great cause!

5.) Oswego Farmer’s Market
The Oswego Farmer’s Market is basically a mini fair, with food trucks, fried dough, popcorn, vendors, crafters and much more! This event takes place each Thursday from 4-8 p.m. and is located on West 1st Street right in the heart of Oswego. There are only two more weeks left of the farmers market for this season, so don’t miss out!

There are many other things going on both on and off campus this fall, so don’t limit yourself to just these events! Get out, get involved and enjoy the fall season! Before we know it the ground will be covered in snow…

Look out for my posts every Monday, I will have new and exciting topics each week!

Introduction Blog

Hey guys! My name is Morgan Rowe and I am a junior here at SUNY Oswego. I am a Public Relations major with a minor in Business Administration. I also am serving as one of Oswego’s social media interns this fall and will be posting weekly blogs. My blog entries will include exciting things happening around campus, great places to eat in town, and everything in-between! Look out for my posts, they will be full of fun things to do in our college town!