Conference Calls, Coffee and Courage

Say that title 3 times fast!

Today I am taking a conference call from my new internship with John Murphy at The Estate Planning Institue .

The only issue is that I may or may have not stayed up till 4am cleaning my room and organizing things to go back to Oswego….whoops. Well I am the new intern, we will see how much information I get to have.

The internship was all so sudden, they called me and I got the job. I am a bit curious as to why, but I think it will become clear eventually All I know is that it only requires a few hours of training, verses a billion and a half. It is a good thing because I only have time for a few hours here and there. I always need an internship, and you do too, don’t fool yourself, however, I can’t be dead doing it.

Get yourself one:

and don’t delay, it is a make or break for the real world.

Alas, I am up way too early for common sense over winter break 🙂 But, at least I did it, and I thought I did well too!

Time for a toast sandwich! Photos soon…

Be Ozzy