Blogging is boring, why aren’t we better than that

I have decided that as a student in a media generation that we should be above blogging with just words….

Shouldn’t we be doing this with video? What if we all had 2 minutes videos each week. What if we could capture a much larger audience. We could even host the videos on youtube to save server space.

Here is what I want. I was thinking that I want to have Meg’s Multicultural Minute. We could each pick our own theme and revamp this program. Each week I could have a two minute clip with me doing a 30 second intro to one of my friends or acquaintances that has some different element within their family, life, history, past….yada yada for 1 minute. Then I can close with my 30 second wrap and what we learned. I mean words can only be so exciting when we can explore so much more of Oswego and what we have to offer. I could even branch out to club presidents and sport team captains. I feel like you shouldn’t read, watch or look at something on the internet without getting some use out of it and possibly be entertained. I also feel like my blogging needs a bigger goal than to just tell about my life… I do a million things and events a week…I don’t know how I am possibly supposed to be tracking them all without sounding boring. I am busy all the time, or I just hang out. Its complicated yet it makes for an uninteresting blog in my opinion.

The best way to market and engage people is to interact and brew more buzz and usefulness in my opinion. Why shouldn’t everything be a resource, a tool or a source of fun?

I haven’t written my blog in a while because I have been thinking of all these questions.

Meg’s micro multicultural multi purpose video blogging…..what do you think?

Could it be new and upcoming? Could it save the money making disaster that is soon to be twitter?

Lets start here. Hit me back.

Be Ozzy

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