So I am putzing along.

BTW putzing isn’t a real word, I think it’s a Rochester or a Lithuanian thing….I am both!

Thanksgiving with the family is fun as always. They are super quirky, so we all get along great 🙂 My Aunt holly is the best, she isn’t a farmer but just loves chickens. She is has a chicken coop that is comparable to mine in Farmville.
Aunt Holly!

I have made a list of the all the things that I have to do before the end of the semsester, its includes 9 things, I have done 2 of them….and I am currently procrastinating on them right now.

Happy news though, I am selling my old motorcycle to upgrade to a new one! I don’t know which one yet but I am so excited. I must say farewell to my dear 1989 Suzuki Gn 250. Did it have a lot of horse power? NO! Did it have a fancy paint job? NO! But she sure was mine…I loved her. Her name is Rosie. If you have a home for her, check out craigslist 🙂 rsz_rosie_2

I also had a fabulous time with one of my favorite alum Judy. She came up for the alumni board of directors meeting and took me to Wades. It is a fabulous greasy spoon across from Garofolos. If you don’t know what either of these are, I recommend you get a better Oz education! Ask a professor 🙂

Judy and Me!

Be Ozzy!