For the love of Organization

College has taught me a few very important things about myself. One is that that I am love with being organized. For example –  my favorite part of a new year is buying a new planner.I love looking on the shelves to find that planner perfect for me. It needs to have lots of space to hot down homework, meetings, reminders to myself, ect. It also needs to have a monthly calendar to I can go through in advance and write down all of the due dates from my syllabi. I love the rush you get from color coding all the the assignments, classes, and meetings! It also needs to have tabs for easy flipping for month to month. Mmmm….I love planners.

My second area of organization is Google (mail,docs, calendar, ect). I’m so happy the University decided to begin to use g-mail and Lakerapps for our school mail system. It makes it to easy to be organized and share information very easily. Especially being involved with student organizations or group projects.  You can customize sharing and editing privileges as well as track changes in documents. You can also share calendars with as many or as few people as you want. This is so helpful for organizations.  I like to color cold my google calendar to match my planner!

This is my color coded Google calendar that also snycs with my Droid so I can always have reminders of what I need to do!

My third step of planning/organization is POST-ITS. They are probably the best and most useful product ever invented. I use POST-ITS in my planner, text books, notebooks, and especially on my walls. I know…what a random place to stick them but, I’ve come up with a way to remember to do my work as well as motivate me to do it. After I sync my planner and calendar to my droid and set up reminders…I write each assignment on a POST-IT and stick it to my wall. (I know this isn’t green friendly-But, it is GPA friendly). One I write them all down I stick them on my wall. This way when i’m slacking off on my work watching The Jersey Shore…I’ll look at my wall and be reminded of what I have to do. Then when Jersey Shore is over and I finally finish my work….there is no greater feeling that watching the blob of POST-ITS come down one by one-showing how much I have accomplished!!


A new semester – A new outlook

Last semester I was bogged down (to say the least). But this semester with new class and a clean plate I am excited for this semester to start. So far all of my classes seem like they will be interesting. I am really excited about my PR writing class and my health science Drug use and Student protection strategies. They both seem like they will be very interesting and something that I actually want to learn. One week is almost done and I have already been sooo busy.

We’ll start with classes. I’m taking 5 regular classes plus earning credit for interning as well as Peer Advising. However my marketing class only meets once a week and the rest is online along with my health science class. I know online classes are a lot of work but I like to do things independently and at my own pace as fast or as slow as I may be.

Alpha Phi Omega is getting under way. We have our fist brotherhood meeting Sunday and Rush begins on Tuesday!! We have very fun rush weeks planned including an outdoor football game as well as an Ice cream sundae party! If anyone is interested learning more about SUNY Oswego’s only co-ed community service organization take a look at our website or join our Facebook group!!

Other than that I have been hanging out with best friend, house mate, APO Brother and fellow blogger Danielle Ferrara. We have a new housemate, his name is Ryan and he is now the only male living with us five lovely ladies. We’ll have to break him in, but I’m sure in no time the co-ed living situation will be no problem. I still love living in the village but our snow banks are so high!! We have to have our sidewalk shoveled by 11am but, what happens if it starts snowing at 11:15am?

In my last entry I spoke about an interview at Columbia University I had coming up for a summer program/internship!  On my way into the city warnings of a huge snowstorm for that evening were everywhere, I accidentally took the Southbound 1 train instead of north so rode it for about 40min. Finally, I arrive at Columbia University and 45 min later I was informed that I was accepted to the program. I was so excited to share the news with Dave who had so thoughtfully come into the city with me dispite having to leave at 6am, and waited around while I was in the interview. He then toook me to lunch to celebrate before we had to hurry back before the big snow fell. Thankfully I have learned so much in my 3 years here at Oswego and I was able to prove that I deserved the position. So in 5 months I will be living in NYC!!

I also spoke about how Dave is now a SUNY Oswego Alum, he is still on Long Island taking a police exam training course and waiting to take the Suffolk County Police Department exam!! Long distance relationships may not work for everyone, but I’m positive for us it will!

Until next time…..

Times, they are ‘a changin’

After a long absence of blogs I return with so much to tell. Since my last blog was in November, I’ll start with December. Classes came to a brutal finish with papers, finals, and of course the dreaded group presentations. In good news though, I passed everything (even German!!) This semester was very challenging for me, but thanks to my awesome support circle, I made it! One of the most helpful people in my life also had a very big semester. My best friend, and long term boyfriend became a proud Oswego Alum on December 18th! He graduated with a degree in Public Justice, and is hoping to soon become a Police Officer.

SUNY Oswego December 18th Graduation

Also in December APO came to  a finish with our end of the semester semi-formal banquet. Thanks to a lot of hard work from several members it was very successful and fun event. Not to mention a very fantastic end to the semester. I am very proud of all of our members who completed over 1500 hours of Service to our Chapter, Campus, Community and Country this semester. We have so many new and fantastic members who will continue to forge through with the success of APO.

APO Semi-Formal with my best friends (and most of the E-Board)

As December came to an end, I celebrated Christmas with my best friends, my housemates, my boyfriend, and of course my loving family! We also celebrated New Years eve and I threw a surprise for my parents 20th Anniversary! Yes, I was 6 months old when my parents were married. But, it means I can throw them awesome parties.  It was really nice to have family, and my parents friends whom I’ve known my entire life around. And it was super awesome to have Dave fly up to celebrate with everyone.

My Mom and Dad on New Years Eve for their 20th Anniversary!

As the new year turned over and January began, I left the country. Off to Mont Tremblant, Quebec Canada for a week with SUNY Oswego Downhill Ski and Snowboard Club. This was my third year attending the trip and Dave’s fifth. We stayed at The Village in Tremblant from January 2nd to the 7th and returned late that night. Tremblant was amazing! It was the nicest weather any of us had ever seen there, and the farthest we could ever see. I stayed in a 6 person suite at The Hilton Homewood Suites, and met some very fantastic people! While I was there we snowboarded, enjoyed the Village atmosphere, ate amazing French Onion soup, and of course devoured Casey’s Fiesta Nachos! Last year Dave and I made a vow that we would someday finish these massive nachos, and seeing as it was his last year, we had a mission. So on the last day we sat around a table eating my body weight in chips, cheese, chicken, sour cream, and all the fixings. And yes, this year we SUCCEEDED!

Yes, we really finished all of this.

The day we arrived back in the U.S. also happened to be one of my best friend’s 21st birthdays. I joined her in her apartment but was so exhausted I just went home and went to sleep. Sorry Meg. The following day consisted of Dave and I laying on the couch watching a marathon of movies, and again going to sleep early. Finally yesterday, Dave and I drive to my house, then back to the airport, flew to JFK and finally arrived late last night in Wading River, NY. I’ll be staying on Long Island until the 18th. Tuesday I have an interview at Columbia University for a Summer Internship Program which I am so excited about!! Hopefully, I wont be as nervous as I am right now. Wish me luck and keep your fingers crossed!!

That’s all for now. Hope you guys are caught up and I promise I will be more on my game this semester!


This past Saturday and Sunday I was very busy. Despite it being Halloween weekend, I did a quite a bit of community service.

Saturday I worked at Camp Hollis a camp for Youth in Oswego County. We worked there for about 5 hours doing everything from chopping and stacking wood, to cleaning the kitchens. We cleaned, cut, stacked, un-knotted, swept, scrubbed, moped, carried, shoveled, organized and covered. It was a very rewarding day for the almost 15 of us who attended. This is not my first time working at Camp Hollis. Last Spring we helped open the camp and were invited back twice this fall to help close. And there is no doubt in my mind we will be back next Spring.

Sunday I helped throw a Halloween party at Sunrise Nursing home, not too far from Campus. We provided decorations and games for over 30 elderly residents of Sunrise. This nursing home is very short staffed and with so many residents they have a difficult time providing activities. At first I will admit I was a little nervous to go to the nursing home, they’ve always had a stigma to me. But, when I walked in the door and saw how clean the facilities were and nice the staff I felt a little more comfortable. I was also nervous because I had no idea what to talk about with the residents and I was afraid of hearing problems, or Alzheimer’s but, before I knew it all of the Volunteers had found a few residents we clicked with a had quite an afternoon. We helped serve food, watched a nursing home Pinata go down and overall I got a new perspective on something I had been narrow minded about. This was an awesome experience and I believe everyone should try and take part in an event in a nursing home, you will leave with a new perspective.I know that in a few weeks APO will be underway of making Christmas decorations for a next venture with the Sunrise Residents. Below is a picture of Catherine who goes by Kat who played a special role in helping me to loosen up and enjoy a wonderful afternoon.

Thanks to those in APO who participated in both events this weekend and a special thanks to fellow blogger, housemate, APO brother and best friend Danielle Ferrara who played a huge role on organizing the Sunrise event.

You’re one of those…..

Its been a few months since the craziness of Orientation ended and I’m getting back to the point where I miss my fellow Laker Leaders. As much as I can’t wait to get away once Orientation ends I miss my summer family now. I see some of them every day, and some once in a while but, I miss our group dynamics. Every morning when Zack and Will are both late, Kim looking like a model and Leah brushing her teeth in the basement bathroom. As busy as I am right now, it makes me look back on these people and times (and sunshine) more often.

APO is doing awesome!! We have 24 wonderful, beautiful (inside and out) amazing little pledges. We have a million and 8 service projects going on, so give us all of your cans this weekend ;)Were getting so big now that we have to change to the largest rooms to accomodate such large meetings. I must say looking at the pictures of this past weekends ritual makes all of the blood, sweat and tears I’ve given to APO over the past year and a half very worth it.

In other news: I have a study abroad meeting today. Hopefully June 11-22 I will be scuba diving in Honduras, and swimming with Dolphins. Its a quarter 4 class called BIO 301 that will be going to the Bay Islands. Hopefully today I know for sure if I will be going!!

I’m also looking for Internships for this upcoming summer. I’ve found one at Columbia University where I would be in charge of 10 high school students who come take classes and I’d be there to take them to explore NYC, and take care of them. When I get more info I will keep you updated.

As for now I’m at work and must go make some copies.

p.s. I have a really awesome boyfriend who bought me boots and windshield wipers. It’s love.


So today, despite the coldness, I am in a great mood. I’m soo glad it’s Friday. I think it’s the fact that we actually had a full week. I wasn’t used to sitting in class for soo long. Rush for APO has finished and we ended up putting in for 38 bids. This means Monday afternoon we will offer 38 people the opportunity to pledge. Not all of them will of course but APO continues to grow and I couldn’t be more proud. yayyy! But, today is Friday so I have some free time to do homework, get caught up on Jersey Shore and of course attend ALANA’S FIRST EVER PEACE WALK on SUNDAY 🙂


It’s only one week of school and I’m overwhelmed. I realize that I put myself in this situation by taking a lot on to my plate but, I also am disappointed because I thought I prepared enough to take everything on.

Let’s start with what takes up most of my time, Alpha Phi Omega. I love APO and eat breathe, sleep APO. But, last spring when was re-elected as President, I spent hours upon hours preparing to make this semester easier. I had an Exec board that was killer, re-did every binder, with all the papers they would need. Forms and contact info galore. I was ready. However, as the summer slowly progressed Orientations came and went, one of my E-board members resigned. Little to my knowledge they had done no planning for the Fall Rush or pledge program, so low and behold. I did it. Now trying to run RUSH, help the other e-board members settle into their jobs, and do my own job, I’m slightly stressed. The people I do have around however are wonderful. I love the remaining e-board members, as well as the regular members who just go the extra mile and thank god I have fellow blogger and brother, and housemate Danielle to have my back.

My next time consumer is simply walking around. Years of snowboarding and soccer has taken a toll on my knees and is quite evident if you see me hobbling around on crutches. One torn meniscus and sprained LCL leaves me crutchin’ around trying to get to class on time, make it up to the third floor in my house. If I wasn’t already stressed, this would have done it.

In addition to these, Peer advising, TAing, 18 credits and ya know the basic eating, breathing, and  sleeping have got me stressed and it’s only the first week. Good thing I’ve got excellent, wonderful people who care about me and help as much as humanly possible. Dave, my housemates and friends are wonderful, wonderful, wonderful and I love them.

Oh yeah, tonight everyone should come to the Laker Leaders Glee profromance at in Waterman theatre in Tyer Hall.

Until later 🙂

Ready or not….here it comes.

Tomorrow is the beginning of my Junior year. Where has the time gone, I feel like just yesterday I was moving into Johnson hall. Unloading way too much on side walk, anxiously awaiting what was next to come. As I drove around in golf carts Friday watching the class of 2014 move in, I remembered it. I remember being home sick, missing my best friends, not knowing where anything was. I remember going to my first class, joining my first club, meeting many different types of new people.

Now I sit here blogging, and organizing my life, before classes even start….I look back at the wonderful experiences I’ve had here. Then I look forward at what is next to come for me. I know I have best friends that I can count on to help me move towards my goals, I have activities I enjoy, and Leadership that will help me move forward and I start to prepare for Grad schools and the “Real world”. But, for now. I’m just getting ready for my first day of classes!


Friendship. A word which our lives, from the start, revolve around. Starting with play dates as toddlers, sleepovers in middle school we have friends. Anyone who shared the purple crayon with me during free time, or traded my PB&J for their Fluffernutter we were friends. As our lives change and we grow Friendship becomes more and more difficult to pin point.

In the transition from high school to college I thought we’d stay best friends forever. Making new friends in college was my biggest fear. Nobody could be as good of a friend s as I already had. Nobody would know me and care about me the way these friends do. BFFS. We even had a formal party before we left for college themed ‘make new friends but keep the old’. However as we all parted to different states, regions, and environments the making new friends was the easy part, keeping the old….a little more difficult. Everyone has a different college experience which, in some cases causes us to grow apart. And I’ve come to the realization that it’s okay. It’s part of growing up.

I’ve also come to realize that there are varying levels of friendship. Let’s take birthdays for example….The friends you would write ‘Happy Birthday’ on their facebook wall. The friends you would send a text to when you see its their birthday on Facebook, the friend you would stop by to say hello, or go out to eat with, and then the friend you buy a cake mix a week in advanced. Ahem-Megan Andersen. I’m very content with my friends, although we have our fights here and there. I know who I will most likely lose contact with after college, and who will stay in my life forever. But, for now- I love my friends.

The Best and the Brightest

Every day during our training for Orientation, we are reminded that we are chosen out of the best and the brightest. We represent the best of Oswego and define what a good student is. So what am I?

I am a Jr. Public Relations major with a minor in Marketing. I’m the president of Alpha Phi Omega the National Co-ed Service fraternity on campus and a second year Laker Leader. I’m an avid member of the Downhill ski and snowboard club, and a student. But, what does the best and the brightest mean?

It means I’m lucky. I get to spend my summer in Johnson Hall, on the beautiful shore of Lake Ontario with my best friends. Day in and day out getting paid to represent the school I love, and helping new students to love it too!

It also means my summer is a total of 3 weeks in June and 3 weeks in August. It means I get to see my boyfriend twice, and tell my parents Happy Birthday over the phone. My days turn from Monday through Friday to Day 1, 2 and so on. We work a lot of hours, and get to know each other very well.

From being “The best and the brightest” I have learned a great work ethic and a lot about people. So I guess it means I’m a people person. And by missing my loved ones it just proves it more. Let the programs begin!