Times, they are ‘a changin’

After a long absence of blogs I return with so much to tell. Since my last blog was in November, I’ll start with December. Classes came to a brutal finish with papers, finals, and of course the dreaded group presentations. In good news though, I passed everything (even German!!) This semester was very challenging for me, but thanks to my awesome support circle, I made it! One of the most helpful people in my life also had a very big semester. My best friend, and long term boyfriend became a proud Oswego Alum on December 18th! He graduated with a degree in Public Justice, and is hoping to soon become a Police Officer.

SUNY Oswego December 18th Graduation

Also in December APO came to  a finish with our end of the semester semi-formal banquet. Thanks to a lot of hard work from several members it was very successful and fun event. Not to mention a very fantastic end to the semester. I am very proud of all of our members who completed over 1500 hours of Service to our Chapter, Campus, Community and Country this semester. We have so many new and fantastic members who will continue to forge through with the success of APO.

APO Semi-Formal with my best friends (and most of the E-Board)

As December came to an end, I celebrated Christmas with my best friends, my housemates, my boyfriend, and of course my loving family! We also celebrated New Years eve and I threw a surprise for my parents 20th Anniversary! Yes, I was 6 months old when my parents were married. But, it means I can throw them awesome parties.  It was really nice to have family, and my parents friends whom I’ve known my entire life around. And it was super awesome to have Dave fly up to celebrate with everyone.

My Mom and Dad on New Years Eve for their 20th Anniversary!

As the new year turned over and January began, I left the country. Off to Mont Tremblant, Quebec Canada for a week with SUNY Oswego Downhill Ski and Snowboard Club. This was my third year attending the trip and Dave’s fifth. We stayed at The Village in Tremblant from January 2nd to the 7th and returned late that night. Tremblant was amazing! It was the nicest weather any of us had ever seen there, and the farthest we could ever see. I stayed in a 6 person suite at The Hilton Homewood Suites, and met some very fantastic people! While I was there we snowboarded, enjoyed the Village atmosphere, ate amazing French Onion soup, and of course devoured Casey’s Fiesta Nachos! Last year Dave and I made a vow that we would someday finish these massive nachos, and seeing as it was his last year, we had a mission. So on the last day we sat around a table eating my body weight in chips, cheese, chicken, sour cream, and all the fixings. And yes, this year we SUCCEEDED!

Yes, we really finished all of this.

The day we arrived back in the U.S. also happened to be one of my best friend’s 21st birthdays. I joined her in her apartment but was so exhausted I just went home and went to sleep. Sorry Meg. The following day consisted of Dave and I laying on the couch watching a marathon of movies, and again going to sleep early. Finally yesterday, Dave and I drive to my house, then back to the airport, flew to JFK and finally arrived late last night in Wading River, NY. I’ll be staying on Long Island until the 18th. Tuesday I have an interview at Columbia University for a Summer Internship Program which I am so excited about!! Hopefully, I wont be as nervous as I am right now. Wish me luck and keep your fingers crossed!!

That’s all for now. Hope you guys are caught up and I promise I will be more on my game this semester!

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