A new semester – A new outlook

Last semester I was bogged down (to say the least). But this semester with new class and a clean plate I am excited for this semester to start. So far all of my classes seem like they will be interesting. I am really excited about my PR writing class and my health science Drug use and Student protection strategies. They both seem like they will be very interesting and something that I actually want to learn. One week is almost done and I have already been sooo busy.

We’ll start with classes. I’m taking 5 regular classes plus earning credit for interning as well as Peer Advising. However my marketing class only meets once a week and the rest is online along with my health science class. I know online classes are a lot of work but I like to do things independently and at my own pace as fast or as slow as I may be.

Alpha Phi Omega is getting under way. We have our fist brotherhood meeting Sunday and Rush begins on Tuesday!! We have very fun rush weeks planned including an outdoor football game as well as an Ice cream sundae party! If anyone is interested learning more about SUNY Oswego’s only co-ed community service organization take a look at our website or join our Facebook group!!

Other than that I have been hanging out with best friend, house mate, APO Brother and fellow blogger Danielle Ferrara. We have a new housemate, his name is Ryan and he is now the only male living with us five lovely ladies. We’ll have to break him in, but I’m sure in no time the co-ed living situation will be no problem. I still love living in the village but our snow banks are so high!! We have to have our sidewalk shoveled by 11am but, what happens if it starts snowing at 11:15am?

In my last entry I spoke about an interview at Columbia University I had coming up for a summer program/internship!  On my way into the city warnings of a huge snowstorm for that evening were everywhere, I accidentally took the Southbound 1 train instead of north so rode it for about 40min. Finally, I arrive at Columbia University and 45 min later I was informed that I was accepted to the program. I was so excited to share the news with Dave who had so thoughtfully come into the city with me dispite having to leave at 6am, and waited around while I was in the interview. He then toook me to lunch to celebrate before we had to hurry back before the big snow fell. Thankfully I have learned so much in my 3 years here at Oswego and I was able to prove that I deserved the position. So in 5 months I will be living in NYC!!

I also spoke about how Dave is now a SUNY Oswego Alum, he is still on Long Island taking a police exam training course and waiting to take the Suffolk County Police Department exam!! Long distance relationships may not work for everyone, but I’m positive for us it will!

Until next time…..

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Junior Double major in Public Relations and Marketing Laker Leader President, Alpha Phi Omega National Service Fraternity
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