It’s only one week of school and I’m overwhelmed. I realize that I put myself in this situation by taking a lot on to my plate but, I also am disappointed because I thought I prepared enough to take everything on.

Let’s start with what takes up most of my time, Alpha Phi Omega. I love APO and eat breathe, sleep APO. But, last spring when was re-elected as President, I spent hours upon hours preparing to make this semester easier. I had an Exec board that was killer, re-did every binder, with all the papers they would need. Forms and contact info galore. I was ready. However, as the summer slowly progressed Orientations came and went, one of my E-board members resigned. Little to my knowledge they had done no planning for the Fall Rush or pledge program, so low and behold. I did it. Now trying to run RUSH, help the other e-board members settle into their jobs, and do my own job, I’m slightly stressed. The people I do have around however are wonderful. I love the remaining e-board members, as well as the regular members who just go the extra mile and thank god I have fellow blogger and brother, and housemate Danielle to have my back.

My next time consumer is simply walking around. Years of snowboarding and soccer has taken a toll on my knees and is quite evident if you see me hobbling around on crutches. One torn meniscus and sprained LCL leaves me crutchin’ around trying to get to class on time, make it up to the third floor in my house. If I wasn’t already stressed, this would have done it.

In addition to these, Peer advising, TAing, 18 credits and ya know the basic eating, breathing, and  sleeping have got me stressed and it’s only the first week. Good thing I’ve got excellent, wonderful people who care about me and help as much as humanly possible. Dave, my housemates and friends are wonderful, wonderful, wonderful and I love them.

Oh yeah, tonight everyone should come to the Laker Leaders Glee profromance at in Waterman theatre in Tyer Hall.

Until later 🙂

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Junior Double major in Public Relations and Marketing Laker Leader President, Alpha Phi Omega National Service Fraternity
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