Friendship. A word which our lives, from the start, revolve around. Starting with play dates as toddlers, sleepovers in middle school we have friends. Anyone who shared the purple crayon with me during free time, or traded my PB&J for their Fluffernutter we were friends. As our lives change and we grow Friendship becomes more and more difficult to pin point.

In the transition from high school to college I thought we’d stay best friends forever. Making new friends in college was my biggest fear. Nobody could be as good of a friend s as I already had. Nobody would know me and care about me the way these friends do. BFFS. We even had a formal party before we left for college themed ‘make new friends but keep the old’. However as we all parted to different states, regions, and environments the making new friends was the easy part, keeping the old….a little more difficult. Everyone has a different college experience which, in some cases causes us to grow apart. And I’ve come to the realization that it’s okay. It’s part of growing up.

I’ve also come to realize that there are varying levels of friendship. Let’s take birthdays for example….The friends you would write ‘Happy Birthday’ on their facebook wall. The friends you would send a text to when you see its their birthday on Facebook, the friend you would stop by to say hello, or go out to eat with, and then the friend you buy a cake mix a week in advanced. Ahem-Megan Andersen. I’m very content with my friends, although we have our fights here and there. I know who I will most likely lose contact with after college, and who will stay in my life forever. But, for now- I love my friends.

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