You’re one of those…..

Its been a few months since the craziness of Orientation ended and I’m getting back to the point where I miss my fellow Laker Leaders. As much as I can’t wait to get away once Orientation ends I miss my summer family now. I see some of them every day, and some once in a while but, I miss our group dynamics. Every morning when Zack and Will are both late, Kim looking like a model and Leah brushing her teeth in the basement bathroom. As busy as I am right now, it makes me look back on these people and times (and sunshine) more often.

APO is doing awesome!! We have 24 wonderful, beautiful (inside and out) amazing little pledges. We have a million and 8 service projects going on, so give us all of your cans this weekend ;)Were getting so big now that we have to change to the largest rooms to accomodate such large meetings. I must say looking at the pictures of this past weekends ritual makes all of the blood, sweat and tears I’ve given to APO over the past year and a half very worth it.

In other news: I have a study abroad meeting today. Hopefully June 11-22 I will be scuba diving in Honduras, and swimming with Dolphins. Its a quarter 4 class called BIO 301 that will be going to the Bay Islands. Hopefully today I know for sure if I will be going!!

I’m also looking for Internships for this upcoming summer. I’ve found one at Columbia University where I would be in charge of 10 high school students who come take classes and I’d be there to take them to explore NYC, and take care of them. When I get more info I will keep you updated.

As for now I’m at work and must go make some copies.

p.s. I have a really awesome boyfriend who bought me boots and windshield wipers. It’s love.

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