Ready or not….here it comes.

Tomorrow is the beginning of my Junior year. Where has the time gone, I feel like just yesterday I was moving into Johnson hall. Unloading way too much on side walk, anxiously awaiting what was next to come. As I drove around in golf carts Friday watching the class of 2014 move in, I remembered it. I remember being home sick, missing my best friends, not knowing where anything was. I remember going to my first class, joining my first club, meeting many different types of new people.

Now I sit here blogging, and organizing my life, before classes even start….I look back at the wonderful experiences I’ve had here. Then I look forward at what is next to come for me. I know I have best friends that I can count on to help me move towards my goals, I have activities I enjoy, and Leadership that will help me move forward and I start to prepare for Grad schools and the “Real world”. But, for now. I’m just getting ready for my first day of classes!

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Junior Double major in Public Relations and Marketing Laker Leader President, Alpha Phi Omega National Service Fraternity
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