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This past week there have been many stands just like this one all over SUNY Oswego’s campus making sure people are registered to vote and have their absentee ballot through Vote Oswego.



Earl Bellinger is an alumnus from Class of 2012 who came in this week to give a lecture called “From Starlight to Stellar Ages: A Look inside the Private Life of Stars.” He is an astronomy doctoral student at Yale and was the first SUNY Oswego student to intern with NASA at CalTech’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

How To Avoid Getting Sick This Flu Season

Let’s be honest. No one likes getting sick. Usually around this time of year, people are starting to get sick. Every sniffle, cough, and lost voice can drive someone insane. It’s even worse when the sickness spreads. Now you’re probably thinking “Ilyssa, is there any way I can avoid getting sick this flu season?” Yes, but you should also know what to do when you do get sick.

Here’s a few tips on how to avoid getting sick during flu season.

  • Hand sanitize!

Most of the time, rubbing a little bit of hand sanitizer will increase your chances of not getting sick. If you don’t your own bottle, you could either buy a bottle or use one of the machines that are all over campus. There’s a lot of them on campus, so be sure to use them.

  • Wipe down your gym equipment.

This one can be overlooked a bit. If you’re an avid gym-goer, sometimes people won’t wipe down the machine after using it. Both gyms on campus have bottles of diluted lysol you can use to knock out the germs on your favorite machine. Why get sick at a place where you want to be healthy?

  • Get a flu shot

As long as you don’t have a fear of needles, getting your flu shot will help protect you, your roommates, and your family from getting sick. You can either check with Mary Walker Health Center to see when their flu clinics are (it’s free, by the way) or see if your local hospital has their own clinics.

  • Buy a bottle of disinfectant spray

Not only will using the spray benefit you, but it will also benefit your roommate(s) or housemate (s). That way all of you can avoid getting sick.

What happens if my roommate is sick?

Be cautious, but don’t avoid them unless it’s really serious. Help them out with any schoolwork they missed. See if you can make them some soup or pick up medicine. Also, be sure to hand sanitize and spray lysol when they’re not in the room.

What happens if I get sick?

Don’t panic. I know it stinks to get sick, but it happens to everyone. Here are some ways you can get better in no time.

  • Neti pot

A neti pot is that thing that looks like a teapot. First, you put in lukewarm water and the salts they provide you. Next, tilt your head to the side. Carefully pour the water down the side of your nose facing upwards. If you see water coming down the other side of your nose or your through your mouth, don’t panic. It means it’s working. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for the other side of your nose. The neti pot is pretty effective so I’d suggest getting one if you need to get rid of your cold ASAP.

  • Drink lots of fluids, especially orange juice and water

I don’t drink orange juice, so my alternative is a giant Vitamin C pill and B-12 pill. Any sort of Vitamin C you can get is beneficial. I would skip the soda and coffee for until you get better and try to get some tea with honey. Tea will help your voice recover better than soda and coffee will.

  • Lots and lots of rest

If you have a long weekend, take that opportunity to recover and sleep in. If it happens during the week and you’re really sick, see if you can rest up.

Email your professors ahead of time and let them know you can’t make it to class that day. Depending on the attendance policy and how many classes you’ve missed, the professor will probably be understanding and let you miss the class (unless, of course, there’s a big test that day). Get in contact with someone you know who’s in the class and ask them for the notes you missed and assignments you have to make up. Don’t forget to stay on top of your assignments!

You can also ask your RA if they can send you a “sick tray” from one of the dining halls if you don’t have the energy to get up.

Stay healthy this flu season!

When thunder roars…

…Go indoors! (But really, that’s how the saying goes. Practice your lightning safety, folks.)

Hello everyone, and Happy October! What has the wonderful weather of Oswego been up to lately, you ask?

Well, the month has come in with a literal bang, as campus experienced a rather noisy late-season thunderstorm on Oct. 2.


Photo credit: Matthew Seymour

Around 5:15pm on Oct. 2, this massive-looking cloud formation, known as a shelf cloud, appeared in the western sky. This cloud is commonly found at the leading edge of thunderstorms, and can signify incoming strong winds. Sure enough, about 5 minutes later, the wind became gusty and rain began to come down in buckets. So, if you see a shelf cloud, better run for cover!


Photo credit: Matthew Seymour

Today, Oct. 3, started out cloudy in the morning, with the sun shining by the time afternoon rolled around. But, something else was in the air – I almost mist it. (Ha ha) A thin layer of fog rolled in off the lake during the early afternoon. This fog likely formed due to a relatively humid air mass moving over the cooling lake waters. But more striking is the appearance of a faint white arc, known as a fogbow. Fogbows are formed in a similar process as rainbows, however in this case, the sun’s rays refract off of fog droplets instead of raindrops.


Photo credit: Matthew Seymour

Additionally, the sunsets continue to impress. Shown is the sunset from Sept. 29, as I viewed from the second floor of Shineman Center.

Be on the lookout for my next post, which will tell you about some of my sunset experiences, and where to go to get the best views and best photographs alike. Until next time, folks!!

If You’re in the Mood to Eat Somewhere New

Dining hall food is pretty great (“Chicken Patty Day” anyone?), but sometimes you want to try something off campus that isn’t a fast food joint. Especially if you are new to Oswego, you don’t really know all that is out there. That’s where I come in. I’m going to cover some reliable mainstays in Oswego that are always worth the visit.

Let’s begin with Rudy’s. Rudy’s is a lakeside joint all about fish, tenders, and other tasty foods close to the west side of campus and one of the most iconic eateries in this part of New York.


Especially in the beginning of the summer, ask anyone there and there’s a chance that you’ll hear that people are from Rochester, Albany, and other places across New York. Rudy’s is only open seasonally, so make sure to stop in before they close after Columbus Day weekend. Bev’s Dairy Treat (known most commonly as just Bev’s) is right next to Rudy’s, and if you ever have a hankering for soft serve, it’s the place to go.

fullsizerender [Photo courtesy of Emily George]

Press Box and Old City Hall are also some really great restaurants to check out. They are right off Bridge Street and perfect places to take your parents when they come into town or if you want to go somewhere nice off of campus. They are bar and grill-type places. You can’t go wrong with anything at Press Box, and I highly recommend the wraps and fries at Old City Hall.

If you’re searching for Italian at a family restaurant, Canale’s is the place to be. The alfredo is excellent and anyone in search of a hearty pasta will certainly enjoy it and the warm atmosphere. You don’t walk out of Canale’s hungry!

For a cute cafe with a relaxed vibe, Port City Cafe offers salads, paninis, desserts, and other lighter fare. With soft lighting and your choice of booth or counter by the window for sitting, it’s definitely a place to try.

This post certainly doesn’t cover all of the restaurants in Oswego, and I encourage you to go out and explore all there is. I know I will!

Welcome to Autumn!

Hello everybody! It’s that time of year again…

Autumn!!! Or fall. Or pumpkin spice everything season. Whatever you prefer to call the three months between Sept. 22 and Dec. 21.

Here in Oswego, that means a few things. Swimming season at the lake is coming to an end. Temperatures begin to drop, and windy days become more numerous by the week. The green trees will soon become adorn in red and orange fall colors. And before you know it, well I won’t mention the dreaded s-word just yet…

So far this season, we haven’t really experienced true “autumn” weather in Oswego. A warm pattern, a continuation of the hot and dry summer Upstate NY experienced this year, carried over into September. Here in Oswego, the daily high temperature reached above 70ºF everyday this month through Sept. 23, even on a few occasions eclipsing 80º. Doesn’t sound like autumnal weather to me!

Meanwhile, the low temperature has dropped below 55º only four times so far this month, and did not reach the 40s until the morning of Sept. 25.

A tranquil sunset on Sept. 21 at the campus lakeshore. [Photo credit: Matthew Seymour]

A tranquil sunset on Sept. 21 at the campus lakeshore. [Photo credit: Matthew Seymour]

Keep in mind that, on average, high temps drop from the mid 70s on Sept. 1, to the mid 60s on Sept. 30. Lows normally go from the upper 50s on Sept. 1, to the upper 40s by month’s end.

Just this past Friday, a strong cold front finally pushed through the region, putting an end to Oswego’s extended summer weather. Temps the past couple days have been right around where they usually are, if not a little below normal. What a relief!!

A large wave crashes into the lakeshore the evening of Sept. 23, during strong northerly winds that followed the passage of a cold front in the morning. [Photo credit: Matthew Seymour]

A large wave crashes into the lakeshore the evening of Sept. 23, during strong northerly winds that followed the passage of a cold front in the morning. [Photo credit: Matthew Seymour]

The autumn-like weather looks to stick around this time, with cool temps continuing for the next several days. Have a great week!!

4 Ways to Wake Up Without Coffee

Coffee is absolutely a fantastic. If you are feeling tired, lazy and need that boost, all you have to do is stop at Fans and get yourself some coffee to give you that boost you need in the morning. I used to drink coffee every single morning, french vanilla with skim milk and one sugar to be more specific. I started to notice that I was not able to function without that morning stop to Dunkin and decided that I did not want one cup of coffee to determine my mood in the morning. Also I went from a small cup to the biggest one they had so I figured it is not okay to be drinking that much coffee in the morning. So I did some research and after all my browsing and experiments I narrowed it down to 5 ways to waking up in the morning without a cup of coffee.

1. Sunlight

  • Sleeping in a completely dark room is great but keeping those curtains open will bring in natural light and science says the sun’s rays will help you wake up. I do sleep with my curtains open and its true! As soon as the sun comes up I usually beat my alarm clock and wake up. Also, the sun light is kinda just annoying so I get up because of that.

2. Take a cold shower

  • This is a savage way to do it but a quick little cold shower will wake you right up. If you do not want to put your whole body through the misery, you can just give your face a quick splash of cold water.

3. Workout

  • Believe it or not a nice workout will start your day off great! Anytime I get a chance I like to get a workout in the morning, exercise will help your blood flow circulate and get you moving.

4. Make a great playlist

  • Create an upbeat playlist to help give you an instant energy boost. Plus dancing has been shown to help keep you alert and we all know everyone likes to dance in private.

Better Late Than Never

Hi everyone! My name is Shanna (Shay-nuh) Mansfield, I am a Public Relations major with a minor in English. I’m from a town called Pearl River in Rockland County, just outside of NYC.

So, I’m going to take it back to my senior year in high school. Unlike most of my peers who had been applying to colleges since the beginning of the year I hadn’t applied to any. Nope, not a single one. I had absolutely no direction, no idea where I wanted to go, what I wanted to study or who I wanted to be.

A couple months before graduation, I applied to my local community college, RCC, and was accepted. Better late than never.

While at RCC my freshmen year I had tons of free time on my hands, which I used to visit friends who had been whisked off to different colleges. My first visit was to our very own SUNY Oswego! I fell in love, I’m talking head-over-heels love and there was no turning back for me.

I loved the atmosphere, the vibe, the campus, the beautiful and breathtaking lake. THIS. This is what I wanted. I couldn’t get enough and I never wanted to leave. But of course I had to, if I could’ve hid in my friends dorm room for the rest of the year, oh believe me I would have!

Throughout the year I had visited other schools, but nothing left me feeling the same way Oswego did. So I began my transfer application to SUNY Oswego and was accepted!

I transferred in my sophomore year (better late than never). However, I still lacked that direction that everyone else around me seemed just instinctively have. It wasn’t until last year that I had finally decided my major, once again, better late than never! It was with the guidance and help of a dedicated advisor and truly inspirational professors that I was able to find myself and my direction, and realize new dreams and aspirations.

It may have taken me longer than some to get to this point, but the best decision I have ever made was making SUNY Oswego my home away from home. Better late than never.

Introducing Matthew

Hello everybody! My name is Matthew Seymour. I am from the Ithaca, NY area, and I am a sophomore studying meteorology here at SUNY Oswego. Some of my interests include photography, hiking, hanging with friends, and watching the Oswego sunset.

My journey at SUNY Oswego began in May 2014, when I visited the school for the first time. I immediately fell in love with the school. I applied to a number of other schools, but Oswego had me sold. Some of my favorite aspects included the brand new Richard S. Shineman science building, the scenery (and crazy weather conditions) provided by Lake Ontario, the multitude of clubs and activities offered around the school, and most importantly, the amazing meteorology department.

Currently, I find myself a part of the Meteorology, Photography and Outdoor clubs, as well as serving an E-board position in Waterbury Hall.

I have not considered myself to be one to write a blog someday, but it was bound to happen. My entries will mainly focus on the various weather phenomena Oswego experiences day-to-day. Additionally, I hope to incorporate some of my best pictures that perfectly describe Oswego’s beauty during any season.

That’s it for now – I cannot wait to share my experiences here at SUNY Oswego with you!

Introducing Ilyssa!


Hi there, current and potential SUNY Oswego students! My name is Ilyssa Weiner. I am a senior at SUNY Oswego studying Broadcasting and Mass Communication with a minor in Political Science. I’m from The Catskills area of New York, just a little more than two hours away from New York City.

My Oswego story began in mid-2012, when my family and I went up to visit a friend who was going to school there. I immediately fell in love with the campus when she initially gave us the tour and loved it even more when we back for an official tour in 2013. Although I applied to a few other schools during my senior year, I had my sights set on SUNY Oswego.

When I initially came to the school, I barely had any experience with broadcasting. Now, I feel like a pro. The broadcasting program is incredible with helping students both inexperienced and experienced learn the ropes. Whether it was getting involved at WTOP-10 and WNYO 88.9 FM or taking classes about how to create videos and write for television news, I felt like I was learning exactly what I needed in order to succeed.

Aside from the amazing broadcasting department, one of my other favorite things at SUNY Oswego is the definitely the lake. I mean, I’m right on Lake Ontario. I can literally go down to the lake and dip my feet in there on a hot summer day. The sunsets by the lake are also breathtaking. Take some time to admire the beauty of the sun setting with your friends if you get the chance.

That’s all from me right now. I’m so excited to be sharing my experiences with all of you!


Introducing Nicole

Hi guys! I am Nicole Lightfoot. I am a Junior at SUNY Oswego and I am going for my BFA in graphic design with a minor in photography. I am eventually going to go for my masters in art education. I would really like to move down to Florida after school and be an art teacher. I would also like to have my own  photography studio on the side of teaching. I enjoy photography a lot and I am currently Vice President of photography club. I don’t blog very much but, I am super excited to get the opportunity to discuss different topics with everyone!