5 things to do between classes…..

Do you have a semester with 5 or 6 classes? Do you want to improve in college?  Every semester they offer I have taken the maximum amount of classes, and as a non-traditional student that is also a commuter, I find it hard when I have time in between classes every day and I debate going home or staying near campus.

Are you someone who prefers to do your homework at home?  I don’t go to the library much unless I am getting with my group or need some change in my studying technique before finals.

Even when it’s a ‘slow’ start at college or your trying to get into a good rhythm, here are 5 things to do with your time between classes if you have an hour or more, that has helped me tremendously!! 🙂


1.Make news friends or get with your groups for projects! I’m a non-traditional student that lives nearby, so my local friends would meet me for a quick lunch at places like Subway and Ruby Tuesday.  Or there’s cheap fast food places to eat or places like Azteca Mexican Grill, The Red Sun Fire Roasting Co, Kiyomi Hibachi Steakhouse, Wade’s Diner, Laparrilla, Water Street Cafe, The Press Box, GJP Italian Eatery, Dino’s House of Burger’s or Cheap Seats Sports Bar & Grille.  Plenty more on Yelp.com, CLICK on the link below:


2.  Perfect time to run errands, pay your bills or make phone calls.  Or even better to make an appointment with career services and get a ‘jump start’ on your future.  Time-management is important.  The helpful LINK below is for career services:


3.  If the weather is awesome, take a hike on SUNY Oswego’s trail or go check out the beautiful Lake Ontario near Rudy’s or at the Sterling Nature Center.  The lake has the BEST sunsets that are on the water!!!  Please stay on solid ground though!  The LINK below is for the SUNY Oswego trail map; so you can take advantage of the nice weather we hope to have coming our way soon!! 🙂 🙂


4.  Bring your laptop and go over the next classes in your schedule to prepare yourself and be focused. Even better to catch up on homework, so you won’t need to do as much when you get back home.  Even if you have any questions, meet up with your professor during their office times; that is what their THERE FOR, is to help you!  Even better to print anything you need!

5.  Hydrate and make sure to eat a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner.  A perfect breakfast I have been making are smoothies, full of fruit, Greek yogurt, flax seed, chocolate protein powder, almonds and ice; which is very filling, and it is easier on a hectic schedule.   The LINK below talks about ways to make a smoothie more ‘filling’ so it can last you longer through a busy college day and until your next meal.



Keeping yourself focused and busy is key.  Remember that college is something that you won’t have to forever!  Take advantage of these ideas I share.  I don’t live too far but I can’t constantly drive back and forth between classes.  It would throw my day off.  I rather used these 5 helpful tips to have a smoother semester and so I don’t have as much homework to do at home, so I can ENJOY LIFE. :):)

Hope these ideas work for some of you and please comment below with your thoughts.

Guide to 2019 SUNY Oswego Graduation Weekend

Your graduation weekend can be one of the most exciting times for you and your family. Here are somethings to keep in mind to effectively plan for your big weekend!


What time are you graduating?

The Graduation Schedule provided will allow you to see what time your ceremony will be taking place so you can plan accordingly as far as when you and your family and friends should arrive at the Marano Campus Center.


What day should I arrive?

Most people decide to make the trip the day before graduation. This can all depend the distance you will be traveling. Since SUNY Oswego graduation is held on Saturday, most people tend to arrive anytime on Friday.  


When should I book the hotel room?

Hotels recommend that you reserve your rooms a year in advance. For example I called last May (2018) and was put on a waiting list with my contact information. They called me back in June to confirm my reservations for my May 2019 Commencement. Keep in mind: Most hotels will make you reserve the rooms for a minimum of 2 nights!

Hotels that are close to campus that I would recommend:

  • Quality Inn & Suites Riverfront, Oswego
  • Holiday Inn Express & Suites Oswego
  • Best Western Plus Oswego Hotel and Conference Center, Oswego
  • Beacon Hotel, Oswego

Should I make reservations for lunch/dinner?

Yes, I would recommend calling restaurants around Oswego  2-3 months in advance. This is because local restaurants will be in high demand that weekend. Some restaurants will make you pay a deposit to secure your table for graduation weekend it is normally no more than $25.

Local restaurants that I would recommend:

  • Red Sun Fire Roasting Co
  • La Parrilla
  • Bistro 197
  • Canale’s Restaurant
  • Vona’s
  • Kiyomi
  • Steamers
  • Alex’s on the Water


What do I wear?

Formal wear is expected from both students and guests; you’ll have the pictures forever, so it’s worth making an effort with what you wear. But given that most graduations take place in spring, it’s worth checking the weather before you put on a full woollen suit on the hottest day of the year.


I hope that this guide will help you and your families better prepare for your graduation weekend!