School is cake compared to working a real job.

I really liked working at Target over the summer. I felt like it meant so much more.
School is really fun as always though, especially because I am living in the VILLAGE, it is pretty sweet. I have just about got everything set up, it takes up a lot more time to set up an apartment as opposed to my regular dorm. I wish we could of moved in another day early, it took me forever to coordinate bathrooms, kitchens and closets with 5 other people. Daga is a bit different because you all just go to the dining hall, it is just so easy. I totally recommend on campus living; all your friends, food and the gym are in the same place! It is amazing!
I had my first karate training today; it is PED 237. I like it a lot but it kicked my butt. The dude who teaches it is insane. He is like gumby on red bull. He flexs all around and then just gets crazy. He knows his stuff. It is quite awesome; I will keep you posted

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