Just discovered what slow means and Walmart

I am so bored and tired of studying for GMATs.

GMATs-graduate admissions tests for business majors.

Let me translate-twice as hard as the SAT with half the time.

I guess I am not bored, I just want my test to come. It is June 5th and I am spending 8 hours a week day reviewing material and few hours during the weekend. It may seem excessive, but it is so hard, I am just not fast enough yet. Hopefully within the next few weeks I will be able to make the cut.

My parents have just discovered Walmart. They never had a Walmart near them and now there was a new one put in. They have always known about Walmart and have read books on it and stuff but they refuse to leave a 5 mile perimeter of the house for grocery shopping. So now, we are walmartians, and I don’t think I like it. I was so excited to shop locally.

Next year I am going to try and shop at Bosco’s Grocery once and a while, it is a local Oswego grocery store. I just found it, hopefully Walmart won’t run them out of business.

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