ReScramble Your Stress

It is really hard to be motivated sometimes when lots of stuff is going on in your home life. I really can testify to this and I think it is an important part of college that even the toughest individual should acknowledge. I know a lot of us, especially our over achiever friends tend to keep it all in bottled in and just make a mess of things inside and out.

That’s what I did today. So things have been bothering me about my brother and such, I am just worried about him, my family has gone through a lot of custodial battles and such, the result hasn’t worked out well. However, that’s beside the point, the point is what I do to relieve stress when I do get worried.

I clean like the Tasmanian devil. Yes, I OCD cleaned my whole house today, and it wasn’t even my turn to clean this week. My housemates/villagemates… think that I am nuts again. Apparently it is not normal to do this, so say my mates 🙂

But, the idea behind it all was just to take my mind off things. Some people run, others listen to music, I clean. It makes me laugh because I always pick weird ways to blow off steam, but you’ve gotta do it. If it is your first year or your last, you need to pin point how you can shed something that is bothering you and get back to your focus, zen, chi, zone, whatever you want to call it. It is the best way in my opinion to keep your college career in the right direction while still being chill enough to have a blast. I never forget it, find it and keep moving 🙂

Be Ozzy